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VRE Heat Restrictions are All About Safety

by Deirdre Blake posted May 29 2013 6:31PM
Heat restrictions on VRE to Manassas and Fredericksburg are likely to continue on and off throughout the summer. 
While they might be a headache for the commute, Spokesman Mark Roeber says it is about safety. When temperatures spike into the 90s and beyond, the rail quickly absorbs heat. The rail can bow out in spots, causing what is known as a sun kink. If a train's conductor is going at full speed and doesn't see it in time, a derailment could occur. During the heat in some other regions without restrictions, trains have derailed.
If there is a restriction issued, allow about ten minutes more to get from northern Virginia to Fredericksburg.
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People : Mark Roeber
05/29/2013 6:31PM
VRE Heat Restrictions are All About Safety
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