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It sure took me a lot of wandering around to end up in Fredericksburg!  I spent a large part of my youth traveling the world as a missionary kid before discovering radio and my wife at college (who I met when we were cast as husband and wife in a play).  What I didn’t know at the time was a career in radio meant more moving!  We finally landed in Baltimore in the ‘80s, with a daughter and 3 cats in tow, and then a couple years ago headed down 95 to a nice little house in Chancellor and the afternoon show at WFLS.  Being a history buff and lover of roller coasters makes Fredericksburg the perfect home!


I truly enjoy being able to entertain you on WFLS and easing the drive home every day.  Of course being a confirmed night owl makes sharing the end of the day with you extra special!


by By MICHAEL FELBERBAUM Associated Press posted Aug 25 2014 4:49PM
     FORT LEE, Va. (AP) - A soldier has died after barricading herself in an office and shooting herself inside a major command's headquarters in Virginia.
     Fort Lee officials said the solider was pronounced dead Monday after being taken to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center. No other injuries were reported in the morning shooting. 
     Officials say the soldier went on a rampage in the office, throwing objects. Fort Lee temporarily went on lockdown while she was barricaded in the headquarters for the Army's Combined Arms Support Command. 
     About 1,100 people were inside the building as law enforcement officials tried to negotiate with her.
     Officials said the soldier was a sergeant 1st class who'd been in the Army for 14 years and at Fort Lee for three. Officials say her gun wasn't a service weapon.
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by Todd Grimsted posted Oct 13 2013 4:48PM
Tribute concerts pop up all the time, but this one?  Wow, this looks to be an event for the ages!  As well it should be. Like his music or not, Possum is one of those rare individuals who set the bar for everyone who follows.  It looks like this tribute will show us why!

More Stars Join George Jones Tribute Concert Lineup

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by Todd Grimsted posted Oct 8 2013 2:10PM
There's nothing quite like taking out your old guitar, playing a couple chords, complaining that your fingers hurt and putting it away till the next time you forget you haven't seriously played in years. . .but I digress. Here's your chance to play like Keith Urban!  Arguably one of the premiere pickers in Country music, Keith now wants to help you play.  Urban will be selling his own line of guitars on TV!  He'll even throw in an instructional video so in just a few short hours you can, well, you know, not embarrass yourself!  Actually, the reason I'll be watching in November is not to buy a guitar ( I already have several I never play) but to see Keith "sell" his wares, hopefully by playing them!  Should be very entertaining! 

Keith Urban to Debut New Guitar Line on Home Shopping Network

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by Todd Grimsted posted Oct 7 2013 4:13PM
While the CMA awards are a big deal for most of us it's a killer TV concert.  There're gonna be some great performances too. . .

First 2013 CMA Awards Performers Announced

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by Todd Grimsted posted Oct 4 2013 2:00PM
It's that time of year!  We wander into a dark, creepy building with the sole intention of allowing a crazed teenager to scare us to (insert emotion here)!  Haunted Houses are opening all over Northern Virgina, some pretty awesome and frightening, others not so much.  So what's your fave?

Apparently This Matters: Scared s***less at a haunted house

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