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Summer Storm Safety Across the Region

by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 27 2014 11:06AM
 It was just a test, but one north Stafford couple have seen firsthand the devastation a tornado can do to your stuff and your house. A fake tornado ripped through and destroyed Abe and Amelia Anderson's Austin Ridge home, but local and state emergency officials it's what happened to many there in 2008. It tested the county's emergency response, a command center and how to best get residents to emergency shelters.
We've had our share of some strong storms already, that have knocked out power and caused some damage in the region. The lightning that comes with them can be dangerous too. If you hear thunder, remember that lightning's close enough to strike, so get inside. Then stay off land line phones and away from running water. A single bolt can reach over five miles and carry a hundred million volts of electricity.
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06/27/2014 11:07AM
Summer Storm Safety Across the Region
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