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"I don't get paid by the word, I get paid by the song.  So you're going to hear much more music than me talking." 
Paul and his family live in King George, and he's on his 10th year at WFLS.

The only "knee" that matters

by Paul Johnson posted Jul 23 2013 1:54PM
There are roughly 16 million knees in the state of Virginia, basically 2 for each of us.  However, for the next few days, weeks and months, we're really only concerned about one: RG3's right knee.  I'm not really even worried about his left one.  That seems to have held up OK.  But all eyes (and prayers) will be on that right one.  
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07/23/2013 1:54PM
The only "knee" that matters
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07/23/2013 4:28PM
RG3 or bust
Meaning if RG3 isn't healthy....we bust.
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