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Tips About the Rappahannock River After the Storms

by Deirdre Blake posted May 2 2014 10:18AM
The Rappahannock River's already seen flood stage over the past two days and impacted Heritage Trail, Old Mill Park and the City Dock area. While it's nice today and this weekend, you might still be tempted to explore, but River Steward Bill Micks with Rappahannock Outdoors says don't. If it's muddy, over its' banks and you see lots of debris, there's danger. The affects of what will come downstream from Remington and Rapidan are on the way too, so it probably won't be back to normal and safe for boating, wading or other recreation for at least ten days.  
Even though we know the Rappahannock is way too dangerous for recreation now, it doesn't mean you don't have plans to wade, fish or even swim in another body of water. If you do, be careful. All the rain has brought up sludge. It could give you an infection if you have an open wound and NEVER get the water in your mouth.
The wetness and the and the weather turning warmer also means snakes are making a return. Remember, they're more scared of you than you are of them, but some are more dangerous. Around the Fredericksburg region, there's everything from the harmless Black Rat Snake and King Snake to the very poisonous Copperhead. You can learn what they look like at
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05/02/2014 10:17AM
Tips About the Rappahannock River After the Storms
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