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by Jeffrey Pearce posted Apr 2 2014 1:03PM
Arrests Made, March 24, 2014 – March 30, 2014
On 3/30/14, Deputy Collins arrested Ralph Boney, 22 for Grand Larceny in the 5700 block of Stone Meadow Dr.
On 3/29/14, Deputy Warren released Nauchelle Pollard, 24 of Hustle, VA on a summons for Petit Larceny at Wal-Mart.
On 3/24/14, Deputy Setlock released Alice Staats, 57 of Spotsylvania on a summons for Shoplifting from Wal-Mart.  
On 3/30/14, Deputy Hanrahan arrested Michael Sullivan, 24 of Spotsylvania for Felony Breaking and Entering, Assault and Battery and Destruction of Property in the 7300 block of Courthouse Road.
On 3/30/14, Deputy Plunkett arrested Desmond Smith, 19 for Malicious Wounding and Assault by Mob in the 3300 block of McClellan.
On 3/29/14, 1st Sgt. Chambers arrested Angelique King, 43 of Caroline for Assault and Battery of two people at Wal-Mart. 
On 3/29/14, Deputy Cairns arrested Justine Gipson, 43 of Spotsylvania for Assault and Battery in the 12000 block of Belfonte Road. 
On 3/29/14, Deputy Setlock arrested Otis Byrd, 48 of Spotsylvania for Assault and Battery in the 5700 block of Castlebridge Rd. 
On 3/29/14, Deputy Kcraget arrested Brandon Dailey, 20 of Spotsylvania for Assault and Battery in the 11800 block of Camelot Way.
On 3/27/14, Deputy M Jones arrested Brenda Washington, 47 of Spotsylvania for Assault and Obstruction on Tidewater Trail.
On 3/25/14, Deputy Fuller arrested Omigar Jefferies, 29 of Spotsylvania for Assault and Battery at the Econo Lodge. 
On 3/26/14, Sgt. Wahl arrested Giovanni Silvestri, 33 of Spotsylvania for DUI, Refusal, Driving
Suspended, and open warrants on a traffic stop on Rappahannock Dr.
On 3/26/14, Deputy Wright arrested Richard Silva, 47 of Texas for DUI in the area of Rt. 1 and Market St. The arrest stemmed from a traffic stop.
On 3/26/14, Deputy Kelley arrested Heidi Gowen, 19 of Spotsylvania for DUI at a crash scene on Beauclaire Blvd.
On 3/28/14, Sr. Deputy Tillman released Joseph Pertell, 22 of Spotsylvania on a summons for Possession of Marijuana as a result of a traffic stop at Salem Church Road and General Semmes Road.
On 3/26/14, Deputy Griffith released Tessa Sepulveda, 20 of Caroline on a summons for Possession of Marijuana on a traffic stop on Jefferson Davis Highway.
3/26/14, Senior Deputy Green arrested Aqsa Dodhy, 18 of Spotsylvania and Drequan Edwards, 19 of Spotsylvania for Possession of Marijuana. The arrest stemmed from a traffic stop at Rt. 1 and Market St.
On 3/24/14, Sr. Deputy Gould released Ashley Cornett, 18 of Spotsylvania; Robert Brassart, 21 of Stafford and Andrew Jones, 20 of Stafford were all released on a summons for Possession of Marijuana after responding to a suspicious vehicle call in the 6100 block of Three Cedars Ln.   
On 3/28/14, Deputy M Jones arrested Markus Long, 24 of Spotsylvania for Drunk in Public on Castlebridge Rd.
On 3/27/14, Deputy Griffith arrested Zachery Wuthrich, 30 of Hopewell for Drunk in Public at the Free Standing Emergency Room.
On 3/25/14, Detective Demoranville arrested Tammy Anderson, 47 for abduction.  She was charged with failing to return a special needs child to her home within a reasonable amount of time.  She had originally been allowed to take the child out for lunch and failed to return.  Upon numerous attempts to locate the suspect, she returned with the child.  Pursuant to a forensic interview of the child, Anderson was taken into custody. 
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04/02/2014 1:04PM
Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office Incident Reports
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04/03/2014 10:14AM
This incident took place on 3/7/2014. The arrest was on 3/13/2014. I don't understand why they have informed you of the wrong date. Could it have something to do with the arrest of 22 people in Caroline County just hours after Ms. Anderson's arrest on 3/13?
04/04/2014 9:11AM
This should have never happened
This should of never happened because she was arrested in July of 2013 for drug possession, children were removed from her home in May of 2013 and Child Protection Services were notified that a child still remainded in her care. The media is going through great lengths to hide her previous arrest and it would seem that she is turning over her associates for a lighter sentance. Since when did the public safety of children become a secondary concern in order to bust more people.
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