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by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 31 2013 7:50AM
Remember the opening to The Jetsons cartoon, when George closes his eyes and lets the car drive itself to Spacely Sprockets?
Well, hang onto your space boots. Consumer reports says technology is almost there now with cars and in 20 years or so, they'll drive themselves by talking to other vehicles on the road. 
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People : Virginia Roads
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 31 2013 7:36AM
Here in Fredericksburg a globe will drop tonight, in New York's Times Square it's a huge ball. But other places drop more odd things.
In Atlanta it's a giant peach. Savannah has a giant M & M and a sardine made by a local sculptor falls in Eastport Maine in honor of the fishing industry. Eastover North Carolina has the town's original namesake...a giant flea and Elmore Ohio hosts "The wurst event of the year," dropping a giant sausage. 
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People : Flea
by WECT - Wilmington posted Dec 30 2013 11:44AM
Woman rams police vehicle head on during chase just outside Wilmington, NC. 
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Location : Wilmington
by TIME Magazine posted Dec 30 2013 11:35AM
VIDEO - From an airline's Christmas miracle to yet another Ron Burgundy appearance, TIME's Nick Carbone recaps December's five best viral videos.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 30 2013 6:16AM
Everyone knows New York City has that huge, lighted crystal ball to mark the end of a new year and the start of a new one. Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania has a more than two decade old tradition of dropping an illuminated 80-pound strawberry, but this year it's in a jam. The berry fell three stories and smashed during a practice run on Friday and now the hotel is trying to put together another in time for New Year's Eve.
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by Buzz 60 posted Dec 23 2013 2:38PM
VIDEO - Danica Patrick was taped wearing a muscle, or fit suit, while taping a GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the story.
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by WGN - Chicago posted Dec 23 2013 1:37PM
VIDEO - WGN's Dan Ponce has a laugh attack while trying to report on a story where a man captures an alligator and attempts to trade it for some beer. Check it out...
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Topics : Human Interest
People : Dan Ponce
by Cosmopolitan posted Dec 20 2013 10:10AM
VIDEO - And you thought yours was bad.
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 20 2013 7:44AM
Are you still going to a holiday party this weekend that involves friends or coworkers?
You better know the basics. Avoid the spiked punch bowl to keep from saying something you'll regret. Take a few minutes to rehearse the names of people around you. And if you're going with your husband or wife, agree in advance that they'll just introduce themselves if the see you're about to forget or stumble.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 20 2013 7:27AM
And a Connecticut man named Noel who climbed a tree decorated with Christmas lights in a downtown park has been arrested.
The power for the lights was cut as police and firefighters. He had two banners in the tree and was shouting about various causes before officers persuaded him to come down. He's been charged with breach of peace. 
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Connecticut
People : Noel Climbs
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 20 2013 7:21AM
When someone famous dies, as creepy as it sounds, alot of us go scurrying to search engines and this year was no different.
According to Google's year end tallies, three of the four fastest-rising searches were triggered by the passing of famous men. Number one was Nelson Mandela. Number two was Paul Walker from the "Fast & Furious." And "Glee"  cast member Cory Monteith came in fourth, only to be beat out in third by the Apple iPhone 5S.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 20 2013 7:20AM
Animal lovers can breathe a sigh of relief and Santa could be saying faux (foh), faux, faux instead of ho, ho, ho this year.
Fake is in. Banana Republic has a fuzzy brown coat that sells for about 200 bucks. There is a tag that even touts "faux fur." Other retailers are offering phony leather, and it's the real-deal for many in Hollywood. Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson have even strutted the red carpet in faux leather and fur.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 20 2013 7:19AM
 If you like pizza and and your friends like tex mex, you'll be able to get it all under one roof down the road.
Chipotle's, known for its' burritos, is moving into the pizza business. The chain opened its first pizzeria in Denverin May, and two more are on the way there before expanding elsewhere. You'll even be able to watch as your pizza is made and choose from tons of toppings. 
by SFSN posted Dec 19 2013 12:19PM
VIDEO  - In perhaps the most disturbing video you will see all day, seen here is a clip of an idiotic father making his young son run next to the car for the sake of football training. As you can see, the dad films the whole thing, which features him swearing and tossing out insults to the child as an attempt at motivation. Poor kid. His dad is THAT dad.
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by Ora TV posted Dec 18 2013 12:06PM
VIDEO - Family Gives Christmas Card New Meaning with Viral Video
by KTLA-Los Angeles posted Dec 18 2013 12:03PM
VIDEO - Viral YouTube video of a hamster pretending to be dead is gaining popularity on the web.
by AP posted Dec 18 2013 11:57AM
VIDEO - A blind man who tumbled onto the NYC subway tracks along with his guide dog are alive today thanks to some quick work by a few of the city's subway riders.
by CBS Miami posted Dec 18 2013 10:32AM
VIDEO - Miles Away From Ordinary, Man Offers Live Gator For Beer
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People : Miles Away
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 17 2013 9:23AM
Things will probably be crazy in your house between now and the new year, but finding quality time with your significant other or your husband or wife is important.
So here are some fun ideas: be a little geeky for a day and do a big jigsaw puzzleor play a video game together; pamper yourselves and go get a couples massage or stay home and give each other one. And of course it'll make you laugh...and we're never too old for a pillow fight or a tickle fest. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 17 2013 9:18AM
If you want a spin on the traditional peppermint flavored candy cane this year, you're in for a treat to spice up your taste buds.
In packs of 12, sriracha flavored candy canes go for about 8 bucks a box. Some folks are using them crushed overice cream or as a cocktail stirrer. You can get em' online at or
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People : Candy Canes
by AP posted Dec 16 2013 3:19PM
VIDEO - Clients at the Beauty and Melody Spa in London are taking their love of chocolate to a whole new level to satisfy their cocoa craving. The decadent treatment involves a chocolate full body wrap and facial.
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Location : London
by Buzz 60 posted Dec 16 2013 11:08AM
VIDEO - 2013 gave us a lot of weird 911 phone calls, many involving animals. Gillian Pensavalle (@GillianWithaG) has a recap of 3 of the craziest emergency phone calls of the year.
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by WEAR -Pensacola, FL posted Dec 16 2013 11:05AM
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 13 2013 7:46AM
You better make sure you know who's doing work on your car when you drop it off.
A former manager at a Fredericksburg repair shop is going to jail after taking a Lincoln in for brake work on a joy ride. During the test drive, he stopped at a friends house and had too much to drink. Then a cop tried to stop him for speeding and swerving, but the guy sped away. He then crashed into a trailed boat and two parked cars before blowing out some tires and getting caught.
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Location : Lincoln
by Buzz 60 posted Dec 12 2013 2:48PM
VIDEO - Grumpy Cat is breaking into the world of pop music, with a new music video debuting just in time for the holidays. Andrew Dymburt has the latest video from the famous feline.
by KCPQ - Seattle posted Dec 12 2013 10:41AM
VIDEO - Lucky Northwest Kids travel to the North Pole.
by AP posted Dec 12 2013 9:46AM
VIDEO - The influx of millions of visitors to NYC during the holidays turns everyday walkers into Grinches. Their gripes are simple: Non-New Yorkers stop too often, walk too slowly, and block busy foot traffic. 
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by AP posted Dec 11 2013 10:19AM
VIDEO - Even Santa Claus enjoys a swim. At the Tokyo Aquarium, children watched as a diver dressed up as Santa Claus fed fish inside a tank and hugged the aquarium's sharks.
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by KGUN - Tucson, AZ posted Dec 11 2013 10:18AM
VIDEO - KGUN 9 is searching for the cause of a large green light and loud boom hundreds have reported seeing.
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Location : Arizona
by WGN - Chicago posted Dec 11 2013 10:14AM
VIDEO - WGN Morning News' very own Superfans perform their latest hit honoring the one and only Mike Ditka.
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Topics : Human Interest
People : Mike Ditka
by CNN posted Dec 11 2013 10:08AM
VIDEO - Controversial coma prank is half joke, half intervention.
by AP posted Dec 10 2013 10:27AM
VIDEO - Here comes Santa Claus. And another. And another. More than 100 Kris Kringles attended Santa school in Michigan learning tricks of the trade including makeup application, wardrobe, and reindeer care during the three-day seminar.
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Topics : Education
Location : Michigan
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 10 2013 8:21AM
You've probably heard of B-Y-O-B, but now it will be B-Y-O-P. The "Bring your own Phone" idea is the latest move by AT&T.
It joins T-Mobile to break the practice of making you sign a two year contract for to get a better device. It's making the shift since more people are opting for companies and plans that give them more frequent upgrades.
by CBS Denver posted Dec 9 2013 9:58AM
VIDEO  - Folks Stripped Down For The Santa Speedo Run.
by NewsFix posted Dec 6 2013 4:00PM
VIDEO - A new Guinness World Record has recently emerged in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen where nearly 500 mothers-to-be practiced yoga together.
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Shenzhen
by Buzz 60 posted Dec 6 2013 11:05AM
VIDEO - Check out this insanely entertaining wedding video that features a duel between knights, cameo appearances by Batman and Ironman, and a wide array of unexpected wedding crashers. Andrew Dymburt has more.
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People : Andrew Dymburt
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 5 2013 9:58AM
It's kind of a strange custom -- kissing someone while you're standing under the leaves of a parasitic plant.
But it dates back centuries and most of us do it every year. But be especially careful when decorating with mistletoe, especiallyaround pets and kids. The berries are highly poisonous and can lead to rashes, nausea or vomiting if they're accidentally eaten.
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Topics : Human Interest
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 5 2013 9:57AM
Sometimes you just have to use a bad word, even though maybe you shouldn't.
So the Marchex Institute did a study on 600,000 customer service calls to companies, to see which states' residents are most likely to curse. And Ohio tops the list with one call out of 150 involving a swear word. Maryland comes in third. The most polite state? Washington. But don't worry... on the "Goody two shoes" least likely side, Virginia comes in 5th.
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Location : MarylandOhioVirginiaWashington
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 5 2013 9:53AM
And even though officials in one California neighborhood said holiday lights strung across the road on steel cables were a safety hazard, Santa shouldn't have any trouble finding them.
Even though they were threatened with a fine if they didn't come down by last night, they're told they can stay. They will need a permit, but in honor of the season, the county's gonna pay the fee.  
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 5 2013 9:50AM
It's expensive and one of the more time-consuming efforts of the holiday season--christmas cards.
Each year we buy and make billions-- finding just the right saying with the best picture. The practice is more than 150 years old now and the Hallmark card people say this is the busiest card-buying time of the year, with an estimated 2 billion exchanged in the U.S. alone.
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 4 2013 7:15AM
 it proves some people are really serious about their football.
Seahawks fans were rocking so much during their Monday night game against the Saints that the stadium tremors registered as a small earthquake on the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. And the fans were so loud that they set the Guinness World Record for outdoor sports stadium noise at 137.6 decibels.
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 4 2013 7:13AM
 Some homeowners in the Christmas spirit in California are being told it's lights out.
The elaborate displays are tradition in the neighborhood, but county officials say lights strung across the streets on steel cables are a safety hazard. The residents say they won't take them down, but their deadline to avoid a fine and charges is tonight.
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Location : California
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 4 2013 7:09AM
Ghosthunters beware. This story proves you might not be safe, even if you've paid for a tour.
A guide and two tourists were detained at gunpoint after a Pennsylvania police officer thought they were robbers. The trio was let go after the ownerof the allegedly haunted civil war-era building confirmed they had permission to be there. 
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Topics : Law_CrimeWar_Conflict
Location : Pennsylvania
by KTLA-Los Angeles posted Dec 3 2013 3:50PM
VIDEO - Toddler hoops phenom Titus has taken on big-name stars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper. The Hollywood pair are distraught at their loss to the little star in the latest video from the boy's dad, Joseph Ashby. The clip, with video courtesy

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