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I take over as soon as Steve and Jessica are done at 9am.  I keep Today's New Country, rolling for you to make your workday go by fast.  I was born in Phoenix, Arizona but grew up on Long Island, New York.  I've been in Radio for a long time.  I love the Fredericksburg area.  It's a wonderful town and the listeners are great.

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The 4th of July Comes Early

by Paul Johnson posted Jul 2 2013 2:21PM
Do your dogs freak out when there are fireworks going off outside?  Mine do.  So it would be fine if that were only one day a year.  But my neighbors now seem to think the 4th is a Season, not just a day.  Fireworks every night!!  How do I explain THAT to my dogs?
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07/02/2013 2:21PM
The 4th of July Comes Early
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07/02/2013 2:40PM
Call the cops on your neighbors
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