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Tips to Get Your Car Out and Stay Safe on the Roads

by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 4 2014 9:44AM
VDOT crews will continue to work in 12 hours shifts, 24 hours a day to get all of the area roads passable. They tell WFLS they are still okay with enough chemicals, even though this is more than two dozen times this winter that they've had to treat for a real storm or the threat of one. Their goal is to get to all subdivision streets and other secondary or rural roads within 48 hours of a storm ending. If you haven't seen a truck, plow or other equipment, you should by later Tuesday or at least Wednesday. The big problem Tuesday night will be the re-freeze from anything that melts during the day. We won't break the freezing mark, but the sun is higher in the sky this time of year to help the melting. What does turn to liquid will be ice again late in the evening and Wednesday morning, after a 19 degree night. Road crews will make sure that salt and sand is on areas that are more dangerous, like curves, ramps, bridges and overpasses.
You can avoid a repeat performance of moisture getting inside and sticking your car door with a little trick. Put some basic kitchen cooking spray on the rubber that's inside the doors and wipe it with a dry towel. The lipids inside should make the door seal tighter and keep it from freezing up.
If you still need to get the car out and it's in a pile of snow from where it drifted, more tricks will get you out. Use kitty liter or sand under the tires. Turn the steering wheel back and forth to clear the snow away before you try to pull off. Putting the car in reverse and then drive a few times can also get it moving, but if the wheels start to spin, stop. Continuing to hit the gas will only get the tires dug in deeper and cause a bigger problem.
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03/04/2014 9:44AM
Tips to Get Your Car Out and Stay Safe on the Roads
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