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by L Jtan posted Oct 30 2014 8:15AM
Take this story as a precautionary tale to NOT drink and drive at this year's Halloween party.
A New York woman was arrested twice in the same morning...the first time as a zombie. She was arrested for driving without headlights and blowing a .11. A friend picked her up and took her home, then three hours later, Butler was back in the car and swerving. The second time she blew a .09 and didn't get to go home. 
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by L Jtan posted Oct 27 2014 8:17AM
Sorry doesn't always make it right. A man who robbed a gas station in Northern California came back hours later to apologize - and return the money, but that didn't keep him from being booked into jail.
Police in Eureka, California say Cyle Warren Abbott Jr. told officers he needed cash to leave town and get a fresh start - so he demanded cash from the gas station clerk and swiped two bottles of beer to boot. Abbott told police he realized the error of his ways - and tried to make good with the apology and the return of most of his money. He's been booked on $50,000 bail.
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by L Jtan posted Oct 27 2014 8:00AM
It looks like kids want toys really bad, but it can be dangerous. A toddler from Tennessee is the latest to be in a trance in front of a toy claw machine.
The 18-month old's grandma says she only turned away for a second and turned by to see his feet sticking out of the machine. He climbed the plastic divider and was sitting on the toys when firefighters arrived to get him out. 
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by L Jtan posted Oct 27 2014 7:56AM
Cats have the right idea and so do lots of workers in Spain. Power napping between noon and 4 p.m. is said to be the perfect energy recharge. And research shows it's more effective to nap for 20 to 40 minutes in the afternoon than extra in the morning. In addition to making us more productive, it can lower stress levels or heart rate and improve our ability to learn new things.
by L Jtan posted Oct 21 2014 10:33AM
Do you smile alot? Did you when you were younger? You'd better wipe off the dust and pull out some of your old yearbooks to see, because it could say alot about your future.
A study by a Depauw University professor shows that the more you smiled then, the more likely you are to have a happy marriage. The study of several hundred people's class photos showed than the ones NOT smiled are five times more apt to get a divorce.
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