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It's hard to believe I'm back where it all started! I grew up in Northern Virginia and began my broadcast career at WFLS more than 14 years ago.

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Yes, I really am a farmer’s daughter.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Paynesville, Minnesota.  I have had an opportunity to live and explore some great cities, thanks to radio.


Posts from May 2013
by Deirdre Blake posted May 24 2013 11:42AM
Cicadas do not bite and are not poisonous and are actually a part of the regular diet for people in many countries, but they could make your Fido sick. 
Dr. Sheri Bakerian with Fredericksburg Animal Hospital says if a pet eats one or two, it's probably okay. It's when they overindulge that there could be a problem. If they do start to throw up, call your vet immediately. You will likely be told to comfort them and withhold all food for up to 12 hours. Once they do feel better, you'll probably be told to restart them on a bland diet.
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by Associated Press posted May 23 2013 6:53PM
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WASHINGTON (AP) - District of Columbia officials are reopening two southbound lanes of 14th Street in downtown Washington while repairs continue to a sinkhole that has formed at a busy intersection. 
     Transportation officials say two southbound lanes will reopen in time for Thursday evening's rush hour.
     Officials say the northbound lanes of 14th Street will likely remain closed through Friday as repairs continue.
     Part of the road collapsed at the intersection a few blocks from the White House on Tuesday afternoon leaving a 15-foot hole and damaging a sewer line. Officials say the sewer line built in 1897 is below multiple utilities and old trolley tracks.
     Traffic has been diverted for blocks around the intersection. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted May 23 2013 5:46PM
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If you hear a screeching or buzzing noise while driving around the area, especially near Fredericksburg's University of Mary Washington, it's probably not a car problem. 
Thousands of cicadas have made there emergence around many counties. We are getting reports of lots in southern and western Spotsylvania, near Stafford Airport and in downtown Fredericksburg. Entomologists says there is a clear reason why some of us are hearing and seeing than others. The ground needs to reach a consistent 64 degrees for them to burrow out from their 17 year slumber.
The bugs are harmless, but will continue to bring the loud noise for the next few weeks while they mate. After that, the young burrow back into the ground until 2030 and their parents die, leaving behind piles of dark colored shells.
by Frank Hammon posted May 23 2013 3:30PM
Ever wanted to apply for a government job?
Germanna Community College can help you navigate the process through its upcoming class "Applying for a Federal Government Position." You will learn about the proper submission of forms and resume format you need to follow that are critical to getting noticed by the different agencies. 
The three-hour class is Saturday, June 8th. To learn more got to 
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by Deirdre Blake/Frank Hammon posted May 23 2013 3:28PM
Department of Defense Schools at Dahlgren and Quantico are among those expected to be impacted this fall as part sequestration.
Senator Mark Warner is asking Defense Scretary Chuck Hagel to reconsider the decision to close the schools andfurlough teachers for up to five days this fall. Warner says, "Furloughing classroom teachers and shuttering entire schools at the very beginning of the new school year is not a reasonable plan." 
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by Deirdre Blake posted May 21 2013 6:39PM
Following the tornado devastation near Oklahoma City, local residents are warned to stay on guard. 
Bob Spieldenner with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management says have emergency supplies ready, but talk to your family, employers and kids' schools about storm plans. 
The VDEM offers tornado, hurricane and readyvirginia Apps that are free for download to your smartphone.
Hurricane season also starts in Virginia next Saturday.
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by Deirdre Blake posted May 21 2013 4:08PM
You will get a break from most roadwork to speed your drive this holiday weekend, but then get ready for major work on I-95.
VDOT says drivers should be ready for lane closures and traffic impacts along a 29-mile stretch of the interstate, from south of the D.C. line to Stafford County for a few months. You could see some daytime lane closures during non-peak travel times, some extended HOV closures and other random lane's closed with detours.
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by Frank Hammon posted May 20 2013 11:59AM
An Orange County substitute teacher has been charged with multiple counts of assault and battery. 
49-year-old Laurie Millard also faces six counts of contributing to then delinquency of a minor after the incident at Locust Grove Middle School last Thursday. 
No serious injuries were suffered by any of the students. 
Millard is free on bond.

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Laurie Millard
Photo: Orange County Sheriff's Office
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by Associated Press posted May 17 2013 3:28PM
  RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Rates at Virginia's community colleges are going up.
     The State Board for Community Colleges voted Thursday to increase in-state tuition and mandatory fees rate by 4.4 percent.
     The increase translates to $5.50 more per credit hour next school year, which will cost a typical full-time student an additional $165 annually.
     The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports ( that the tuition rate for out-of-state students also was increased. 
     Out-of-state students make up about 5 percent of the total enrollment of Virginia community colleges.
     The board said the increase will allow the Virginia Community College System to expand programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and health science. It also will be used to increase the percentage of courses taught by full-time faculty from 45 to 47.5 percent.
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by Frank Hammon posted May 17 2013 7:16AM
Two tractor trailers tangled early this morning in Stafford County and shutting down the Southbound lanes of I-95 for most of Friday morning.
The accident happened before 6 a.m. where the ramp from Southbound U.S. 17 merges onto I-95 Southbound. 
The first tractor-trailer was hauling barrels of an organic, corrosive, liquid material – phosphoric acid. The impact of the crash caused several barrels to fall off the tractor-trailer and land in the right southbound lane. The driver of this tractor-trailer is Phillip C. Harris, 40, of Hopewell, Va.
The driver of the second tractor-trailer, James E. Harris, Jr., 35, of Chester, Va., was charged with following too closely. (The two drivers are NOT related)
Traffic was being diverted onto U.S. 1 South causing major headaches for motorists traveling the surface streets of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County to the South of the accident scene.
 At one time traffic was backed up the Stafford-Prince William County line.
Inline image 1
Inline image 1
Photos: Mark L. Doyle, Stafford County Fore and Rescue Department
by Deirdre Blake posted May 16 2013 6:42PM
When you hear McDonalds, you probably think snack wraps and happy meals, but they are thinking about higher education.
For the past decade, they have been awarding McDonald's Educates Scholarships. Out of 600 applicants, this year 60 students from Virginia, DC and two other states are chosen.
The awards are $1500 or $5,000. Locally, Benjamin Aggrey of North Stafford High wins five grand. Others area winners are from Spotsylvania, Loudoun and Fauquier counties.
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by Deirdre Blake posted May 16 2013 6:41PM
The Healthy Lifestyle Expo that is part of the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon kicks off at 4:00 p.m. Friday at the Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center.
Though it is where runners will pick up their race packets, the event is free and also open to the general public. It runs until 8:00 Friday night and again from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Saturday.
Attendees will find dozens of vendors related to the field of running and others that promote a general healthy lifestyle. There is also food and games and something for the whole family.
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by Deirdre Blake posted May 16 2013 6:35PM
Most people know that texting and driving is dangerous, but many people, especially teens, still do it.
The Free Lance-Star's Mike Zitz says cell carriers are coming together to address the dangerous behavior. A massive new advertising campaign will start on Monday, targeted mainly at younger drivers. 
Only one percent of people polled think that it will curb the bahavior. Fifty percent think there should be a technical solution like jamming the ability when a car reaches a certain speed.  Read more the campaign in Zitzs' column in the business section of Saturday's paper.
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