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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 30 2014 9:29AM
 We buy all kinds of gadgets to track our own exercise, now there's some high tech help for lazy dogs too.
The new device, called Whistle, lets us track how much exercise - or sleep - our four-legged pals are getting. It's about the size of a silver dollar, wraps around a dog collar and syncs with a smartphone APP. It's at Petsmart and at, but it's a little pricey at $129.00. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 30 2014 9:22AM
 You might have to start asking for a lime in your cocktail soon or pay a little more for a margarita or mojito in area bars.
It's thanks to the price of limes are skyrocketing, as what's being called the "Great Lime Crisis of 2014." A case of them that once cost $15 now goes for as much as 130 bucks. It's being blamed on the weather, citrus disease and even mob problems in Mexico.
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 29 2014 11:12AM
It's golf combined with soccer. The Meadow Park Golf Course in Washington state is introducing footgolf.
It's played with a soccer ball. Instead of clubs, players kick the ball into a 21-inch hole. Course director Chris Goodman says everyone from kids to senior citizens can enjoy the game. There's even footgolf apparel - knickers, socks and caps. The 18-hole course will be open Thursday. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 29 2014 11:03AM
When you used your deodorant this morning, you probably just planned to stay clean and smell nice, but it's got some other unusual uses too.
You can rub it on bug bites for relief; prevent blisters when you buy new shoes and rub it on the bottom of your feet before bed to prevent sweating. And getting on those skinny jeans or a tight skirt, just rub it along you legs and voila.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 28 2014 7:20AM
This is one way to get kids to do what they're supposed to do and let them have some fun. A fourth grade teacher in Kansas will teach class today with orange hair in a prom dress. Brianna Falvey is making good on her part of a bargain, if her students did all their homework for 100 straight days. She says a day of embarassment is worth it to boost their grades and responsibility.
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Location : Kansas
People : Brianna Falvey
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 25 2014 1:57PM
Have cash -- will travel. But won't have cash for long. Officials at Washington Dulles International Airport have seized a large amount of money.
A U.S. citizen arriving from Qatar declared eight-grand at customs. But Customs and Border Protection officials say a detection dog alerted them to nearly 25-K in an envelope in his luggage. There's no limit to how much cash travelers can carry, but they must declare 10-grand and up. Officers seized the dough but didn't arrest him. The man was told how to petition to get the money back.
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 25 2014 1:55PM
If you're carrying nearly two pounds of weed -- firing some up might seem like a bad idea. But border patrol agents say they've busted a man during the check of an Amtrak train in Montana.
Officials say the agents smelled pot. A local paper (Havre Daily News) reports a passenger told officers he had been smoking pot and had even more in his backpack. Authorities add 23-year-old Ryan Smart is being held on suspicion of a number of drug charges.
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Location : Montana
People : Ryan Smart
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 25 2014 1:54PM
Lots of parents worry about becoming empty nesters when their kids graduate, but these days about 40 percent of 18 to 34 years olds are moving back in with Mom and Dad instead.
If yours do, encourage they make a plan, don't get too involved intheir love lives, be careful about giving them too much money and's their job search, not yours.
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 24 2014 8:25AM
Do you ever wish that all the people that send you random texts would pay your cell bill? It's happening for some Buffalo Bills fans that got too many. A fan brought the lawsuit after signing up for alerts, being promised no more than 5 a week, but he got way more than that. Now they'll pony up for debit cards for lots of fans, from 58 to 75-bucks each.  
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Topics : Human Interest
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 24 2014 7:56AM
First it was Google Glass, now the company's new prototype is much smaller, but still for the eyes and will help folks with diabetes.
Its' contacts with a glucose censor embedded would monitor levels through tears, to avoid painful finger pricks. Researchers are still doing testing and there's no word on if and when they could hit the market.
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 24 2014 7:54AM
Most of us finish up our morning brushing routine with mouthwash, but that may not be the best thing.
Dentists say regular brushing, flossing and professional cleanings are best for your teeth and gums. Swishing with mouthwash can kill germs for the short-term, but the alcohol in it can dry out your mouth and increase the growth of bacteria.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 22 2014 11:15AM
Everybody's gotta have somewhere warm to sleep, even rodents, but this is pretty bizarre.
Fredericksburg officials say one of their dens caused the  sinkhole Sunday night on Canal Street, near Princess Anne Street. Workers found a 2'x-4' hole that was about 2 feet deep. It looked like some sort of rodent had eaten its way through the sewer line to build the den. Yesterday crews started repairs. It was done and repaved by yesterday afternoon.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 21 2014 10:58AM
This might tantilize your taste buds, but we're not too sure about your heart.
Starting today, until May 25th, KFC is bringing back what may be its most loved and hated item. The Double Down has 540 calories and more than 30 grams of fat. It's a bacon and cheese sandwich that uses two fried chicken breasts as the "bread." It first appeared in 2010, but health experts ended up getting it nixed
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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 18 2014 7:55AM
Most of us probably don't feel like or think we're that old, but keep your eyes open.
Do you care less about what people think and are willing to tell them off? Does it take forever to get out of the house because you can't find your phone or your keys? If you're saying yes and have a magazine at home you bought door-to-door, after the sales person complimented your looks, well, you might be turning into your parents.  
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Topics : Human Interest
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 18 2014 7:50AM
Are you a night owl or a morning person? Women and men who'd rather stay up to watch the sun rise are more likely to be risk takers and the early risers are most likely to be in long-term relationships. Men who stay up late are more likely to have more intimate partners and to get less sleep overall. It's one of the first studies ever to link sleep habits to behavior.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 17 2014 11:03AM
How good your relationship is might depend on how you and your mate sleep.
A new university study of a thousand couple shows that 94% of them that sleep close together at night are happy all day. Only 68% that don't touch say their relationship is strong. Over 42% sleep back-to-back and 31% face the same direction.
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by CBS Philly posted Apr 15 2014 12:21PM
VIDEO - NJ Family’s Dog Summoned For Jury Duty?
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 15 2014 10:20AM
If you get ticked off at your mate, a quick candy bar could help keep a little disagreement from getting worse.
Some researchers monitored nightly blood sugar levels of over 100 married couples for three weeks, asking them to stick pins into a voodoo doll representing their spouses to measure aggression. The lower the blood sugars, the higher their crankiness, and the more pins were pushed into the doll.
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by NewsFix posted Apr 14 2014 11:27AM
VIDEO - KFC has teamed up with a florist to create the chicken corsage for this year's prom season.
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 14 2014 7:25AM
Poop will start helping power Washington, DC next month-- and we're not talking politics. D.C. Water is building a sewage treatment plant that will turn number-two into electricity by pumping the sewage into tanks called digesters, that extract methane gas to fuel the electric generators. Its' CEO hopes their new facility could be a clean energy model for the rest of the country.  
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Location : Washington, Dc
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 14 2014 7:19AM

When Bubba Watson won the Masters yesterday, no one took any snapshots with their cellphones.
And selfies with the fairway in the background are a no-no. The Masters is a tech-free zone. No cellphones. No video screens and no electronic scoreboards. Most fans aren't complaining and say all the gizmos are too distracting to the game.  
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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 14 2014 7:16AM
A new semi-pro Argentine soccer team has named itself after a big lover of the game, Pope Francis.
The Papa Francisco team played to a 2-2 tie in its first official game and organizers say it's devoted to "no hooligans, no violence and noinsults." But two players from the team were thrown out during the first match.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 11 2014 7:19AM
And do you wanna be a "Explorer" - and not of the "Dora" variety?
Google is expanding its list of people who are among the first to get their hands on Google Glass. The company says it will sell the initial version of Glass to any U.S. resident who orders one online starting April 15th. Google isn't saying how many more sets of the Internet-connected eyewear will be available. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 11 2014 7:16AM
Some sorority sisters at UCONN are in trouble for treating their men mean.
School officials say they're investigating charges the women of Delta Zeta forced the men to drink booze, eat dog treats and wear women's underwear. The hazing of the frat members happened in an off-campus apartment, so the sorority's banned from any chapter activities until the investigation is over.
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 11 2014 7:12AM
Do you remember roller-skating with metal skates that you clamped onto your sneakers with a skate key or maybe inline skates?
Now,the Cardiff Skate Company is bridging the gap with its' S1 and S2 models. They've got a wheel in the front and two side by side in the rear - and a brake wheel. They're designed to be worn with your own shoes and adjust to your foot size. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 11 2014 6:56AM
You might have seen "Snakes on a Plane," but what about "Rat On the Subway?"
It isn't a Hollywood movie - but a video clip shot in the gritty tunnels of New York's subway system. A regulation-sized rat scampers through a moving car, and you hear screams as riders jump on their seats. The clip is on YouTube. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 10 2014 11:03AM
They don't play baseball like the used to -- except perhaps in Tennessee.
The second season of old-school baseball is opening this weekend with a double-header in Knoxville. Players observe the rules and customs of the game 1860s. That includes no gloves, no balls or strikes being called, and it's an out if the fielder catches the ball on the first bounce. The name of game was a little different, too. It's base ball in two words. 
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Location : KnoxvilleTennessee
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 10 2014 11:01AM
First it was snakeheads, now you'll probably see more catfish specials on restaurant menues, especially if you head to Maryland for seafood this Spring and Summer.
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources says it's trying to lower the number of invasive blue and flathead catfish by encouraging people to eat them. They're native to the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers, but got introduces here in the 1960s. 
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Location : MarylandMississippiMissouriOhio
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 10 2014 10:55AM
So you're in the kitchen making dinner, say fajitas and it's time to slice the onions and you can feel the tears in your eyes before you even pick up the knife.
Most of us have done everything from staring into water and chewing on bread to wearing swimming goggles, so what's the right answer? Try storing them in the fridge helps reduce the gas buildup inside that turns to sulfuric acid, causing the tears.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 9 2014 9:59AM
How old is too old to have some fun? It looks like an 85 year old nursing home patient's family thinks she was a victim of "disgraceful sexual perversion" instead.
The facility's officials say the residents requested the male stripper come there, voted on it and the nursing home approved it. A picture shows the families Mom stuffing bills into his white briefs.  
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 9 2014 9:54AM
Some of us will head to the polls early next month to elect some new town officials, but the ones in Divide, Colorado might be a little confused by their choices.
They'll see 11 candidates, but none of them are human. The animals are running to replace the reigning Mayor, Walter the Cat. The votes cost a buck a piece and all the money raised will go to the town's no-kill animal shelter.
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Location : ColoradoColorado Town
People : Walter
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 9 2014 9:49AM
No top and no stopping a woman at a Florida Mickey D's.
A video of a topless woman trashing a Tampa Bay area McDonald's has gone viral. It shows her wearing just bikini bottoms as she goes behind the counter, tipping over cash registers, throwing food and eating soft-serve ice cream and fries. The 41 year old was arrested late last month and released on $7,000 bail.
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by WBTV Charlotte posted Apr 7 2014 3:51PM
VIDEO - Couple gets engaged in Charlotte IKEA

by NewsFix posted Apr 7 2014 3:28PM
VIDEO - There are no humans running for mayor of Divide, CO. Instead there are 11 different animals in this wild political race.
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Location : Colorado Town
by Ora TV posted Apr 7 2014 3:25PM
VIDEO - A 9 month old baby in Pakistan was taken into custody for attempted murder of a police officer. Officials took his fingerprints and even attempted to get a statement from the baby, who was with his father when a group was arrested for throwing stones at officials. Charges were eventually dropped against the baby and the officer in charge of the case was fired.
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 3 2014 10:21AM
Most of us know how to do laundry, but our mates or kids might get confused. There's a new iPhone App to the rescue.
Complete Laundry Care guides you through the process. It doesn't do anything a quick Google search wouldn't, but it's nice to have all the info in one place. There's a section that breaks down what each symbol on clothes tags means and it includes tips on ironing and suggested wash times for different materials. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 3 2014 9:54AM
Listen up many of you have ever dropped your makeup bag or purse and accidentally shattered that expensive container of blush or powder you bought?
Some of us just give up and toss it, but there's a fix. Pour enough Isopropyl alcohol on to saturate the powder. Then mix it well with a q-tip and let it completely dry in a dark place. The alcohol evaporates, the product remolds and you're saved.
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 3 2014 9:49AM
Ashley Madison is big in Japan.
This is scary, but it's an online hookup site for married people that's reached a million users in eight and a half months. It operates in 37 countries and uses the slogan "Life is short. Have an affair."
The CEO of Avid Life Media says it helps people stay married and are an alternative to a messy divorce.
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People : Ashley Madison
by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 1 2014 7:52AM
 Some people have all the luck -- and Calvin and Zatera Spencer are two of them.
The Virginia couple has quite a winning streak in the state lottery. They claimed their latest prize last week, a $1 million jackpot in a scratch-off game. The run of good luck started with another million dollar win in the March 12th Powerball drawing and again March 26th when Calvin won $50,000 in the Virginia Pick 4 game. And he says they're not finished yet.
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