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by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 28 2014 8:18AM
This might make you more apt to keep all your stuff in a carry on instead of checking your bags for your next flight.
Police say a $15,000 camera, Gucci bags, name-brand clothing and jewelry are among the thousands in valuables stolen by baggage handlers at LAX. The thieves targeted bags that were traveling long distances or had multiple transfers. Six people are in jail, so far. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 28 2014 8:09AM
We're not sure how the people dolling out grants and scholarships would feel about this new class at Skidmore College in upstate New York.
This summer it starts offering a class called "The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender and Media." The visiting professor teaching it says there won't be any required twerking in her course and students will have to learn it on their own.
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Location : New York
People : Miley Cyrus
by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 28 2014 7:48AM
As if you don't have enough to worry about making sure your credit report is right and your score is good, some people are being denied loans because their report says they're dead.
It can happen by accident when a name gets confused from a death certificate sent in. If it happens to you, send a copy of your birth certificate, drivers license and a recent bill or bank statement with activity to prove you're still breathing.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 27 2014 7:37AM
There's an APP for almost everything and now one of them is keeping people with an alcohol problem from falling off the wagon.
Developed by University of Wisconsin Researchers, it has a panic button and sounds an alert when they get too close to taverns or bars. The folks released from alcohol treatment centers who got free sober smartphones report fewer drinking days and better results. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 27 2014 7:11AM
The next time you go shopping, try not to pick up something you might like but didn't plan on buying.
A study at UCLA shows that actually holding an item makes you feel a sense of perceived ownership and need to spend money on it. If you just touch it with one finger instead, it satisfies our need to check it out and still keep the money in our wallet. 
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by L Jtan posted Mar 26 2014 11:24AM
by WPXI - Pittsburgh posted Mar 24 2014 2:55PM
VIDEO - Crazy costumes, major wipeouts at Seven Springs Pond Skim
by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 24 2014 7:55AM
 And most of us have done get the fortune cookie with the numbers on the back, assume it's a sign and play them in the lottery. It you haven't won with them yet, don't lose hope. A California woman won more than $421,000 usingthe numbers she found inside a fortune cookie. If all her numbers had hit, she could have won $240 million. 
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : California
by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 21 2014 10:26AM
Kathryn and Lee Hayes are ready to roll -- with their chickens.
The semi-retired Washington state couple can now take them along when they travel in their RV to see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They've built a mobile chicken coop in an old trailer. It's got all the comforts of home and even a radio, to play relaxing, classical music for the one's laying eggs. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 20 2014 8:24AM
If you got caught in the security breaches to credit cards at Target, Neiman Marcus or Michaels last year, new technology could help you rest easier.
A new credit card will be released later this year that's more like a computer. It has a keypad on the front where you put in a pin number. It can only be unlocked by entering it and it's durable. Dynamics Inc. says it can survive your washing machine and they last over 4 years on a single battery charge. No word on which company will pick it up.
by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 20 2014 8:19AM
Here's a warning if you're a golfer that plays with titanium clubs. Be careful how you swing if you're off the green.
After years of suspicion, the University of California did a study and has proven the titanium can cause a spark if it hits a rock. It can last for a few seconds and could catch the side course vegetation on fire. They're being blamed for burning at least 12 acres at one course a few years ago.    
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Location : California
by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 20 2014 8:14AM
The star of Animal Planet's "My Cat from Hell" will be traveling to Portland, Oregon, to work with the family trapped in their bedroom by their angry cat Lux earlier this month.
Cat expert Jackson Galaxy says cats don't become ferocious felines for no reason. He says Lux could have a tumor, an abcessed tooth, diabetes or another condition. They called 911 after they say their baby pulled the cat's tail and then Lux trapped them in the room.
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Location : OregonPortland
by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 20 2014 8:08AM
If you get scared when you have to get a flu shot, you're not alone.
A bull in Texas was apparently in no mood for vaccinations and led police on a chase down a busy Texas street. Some Waco locals says it was quite a scene to see the guys witha lasso in the back of a pickup and four cops cars behind it. Two animal control cowboys caught the bull almost an hour later.
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Location : Texas
by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 19 2014 7:56AM
If your significant other or your kids are into role playing video games, you might want to keep and eye on the character they pick.
A study of more than 200 of them shows that people who pick a good character tend to be in a better mood and do better things after they're done playing. The ones who pick the evil character tend to be a little more rude and indulge in habits like eating food that's bad for them.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 19 2014 7:46AM
Do you have brothers and sisters? You might be argue about or just wonder which one of you is smarter.
Some new research says it depends on what order you were born. First born kids tend to be smartest, but also have higher rates of diabetes and food allergies. Middle kids have better teeth and stronger marriages and last born, well...they tend to have more addictive behavior.
by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 19 2014 7:43AM
Police in South Carolina are looking for a suspect who apparently doesn't tolerate bad manners.
Police say a 20 yearold man sat down with a friend at a local Taco Bell when a man in another booth asked him if he had belched without saying "excuse me." The man apparently then walked over to the victim, picked up a chair, hit him hit on the elbow, grabbed his throat and tried to head butt him before a restaurant worker told him to leave. 
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : South Carolina
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