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The Locals React to the Soaring Price at the Pump

by Deirdre Blake posted Feb 18 2013 6:40PM
President's Day marks a full month of rising gas prices in Fredericksburg, the state and nation. 
The local average for a gallon of regular is $3.74. So WFLS asks some local residents, how does it make you feel? Some say sick and awful, others say very upset and worried. All agree that it will likely affect how much they drive and how they carry out their daily and weekly errands. Even those we talk to with cars that get good gas mileage are worried about a continuing spike of the price at the pump.
Earlier this month, Triple-A Mid-Atlantic officials cited higher crude  prices, refinery maintenance slow downs and low gas supplies as reasons for the rise. The highest recorded average for a gallon nationwide hit in 2008, topping out at four-dollars and eleven cents.
02/18/2013 6:40PM
The Locals React to the Soaring Price at the Pump
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