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by L Jtan posted Oct 20 2014 10:07AM
What do you think when you hear Warty Goblins? Maybe characters in a scary movie? Nope...they're in your local pumpkin patch.
Warty Goblins are covered with bumpy growths that some people add to creepy decorations. The One Too Many pumpkins are covered with stripes that look like bloodshot eyes. Fairy Tale pumpkins are green with a little tan and look like the kind a fairy godmother would turn into a carriage. Specialty pumpkins are growing in popularity across the state.
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by L Jtan posted Oct 20 2014 9:55AM
This story of a hospital patient going for a routine colonoscopy could make men everywhere shiver.
32-year-old Andrew Walls is suing a the surgery center where he worked in Delaware after he says he woke up from the procedure wearing a pair of woman's pink underwear. His lawyer says it was an "outrageous" prank by Walls' colleagues and that the emotional stress after led to him losing losing his job, and asks for damages.
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Location : Delaware
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by L Jtan posted Oct 20 2014 9:51AM
Would you go for a fun run in the same place where people are laid to rest?
The operators of a cemetery in central Illinois hope people will. They're upcoming new marketing campaign includes a 5K race and actors dressing as people buried there. The goal is to encourage more people to buy lots at the Springdale Cemetery.
by L Jtan posted Oct 16 2014 1:31PM
Here's a story that might make you wanna be extra nice to your sweetie today.
A retired bank manager from New York is over $1.5 million richer from buying a lottery ticket with the change he had left from buying his wife flowers. It's the one-time cash option of the $3 million scratch off ticket. The man took his wife and a son to collect and says for sure, he's putting in a swimming pool.
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Location : New York
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by L Jtan posted Sep 29 2014 9:03AM
This new tech is aimed at students, but lets us all drive an underwater vehicle from the comfort of our living room.
The LiveDiver device from Reach-In is installed at the Aquarium of Boise in Idaho. By logging into livediver-dot-com-forward slash-control-the-sub, you can drive a mini-sub in the shark and fish tank. The tech is already used for iPet Companion, which lets you see and play with cats at 13 shelters across the country.  
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Location : Idaho

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