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My Dad was in radio, by age ten I was spending all of my Saturdays hanging out with him in the production room.

 I've been on-air all over the country and am happy to now call Fredericksburg, VA home.

It's now my job to let you know every day from 2-7 how long it will take you to get home along with playing some great country music.

Trevor Carey 

Posts from February 2014
by Trevor Carey posted Feb 28 2014 1:55PM
This is how to market directly to your customer base. It's like Pottery Barn offering a free rock waterfall to put on your $2800 dollar entry table.

MN Dealership Offers Free Shotgun With Each Pickup - CBS Minnesota

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 27 2014 1:40PM
Is your husband really over at his friend's poker game? Is your girlfriend really out of town? For $39 you can know everything. I'm about to become a hippie and drop off the grid if this stuff becomes the new norm.

Watch What You Text: iPhone Surveillance Startup Moves to NYC

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 26 2014 1:36PM
Beards only work if you could pass for an apostle, or a late-60's Hipster's type of face with the eyes that can pull it off. If you don't fit into either of those two looks then shave off the beard. Now if you can pull it off and just can't grow the beard, then pull together $8500 and Zak Brown Band it up!

Hipster wannabes get facial hair transplants

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 25 2014 1:44PM
I was at the trash compactor at my complex this morning and I held the heavy door open for an older woman. I stated to her, "I've never held a trash door for someone before." As she walked away, (obviously noticing my NY state plates on the car), stated back, "We'll make a Southern Gentleman out of you." As I got in the car I told her, "Born and raised in Tennessee." Perception is not always reality.
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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 24 2014 1:54PM
First attempt after seeing commercial was to flip muffin tins upside down; didn't work. Got these for my birthday, and they work. Umm, Umm.

Perfect Bacon™ Bowl | Official TV Site

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 21 2014 1:08PM
Came to work greeted by the news of a tornado watch for our area. Here it goes again. I had tornado dreams my entire life; freaky tornado dreams. This email from HR here at work woke me up to the fact that I'm back in tornado action. "If a tornado warning is issued for the immediate area, it signifies a tornado has been sighted or is indicated by weather radar. All employees will need to move immediately to the designated shelter location inside the buildings."

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 20 2014 1:29PM
If a 38 year-old insurance salesman told you he was headed down to Spring Break, would you find that odd? Luke Bryan is 38 and headed down for his sixth time.

“Spring Break” Is Coming Again for Luke Bryan

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 19 2014 12:57PM
This story says it all.....

W. Va. Pizza Hut Worker Caught Urinating In Sink Fired - CBS Pittsburgh

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 18 2014 1:53PM
I'm becoming more and more of a chick flick movie watcher because movies targeted at guys are so unrealistic. Why is it that the 30 guards hired to defend the cocaine cartel mansion; mind you armed with automatic machine guns, are always taken down by three good guys? The plot works, but make it more like how it would happen in real life. It drives me crazy to see guys trained in defense just run out in the open and get blasted, while the good guys survive a hail of high-powered cartel return fire by tucking and rolling across the room. At least chick flicks are more realistic. I agree Thomas Rhett.

Thomas Rhett Admits: “I’m a Big Chick Flick Kind of Guy”

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 14 2014 1:51PM
Well I guess 1 in 4 of us didn't know that. I can understand if you quizzed a third-grade class, but these were all adults. This is why it scares me that just anybody can vote.

Breitbart News: The Wires

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 12 2014 1:29PM
Like Daughter-Like Father........

Billy Ray Cyrus Releases Rap Version of “Achy Breaky Heart”

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 11 2014 1:58PM
I know I've met people who have told me they have been diagnosed with S.A.D. Doctors claim it's a real disorder; I'm sure it is, but let's all get a little bit more happy because Baseball Season starts soon. Even if you don't like Baseball you can be rest assured that warm temps are coming up right after opening day in April!

Winter Depression: Is It Really Seasonal Affective Disorder? -

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 10 2014 1:45PM
The Industry decides the Grammys; Florida Georgia Line states all they are concerned with are their fans!

Florida Georgia Line: “Grammys Don’t Mean a Ton to Us”

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 7 2014 2:01PM
The story says it all...

McGruff The Crime Dog Actor Sentenced To 16 Years For Pot, Grenade Launcher - CBS Houston

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 6 2014 1:46PM
Radio doesn't always know what the fans like. As a performer you can pick up on the energy from a crowd by their response. I've never performed on stage, but I think he might know best.

Eric Church Says He’s OK With Little Radio Play for “The Outsiders”

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 5 2014 1:35PM
OK, I'm as guilty an any of you. Why is it so easy to go check Facebook,  but so difficult to pick up that Bible sitting on my nightstand? I bet if I reversed my online time with some Bible reading time I'd find out I'm way less stressed and way more at ease. Gonna make an effort this week. I'll let ya know how it's going.

GO FIGURE: Facebook read daily more than Bible

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 4 2014 1:27PM
With all the things in the world to worry about; just saying.

Queen Elizabeth Tells Kate Middleton to Wear Longer Skirts: Report |

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by Trevor Carey posted Feb 3 2014 1:28PM
If I want American Idol, I'll watch it when it's on. If I'm a really huge fan I'll probably have it DVR'd and will be watching it during the pre game of the Superbowl. I want highlights of previous SUPERBOWLS, not a fake fan-base of screaming teens cheering for Mr. American Idol. If I want the "no spin zone" I'll watch O'Reilly weeknights on FOX NEWS. Why did I have to be reminded of Obamacare and Libya during the couple hours I had to relax and watch the biggest game of the year? The President and O'Reilly pumping out their chests like a couple roosters at a cock-fight was not my idea of relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. The two B.O.'s going head-to-head didn't belong in the lead-in to the SUPERBOWL. The best part of the night was the National Anthem. OK, Spring Training starts in less than two-weeks; MLB Network just installed.
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