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It sure took me a lot of wandering around to end up in Fredericksburg!  I spent a large part of my youth traveling the world as a missionary kid before discovering radio and my wife at college (who I met when we were cast as husband and wife in a play).  What I didn’t know at the time was a career in radio meant more moving!  We finally landed in Baltimore in the ‘80s, with a daughter and 3 cats in tow, and then a couple years ago headed down 95 to a nice little house in Chancellor and the afternoon show at WFLS.  Being a history buff and lover of roller coasters makes Fredericksburg the perfect home!


I truly enjoy being able to entertain you on WFLS and easing the drive home every day.  Of course being a confirmed night owl makes sharing the end of the day with you extra special!


Posts from August 2013
by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 30 2013 2:21PM
You know by now that Carrie Underwood will be doing the Sunday Nifht Football theme but did you know there were others that auditioned?


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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 29 2013 2:04PM
The latest "shocking" advance for facebook is that they may start to identify you with your profile picture.  Lots of buzz already about invasion of privacy but I see another problem.  Along with a majority of my facebook friends, more often than not my profile picture isn't always "me"!  While you often see pictures of drunken revelry, you'll also see peoples kids, their pets or a flower from their garden.  One of my friends, who is less than physically fit, favors a picture of Thor and another's profile pic is a body part (don't ask).  Facebook will be very surprised when they try to ID me and see that I bear a striking resemblance to a South Park character! So, what do you use?  Yourself? Or something more creative?

Facebook may add your profile photo to facial recognition database - NBC

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 28 2013 5:26PM
Has it really been 31 years since George Strait had his first number 1? How many of us even remember listening to country when there wasn't a George Strait?

George Strait Earns First No. 1 With 'Fool Hearted Memory'

I really get a kick out of this version of "Fool Hearted Memory" from Austin City Limits. . .he looks like a kid! 

George Strait - Fool Hearted Memory [Live]

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 27 2013 2:27PM
Most of the time we find out about tours with a press release.  and maybe with an announcement on their web site. . .then there's Lady A, who'll be here in February!

Lady Antebellum Announces New Tour Dates With Hilarious Video

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 26 2013 2:07PM
You've probably already heard that Carrie Underwood will be taking the roll of Maria in a new "Sound of Music" but now more of the cast is being revealed.  Steven Moyer has been cast as the captain.  While at first glance my reaction was neutral when I looked at his past rolls and saw that he was in "True Blood" that started to change.  This really could be a "SOM" for a new generation.  Innocent young lady becomes the governess for a family of vampires!  And when they start casting actors who have played zombies. . .or even real zombies. . .Oh, let the jokes begin!

Stephen Moyer Cast Opposite Carrie Underwood in 'Sound of Music'

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 25 2013 1:31PM
We've had babies, cats and dogs doing funny stuff.  All grown up people being even funnier/dumber and a cat that disapproves of it all!  But now there's finally a use for the contraption your kids just had to have and that's been taking up space in your back yard ever since. . .

And just when you thought you were done training your "(insert pet here)"!

Animals Jumping on Trampolines

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 23 2013 4:13PM
Sounds to me like Harry is expecting a song about him.   I think Taylor's best revenge might be to not write about him! Can you imagine the ego hit?  Ignore him Taylor!

Harry Styles Just Knows Taylor Swift Will Write a Song About Him

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 22 2013 1:34PM
Our lovely traffic reporter, Allie, and I were having a heated debate the other day on the virtues of Coke vs. Pepsi.   Especially funny because Allie shuns both!  What we got into was not so much about the taste but what kind of person prefers which soft drink.  I and found this interesting article that revels all!.  I'm glad to report that I drink the good one! How 'bout you? Does the person you are match what your preference says about you? 

The REAL Differences Between Coke And Pepsi People

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 21 2013 12:17PM
You are one of the biggest stars in Country music so your kids must love your music, right?  Ah, not so much!  Seems they like what every other teenage girl likes!  

What disturbs me about this is not their musical taste tho, it's that Tim and Faith have teenage daughters!  When did that happen?  I distinctly recall being the emcee at a country festival, in Baltimore, where Tim and Faith were performing and the buzz back stage was that they were an "item" and spending a lot of free time alone on Tim's bus.  It wasn't that long ago was it?

Tim McGraw's Daughters Don't Listen to Dad's Music

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 20 2013 4:05PM
Unless you follow blue grass and/or string bands you may not know too much about the "Old Crow Medicine Show" but, thanks to the Opry, that may change!  Even if you aren't familiar with them you are familiar with their signature song, Wagon Wheel, that became a huge hit for Darius Rucker.  Last Friday Opry member Marty Stuart invited the group to join the Opry and, after they said yes (Duh!), announced that they will be inducted as the newest members September 17.
They've been performing on the Opry for 10 years now and it's well deserved.  But don't take my word for it, check them out on stage at the Opry with a special guest!

Old Crow Medicine Show & Darius Rucker - "Wagon Wheel" Live at the Grand Ole Opry

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 19 2013 2:02PM
Ok, so I'm still in a bit of the vacation mode but you'll be glad to know that of the many vacation activities available to me I avoided this one. Everywhere you turn on social media you see people "proving" where they are with these leg shots.  I've also seen plenty with toes attached but that ruins this new game.  It would probably ruin the "hot dog or legs" game too if men started posting their legs.  I didn't.  Your welcome!

Someone combined those annoying vacation pics of tan, skinny 'hot dog legs' with pics of actual hot dogs. It's impossible to tell which are which.

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 16 2013 6:26PM
Once in awhile you run across stories about what the future holds in store and it's truly amazing!  Just look what these computers can do!  You can actually dial a number on your phone, connect it to your computer and get the newspaper from another computer, in the mid-west!   What will they think of next?  Maybe a way to communicate with your friends, even the ones you haven't seen for years!  And, oh, how 'bout listening to your favorite radio station (insert 93.3 WFLS here) when you don't have your radio?  You could just listen on your computer!  It might happen! Someday!

(BTW-Our parent company, The Free Lance-Star, has a great online edition and your entire paper downloads in a lot less than 2 hours!  And for WFLS?  We're up there in the right hand corner!)  

News report from 1981 about the Internet

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 15 2013 1:28PM
You're on vacation, feeling a little bored, as it should be, and you come across this on the internet.  Well, I had nothing else to do (other than that "to-do list" so. . .OH BABY!

No-Bake Triple Chocolate Brownies

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 10 2013 12:57PM
There's nothing like living in one of the most historic cities in the country! Right? But when was the last time you "saw" it!  

Awhile back an old friend visited Fredericksburg and posted a bunch of great pictures on line and my only thought was "I live there"?!  Maybe it's about time I played tourist!  I can't remember the last time I took a real vacation but, realizing people from all over the world come here to do just that, maybe this time, instead of puttering around the house, I should spend a little vacation time finding out why.  Wanna join me?  Tripadvisor has some great suggestions. . .you have any?  Look out Hugh Mercer, here I come!

Things to do in Fredericksburg: Check out 32 Fredericksburg Attractions - TripAdvisor

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 9 2013 12:01PM
Oh, you are gonna love this. . .a baby who loves Elvis and her daddy!  I dare you nt to smile and grin and maybe even tear up a bit!

Ella Mae sings "An American Trilogy" by Elvis Presley

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 8 2013 5:34PM
So this morning I get up and learn right away that my cable, phone and internet are all down!  What to do?  Well my first thought was to go online to inform all my facebook friends. . .yeah, I know.   As soon as I realized how dumb that was I figured I'd just call the cable company and. . .Doh!   I then figured to just make some coffee and watch the news. . .This is the point where I started to wonder where my "sign" was!

speaking of that. . .

BILL ENGVALL - Here's Your Sign

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 8 2013 1:28AM
Ya gotta admit, there nothing like a Country singer for keeping order at their concerts!  The other night Miranda Lambert - the toughest woman in show biz - stopped everything to play concert cop. . .Remember, next time you go to a Country concert you better behave if you don't wanna be called out!

Miranda Lambert Interrupts Fight at Connecticut Show

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 7 2013 2:00PM
What happened to the days when we got excited about a $10,000 jackpot?  Now when it passes the $300 million market I'll invest the $2, or, like now, with it over $400 million I just splurged and bought 3!!  I think it's mostly about the fantasy of what to do with the winnings, like me buying an island.  I also can't wait for the winner being interviewed and asked "are you going to quit your job?"   RIIIIIIGHT!  So what's your first purchase when you land the cash?

Powerball jackpot at $425 million and approaching 'world record territory'

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 6 2013 2:43PM
I've been in a few Karaoke spots, I always assumed the drunker the better. . .Tho that may be for the listeners!

Toby Keith and Jimmy Buffett in 'Too Drunk to Karaoke' Video

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 5 2013 2:26PM
I'm looking forward to hearing the song she writes about this "break-up"!

Taylor Swift Chips a Tooth on Tour

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 4 2013 4:11PM
This is the kind of thing that separates Country stars from the pack. . .this happened awhile back but still makes me smile!

WATCH – Josh Turner Sings ‘Long Black Train’ At The Opry With Autistic Child

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 2 2013 2:14PM
One of my favorite summer activities when I was growing up, especially if I had a pretty girl to impress, was going tubing in a lazy river!   Virginia has plenty of beautiful rivers to explore via inner-tub - or kayak if you prefer - so check out this article.  And lest, we forget we have our own spectacular river, the Rappahannock!  The Virginia Outdoor center has lots of options, or just "BYOT"  and have a great summer day!  (and if you're going with a special person I recommend just one large tube. . .)

Summer in the Great Outdoors: Tubing

Rental Rates | Virginia Outdoor Center

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by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 1 2013 3:00AM
For years now we've been treated to Faith Hill starting off our Sunday Night Football fix but, as you probably already know, Faith left after last season.  Well, now it's all up to Carrie Underwood. Wanna hear how she stacks up?  Here ya go, an audio sample of what we'll start every Sunday night with.  What do you think?  Does the girl have a future?

Hear Carrie Underwood's 'Sunday Night Football' Intro

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