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It sure took me a lot of wandering around to end up in Fredericksburg!  I spent a large part of my youth traveling the world as a missionary kid before discovering radio and my wife at college (who I met when we were cast as husband and wife in a play).  What I didn’t know at the time was a career in radio meant more moving!  We finally landed in Baltimore in the ‘80s, with a daughter and 3 cats in tow, and then a couple years ago headed down 95 to a nice little house in Chancellor and the afternoon show at WFLS.  Being a history buff and lover of roller coasters makes Fredericksburg the perfect home!


I truly enjoy being able to entertain you on WFLS and easing the drive home every day.  Of course being a confirmed night owl makes sharing the end of the day with you extra special!


Posts from September 2013
by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 30 2013 6:00PM
I've wondered when these two will get around to recording an album together.  I've always thought their voices went well together and lately I've seen several articles that they are "thinking about it".  So maybe?  Soon?

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Still Want to Record Duets Album

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 28 2013 2:20AM
I've always heard it was impossible. Pure science fiction.  But don't tell that to a scientist!  A real light saber just landed on my Christmas list!

Real Lightsaber: Science Has Made Star Wars Reality

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 27 2013 2:50AM
A brazen thief has stolen Willie's armadillo!  And brazen puts it lightly. The video in the item below tells all.  A woman wanders on stage after a concert and helps herself to a "souvenir", a member of Willie's crew's stuffed armadillo, Ol' Dillo!  Luckily it's caught on camera and they are hot on her trail and there is even a  reward!  But it makes me wonder, soon after Ol' Dillo was stolen on the 19th, Willie injured his shoulder and has had to cancel several tour dates! Coincidence? I think not!  When a lucky charm is lost. . .
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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 26 2013 3:07AM
Is this a cute kid or what? But I'm trying to work out my relationship to this little dude!  Here's the deal. . .my daughter, Jenn, has had a friend, Angel,  since they were, like, 3. They are both "onlys" so they think of each other more as sisters than best friends.  Wednesday Angel and her husband adopted young Harris here and, while they are overjoyed, since it's all about me, I'm just confused!  See, Jenn is calling herself an aunt so I'm guessing that makes me sorta a great-uncle once removed or some such. To add to my confusion I just got this ear-worm thanks to Ray Stevens! And I thought I was confused!  Congratulations Angel and Peter, you're starting a fantastic journey!

I'm My Own Grandpa - Diagrammed

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 24 2013 1:57PM
We had a big health fair here at work today and it was pretty cool!  The big push, of course was for everybody to get their flu shot at the fair, and yes I was a good boy and got mine. . .and if a wimp like me can do it it's time for you to suck it up and get yours! (here endeth the lecture)  I gotta admit tho that the best part was the chachkies!  Boy did I make a haul as you see above.  Hat, tote bag, pens, lip balm, eyeglass kit and lots of snacks! You will note that the snacks are missing from the picture, can't imagine why.  Clearly the powers that be wanted to bribe me to get my shot. . .it worked!
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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 23 2013 2:28PM
What's with Miranda all of a sudden?  She's suddenly the go-to duet partner!  She has a great song out with Keith Urban and now it's Justin.  I wonder what Blake thinks?  Will she ever do more than backup for him?  (hey I'm just trying to stir up trouble!)

Justin Moore and Miranda Lambert: The First Duet of Many?

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 20 2013 3:46AM
High School football is in full swing and you may have noticed we have a new link, FLSVarsity, here on our web page for everything you need to know about our local teams.  But I have a dilemma!  I live about halfway between Chancellor and Riverbend and can't decide who to root for!  Not having a kid in either school it's tough to figure out where to put my loyalty! Chargers or Bears?  One does have the same colors as my H.S. Hmmm how to decide? What do you think?
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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 19 2013 2:29AM
I think it's a bit funny that we've become jaded about the lottery.  I was on my way home Wednesday night when I remembered that the biggest lottery jackpot ever, $400 million, was up for grabs, so I made a quick stop and grabbed a couple of tickets.  I remember when the lottery first began and we all got so excited about a couple thousand bucks.  Then we lost interest until it went up to a million, then ten, then twenty.  Now, at least for me, it isn't worth a couple of bucks unless I can buy a small country with my winnings.  Makes you wonder how high they'll have to go to keep our interest.  Oh and those tickets there?  you can have them for half price!
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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 18 2013 2:12AM
Why do we seem to enjoy it so much when a star "falls"?  Cuz it's funny?

Scotty McCreery Has ‘Epic Fall’ During Iowa Concert

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 16 2013 6:00PM
A few weeks ago Tom Petty "trashed" Country music and there was quite a back lash.  Now Zac Brown is getting into it, even complaining about a specific song!  So what you think?  

Zac Brown: Luke Bryan Single 'Worst Song I've Ever Heard'

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 13 2013 4:30PM
Seeing as Steve and Jessica and Paul are suddenly on a "bald" kick I figured I'd brag a bit! Some of us are lucky enough to come by the look naturally so if you got it, flaunt it!
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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 12 2013 5:01PM
I mentioned this video when I played Hunter Hayes latest a few minutes ago and decided it was worth another view.  And he was 4?  What were you doing when you were 4?  Me? Probably trying to get my shoes on the right foot!

Only 4 Yearsold - Hank Williams Jr.Jambalaya

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 12 2013 2:06AM
Pardon me while the "fan boy" in me comes out.  You've probably seen fake movie trailers before but ones like this?   "Holy Grail" has always been a favorite movie but this version would give a whole new set of expectations.  Monty Python fans prepare yourselves. . .to say NI!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Modern Trailer

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 10 2013 11:47AM
The nominees for the 2013 CMA Awards were revealed bright and early Tuesday morning. Which leads to my quibble about the CMA's, and award shows in general. . .fillers.  Luckily there aren't a lot this year, and I won't name names, but if you are a Country fan and have to ask "who is that" they don't belong there.  Yeah, they're probably great singers but if you can't find 5 that are truly deserving then why not go with 3 or 4?

Ok, I'm done now. . .so who are you pulling for?

2013 CMA Awards Nominees Announced

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 9 2013 2:04PM
We already knew the George was "retired" from touring but now it looks like it is official!  To think that for many Country fans there's never been a time without George and now the end is in sight! Sadly, the final tour, which starts in January, won't come to any of the DC venues (as of now) so you might have to head up to Philly which looks to be closest.  Or you can just pick a city you want to visit and head there but buy your tickets now! After this tour is done you'll have to settle for one of his 5 promised  albums still to come. . .and wonder if he'll stay "retired".

George Strait 2014 Tour Dates Announced

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 6 2013 11:15PM
If you saw my previous blog you know about my clumsiness.  It's nice to know I'm not the only one, though it looks like her ribs aren't what got bruised.  And the blouse is probably already in the trash!

Carrie Underwood Takes A Tumble On Stage

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 6 2013 9:46AM
For once we don't have to go to Florida to see a moon launch!  Just step outside about 11:25 tonight and look East!  Of course you may have to look for a spot that isn't blocked by your neighbor's tree but. . .

Watch NASA's LADEE moon launch on the East Coast — or online - NBC

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 5 2013 2:55PM
Sometimes you do things to yourself that you'd rather not admit. Like the time I tripped on the curb getting out of the car.  The pain was excruciating, but, I did it in front of a couple cute girls so I did my best to act cool till they left.  Well I just did it again.  The other morning I either bruised of cracked a rib.  How?  Don't ask, I ain't telling the true story, it's too goofy and "un-manly".  I'm gonna go with being tackled by Brian Arakpo for wearing a Ravens jersey.  Not much sympathy from my wife either, she knows what really happened. . .and has more ammunition to remind me not to leave my clothes in a pile on my side of the bed!  I told you not to ask!
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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 3 2013 2:21PM
Brad is making a movie!  Now, I think he has several songs that could translate to a film but this surprises me.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

Brad Paisley Filming 'I Can't Change the World' Movie

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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 2 2013 11:55AM
Even though we still have a few weeks, Labor Day is the traditional end of summer.  Just in time, as I left for work this morning, there it was!  A leaf! Clearly mother nature has also decided that summer is over.  Time to dig the rake out of the basement and haul out the snow shovels while I'm at it! I might as well find the winter coats too!  Overreact? Me?
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by Todd Grimsted posted Sep 1 2013 11:40AM
We are almost to the Case and, like this time every year, another Chase has begun.  What driver will be driving what car next year?  That's something that always bugs me.  Why don't drivers keep their numbers? Do you root for the Number 11 car or for Denny?  How but if someone else drove it?  So, for example, if you've been pulling for Montoya in the 42, you;ll have to cheer for one or the other because they'll be separated next year.  Where's my scorecard?

Drivers scrambling to land rides for '14

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