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by Orlando Sentinel posted Jan 31 2014 3:25PM
VIDEO - Tim Tebow's second Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile.
by Buzz 60 posted Jan 31 2014 10:17AM
VIDEO - NASA is being sued by a man who says the organization is not investigating the 'jelly doughnut' rock found on Mars for signs of alien life. The terms of the suit are pretty wacky.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jan 31 2014 9:46AM
It's not uncommon for parents to name their children after someone they love, but what about something they love? Or even a sports team they love?
Just in time for the big game Sunday, a new baby in Washington State gets the honor. Her parentshave named her Cyndee Leigh 12th Mann. It's the name for the notoriously boisterous home crowd at Seattle Seahawks games.  
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by Buzz 60 posted Jan 30 2014 10:46AM
VIDEO - With the Super Bowl coming up, Old Spice decided to spice things up and pre-release an ad that will air during the big game. In the ad, there's a hidden phone number. A viewer decided to call that number and unsuspectingly was gifted two tickets to the Super Bowl! Andrew Dymburt (@CantPinTheDym) has an exclusive interview with that lucky dude.
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People : Andrew Dymburt
by Deirdre Blake posted Jan 30 2014 7:57AM
Some customers got way more than they should have at a McDonald's in Pennsylvania this week.
After an undercover drug operation, one store employee is arrested for selling heroin in happy meals. The customer were instructed to drive up and say"I'd like to order a toy." Cops found 10 bags of heroin in a Happy Meal box and another 50 bags on the suspect.
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by Orlando Sentinel posted Jan 29 2014 12:53PM
VIDEO - Delta has made a habit of funny, yet informational in-flight safety videos. 
by Splash News posted Jan 29 2014 11:19AM
VIDEO - Check out why Scarlett Johansson's super hot SodaStream commercial is banned from airing during the Super Bowl.
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by WPIX - New York posted Jan 29 2014 10:25AM
VIDEO - Crest to release chocolate flavored toothpaste.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jan 29 2014 8:19AM
If you're a baseball fan and head to Nationals Park for a game this spring, you'll have some new option on what to eat.
It's adding some new vegetarian and gluten-free options. And you can bring your chopsticks because sushi and stir-fry make the menu. Also, District Drafts will open two new locations there and fans will see new digital menu boards to help manage lines and crowds.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jan 29 2014 8:11AM

People wanting a coffee cover-up will have to collect signatures.
Spokane, Washington, is home to coffee servers in the barely there bikinis, but the city council has rejected a request to put an indecent exposure initiative directly on the ballot. The folks that want a vote on the issue will have to collect nearly 2,500 signatures to qualify for November 2015.  
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by Buzz 60 posted Jan 28 2014 12:43PM
VIDEO - The velociraptor cage from the opening scene of 'Jurassic Park' is for sale on eBay at a hefty cost. Lisa D'Souza has the photos of the cage, and the velociraptor that comes with it.
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by AP posted Jan 28 2014 11:33AM
VIDEO - James Grant, a 24-year-old doctor from New Zealand, not only survived a shark attack, but he also stitched up his own wounds and then went to a local tavern for a beer.
by AP posted Jan 28 2014 10:49AM
VIDEO - Leading up to the 10th annual 'Puppy Bowl' Feb. 2, Animal Planet brings a live version of the cute Super Bowl alternate programming to NY's Times Square.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jan 28 2014 8:36AM
Google is adding prescription frames and new styles of detachable sunglasses to its computerized, Internet-connected Google Glass.
For now, the 15-hundred-dollar goggles that let you to surf the Web, ask for directions and take photos or videos are only available to people testing them and creating apps. They'll eventually be available to the general population.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jan 28 2014 8:23AM
Call it the great "take 'n' bake" pizza sales tax dilemma.
States are grappling with whether sales taxes should be charged for pizzas and other food assembled uncooked in restaurants and sold to consumers who then cook it at home. Virginia already charges a lower sales tax on groceries. Thirty-two states and DC don't tax food purchased in supermarkets and five states don't have sales taxes at all.
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Location : Virginia

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