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by L Jtan posted Apr 21 2015 6:28AM
You may have heard the old saying "a penny saved is a penny earned," but many people are not following that rule at Virginia airports.
An annual TSA report shows more than $33,000 in coins went unclaimed at airport checkpoints, the most at Dulles International. It's typically left behind in bins where we place our belongings during screenings. The TSA is suggesting that you store loose change in carry-on bags, instead of your pockets.
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Location : Virginia
by L Jtan posted Apr 20 2015 9:40AM

If you have had a baby, you know how expensive it can be, especially for diapers. A Brooklyn sure found out and took matter into his own hands, allegedly switched price tags on them to 99cents and then going through a grocery store self check out.
Local media there has dubbed him "Diaper Don." he managed to get away with thousands of dollars in diapers. The young father told police he was keeping some for his own family and selling the rest on the street.

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by L Jtan posted Apr 16 2015 8:05AM
Does your cat ever make noises you don't understand?
The head of the San Diego Humane Society is here to help with a new book..."How to Speak Cat." Dr. Gary Weitzman says the frisky felines make 16 different meow sounds but don'tusually use them to communicate with other cats. They learn people when will feed them, let them out or pet them when they meow. To talk to other cats though, he says they use blinking or a flick of their tails.
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by L Jtan posted Apr 15 2015 7:15AM
If you get ticked off at your mate, a quick candy bar could help keep a little disagreement from getting worse.
Some researchers monitored nightly blood sugar levels of over 100 married couples for three weeks, asking them to stick pins into a voodoo doll representing their spouses to measure aggression. The lower the blood sugars, the higher their crankiness, and the more pins were pushed into the doll.
by L Jtan posted Apr 13 2015 7:29AM
If you have a sweet tooth, you might want to have been in Wisconsin for a krispy treat, instead of cheese over the weekend.
Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison starting making the 7 and a half ton treat on Friday. The 15,000-pound dessert is made with Rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows and butter. It was chopped up and sold to raise money for Wisconsin charities. The student team has applied for a Guinness World Record for their creation.
by L Jtan posted Apr 13 2015 7:17AM
The new Apple watch comes in over 30 varieties, looks more like jewelry that another device and works with your iphone, so will you buy one?
Online ordering is underway and they start being sold next Friday. So how much will one set you back? The Watch sport starts at $349, the stainless steel "watch" style starts at $549 and if you want an 18 karat gold "Watch Edition, " it's kind of like buying a car. They run from $10,000 to $17,000.
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by L Jtan posted Apr 8 2015 10:15AM
Would you pay a "professional cuddler" $60 an hour to get over your need for a hug?
A new professional cuddling salon that opens in Richmond this week hopes so. There's no intimate contact, just pajamas, a bed and hugs.
Sound like too much for you? Closer to home you can volunteer to do the cuddling. Mary Washington Healthcare in Fredericksburg and Stafford need volunteer cuddlers to hold and rock infants in its' NICU units.
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by L Jtan posted Apr 3 2015 9:21AM
A man that has been missing for a whopping 60 days, off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina has a dramatic rescue by the Virginia Coast Guard late yesterday.
Louis Jordan's German-flagged boat, the almost 11-hundred foot Houston Express, was found 200 miles offshore. He was hoisted into the air and arrived at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk around 7:30 p.m.

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