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by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 30 2014 9:35AM
When we watch the models on the runway, we might think they're beautiful or glamorous and maybe rich, but it looks like the price to pay may be just dessert.
New York police say a runway model there was caught trying to steal Pop-Tarts and other sugary items from a local supermarket. Store staff saw the 23 year old stuffing the Pop-Tarts, cake mix and other stuff into her purse and pockets. She's been sentenced to one day of community service.
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People : Caught Stuffing
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 30 2014 9:26AM
If you're looking for a job without success or just planning to jump into the hiring pool, you'll probably like this Canadian man's creative approach. Graphic Designed Brennan Gleason wanted to separate himself from the pack, so he brewed up a four pack of craft beer he named "Resum-Ale."
Then he made labels for each bottle, that featured snippets from his portfolio. His entire resume was printed on the outer box. Of course he landed a job fast.
by L Jtan posted Jun 30 2014 9:23AM
 If you had your morning coffee today and you're sipping another cup, don't freak too badly about it, as long as it's not loaded with high fat milk and sugar.
Scientists at Rio de Janeiro's Federal University say black coffee, in moderation, may keep your teeth from rotting. The antibacterial property in some coffee beans is being directly linked to stopping tooth decay.  
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Location : Rio De Janeiro
People : Joe Could
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 26 2014 10:21AM

Most of us have heard that good things come in small packages and remember the thrill of what we might find inside a Cracker Jack box.
The company's rekindling that feeling with this summer's "The Surprise Inside Project." Between now and July 31st, it will send a box to someone that hundreds of people love, with an under $20 surprise inside. Just visit the CrackerJack Facebook page and share the surprise you'd like to give, and you just might win.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 26 2014 10:15AM

Talk about a massive mug mix-up. While President Barack Obama may have World Cup fever, he has not joined the U.K. team despite the fact that his face appears on a commemorative mug for the English soccer squad.
The souvenirs were apparently made by a reputable company. It says a young "apprentice," who was given the task of finding the team's images through a simple Google search though. President Barack Obama's face appeared on the cup in place of player Chris Smalling's.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 25 2014 9:47AM
An Arizona company says it has successfully completed the first scale test flight of a high-altitude balloon and capsule being developed to let tourists float 20 miles above the earth.
World View Enterprises says the company is planning to begin its $75,000 per-person flights in 2016. The balloons will lift a capsule carrying six passengers to about 100,000 feet, where they will float for about two hours.
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Location : Arizona
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 25 2014 9:45AM
Eleven years ago, the first great white shark became part of an Australian tracking program, but something devoured the nine foot beast.
The tracking device scientists found washed up on shore shows the shark plummeted 1,900 feet in the ocean, likely eaten by something huge, but what? Their research is now being revealed on "Hunt for the Super Predator." It airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. on the Smithsonian Channel.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 25 2014 9:44AM
A new study suggests a link between the use of pesticides and autism. 
The University of California Davis study found that women were 60 percent more likely to have a child with autism or developmental delays if exposed. The chance was higherwhen exposure happened in the second and third trimester of pregnancies. Statewide, California uses about 200 million pounds of active pesticides.
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Location : California
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 25 2014 9:42AM
Memphis Zoo officials have banned a woman after saying she climbed over a barrier to the enclosure where lions are kept and tried to feed them cookies.
The unidentified woman's actions were reported by other zoo patrons, who saw her jump the barrier and heard her singing to the animals. After the barrier, only wire separates guests from the lions inside the enclosure. Zoo spokeswoman Abbey Dane told Memphis station WMC-TV the woman's behavior was dangerous for her and the lions. She said the woman won't be allowed back into the facility.
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People : Abbey Dane
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 25 2014 9:12AM
You may have heard of playing classical or soft music for your baby while Mom's still pregnant. Now researchers say you should read out loud to them starting when they're infants.
A doctor with Mary Washington Healthcare tells us that doing it could enhance their  development and better prepare them for the early ability to talk or read. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 23 2014 9:21AM

A mutt named Pig has the kind of face that only a devoted human Mom could love. He was born in Atlanta with severe deformities and adopted by an Alabama woman.
The 8 month old dog has gangly legs, a body that appears to have been chopped in half and no neck. He looks a little like one of the fake animals created with Photoshop. Pig became a star after her owner took her to a community event last month. She's now got her own Facebook page with thousands of followers. 
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : AlabamaAtlanta
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 20 2014 11:47AM

Call it a ride on the mild side. Harley will be debuting prototype electric motorcycles next week.
The handmade demonstration models are to be unveiled Monday in New York. The so-called LiveWire won't have the in-your-face roar of a gas powered Harley. It's more like the whine of jet turbine. While the electric motor is silent, the hum comes from the gears. Harley promises the electric bike won't compromise on performance. 
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Location : New York
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 19 2014 9:50AM
Marine Corps veteran Joe Morris has a message for the V-A -- he's not dead.
The Houston-area vet served two tours in Iraq, but had to convince the Department of Veterans Affairs he's still with us after he was apparently killed off by a computer glitch in April. He found out when he was trying to handle his disability payments at his bank. Morris has gotten it fixed, but doesn't want the problem to happen to anyone else.
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Location : Houston
People : Joe Morris
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 19 2014 9:43AM

A team at the Smithsonian Institution has scanned President Barack Obama's head to create the first 3D portrait of a sitting president.
Digital imaging specialists have created a 3D printed bust and life mask of Obama, which will be his first presidential depictions in the National Portrait Gallery collection. Three other life masks of presidents - one of George Washington and two of Abraham Lincoln were created through plaster casting.
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Topics : Politics
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 19 2014 9:42AM
Do you think of yourself as a cynic? If you do, you might want to work on being more trusting or it could affect how you think later in life.
A new survey by Finnish researchers shows that distrustful people may be more prone to dementia. It'sone of the first studies to track how our personality may have an impact on our brain health. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 17 2014 9:59AM

A caffeine kick is coming for your phone, while you enjoy your morning coffee, latte or machiato at Starbucks.
You'll still be able to surf the web wirelessly in its' stores and have the option of charging your phone that way. The magneticchargers will be embedded in tables, and you'll have to set your phone on top of them. The technology comes to San Francisco, this year, other big cities, next year and places like Fredericksburg after that.  
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Location : San Francisco
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 17 2014 9:52AM

 If you love a guy that's into sci-fi and want to get them more involved in DIY home projects, you'll probably like something coming to Lowes stores.
It will start deploying "holorooms" based on Star Trek's fictional "holodecks" this year. It's a "home improvement simulator" that uses outfitted iPads and backgrounds to employ 3-D and augmented reality tech. A take-home printout will let them show the room models to family and friends, by downloading a free App for iOS and Android devices.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 17 2014 9:50AM

 Are you going nuts with all of the dandelions that seem to keep popping up in your yard after every mow. A little bad news, the time to treat them isn't until late summer, but there is an answer.
In mid-August, use and aerator to make the soil less compacted. Feeding it with corn gluten meal can also help seeds keep from sprouting. Of course, you could also make use of the pest in salads, or making dandelion iced tea or wine.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 16 2014 11:21AM
There's no word that your next cash windfall might soon be under a rock at Fredericksburg's Hurkamp Park, but Hidden Cash is getting closer to Virginia. Guided by a few clues from Twitter, one new York woman found 50 bucks and a silver dollar, she gave to her Dad for Father's Day. The California Real Estate investor who started it says people say they've spent the found money on coffee, groceries or gas for others or by helping the homeless and charitable causes.
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Location : CaliforniaNew YorkVirginia
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 16 2014 11:18AM
Have you tried to quit smoking without success, but you're ready to try again?
Boston-based Quitbit has launched its smartphone-connected lighter for cigarette tracking and smoking cessation. It's got a display of how many you've smoked in a day and the App's got calculators on how much quitting will save you a year. Supporters can pre-order one for $69 to $89 and get it this December. If the Kickstarter fundraising campaign goes well, then next year it would sell for $149.
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Boston
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 16 2014 11:10AM
Expectant Dads may be disappointed by the Apps out there for them, but then enters Who's Your Daddy.
It's dubbed as an App by guys for guys. Instead of being technical, the new baby's 16.4 centimeter size is compared to a beer bottle. There's also stuff on mood swings and using ginger ale for morning sickness. There's even a place to jot names and a list of key dates. There are also some reminders to buy your partner flowers and sleep now, before your sleep is scarce.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 13 2014 8:58AM
 Are you worried about black cats crossing your path or some other danger today on the roads or if you have to fly today? You're not alone.
Experts say lots of people have the irrational fear of Friday the 13th and it's a real condition called triskaidekaphobia. Calm down though, some research suggests we might actually be a little safer on this ill-omened day. And superstitions, when they're not extreme, can even give some believers a psychological boost.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 13 2014 8:56AM
 Even though they look a little crazy, did you hear the ads that those Vibrams five finger shoes were good for you and then buy them?
Maybe they helped your back and balance or your muscles or maybe they didn't. Either way, you could be in for a refund. The company is denying that it lied, but is closer to settling a class action lawsuit over its' claims being phony. It could pay customers almost $4 million.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 13 2014 8:26AM
If you ever get tired of being bored while you wait for your plane at a Virginia airport, there is a service to help you meet new friends or even find romance. lets your connect with people that might fly out of the same airport you do or even meet someone new in another state or country. Vino Volo at Dulles International airport is rated in the top five "best date restaurants" by nearly five thousand of the sites over 90,000 members.
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Location : Virginia
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 12 2014 9:44AM
Here's a bittersweet story, but hopefully she's eating KFC in the big litter box in the sky. Just a few weeks before she celebrated her title as the world's oldest cat, Poppy has died, at the tender age of 24. "We knew she was old but it's still very upsetting," says Poppy's owner, Jacqui West. The oldest cat on record, Creme Puff passed away in Texas at the age of 38.
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Location : Texas
People : Creme PuffJacqui West
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 12 2014 9:32AM
It's rush hour in Philadelphia for thousands of baby toads as they hop across a busy residential street on a rainy summer night.
It's their annual migration through dense vegetation from an abandoned reservoir where they were born. To helpthe tiny amphibians survive the trip, volunteers each year set up the Toad Detour. The roadblock reroutes cars so the animals - each about the size of a raisin - can cross the two-lane street safely. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 10 2014 8:51AM
Droopy drawers are costing a Pennsylvania man 50 bucks.
Eighteen year old Adam Dennis was fined for contempt of court because of his sagging pants. Judge Wayne Maura has a sign on his office door telling people to "pull your pants up." An attorney says she may file an appeal for him, since he was just watching cases in the courtroom and wasn't a defendant or witness.
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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : Pennsylvania
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 10 2014 8:45AM
 If you live in northern Virginia, DC or Maryland and see a six foot tall gray and white bunny, with pink ears and a pink nose running around, call Prince George's County police. It's a stolen bunny costume from a storage shed in College Park, near the University of Maryland campus. The only thing stolen was the furry mascot costume. 
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Topics : Human Interest
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 6 2014 8:41AM
Some of us donate clothes directly to a person at Goodwill, but for others it's easier to just drop them at one of the big bins across the region.
That's caused a problem for one manager at a clothing recycling company in Georgia. After someone kept stealing from them, he decided to set a bear trap. Not the kind you think's a GPS device planting in a suffed teddy bear. It was smart, he called police to say it was on the move and a 55 year old man was arrested for the thefts this week. 
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Georgia
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 5 2014 8:53AM
Don't try to say you're hurt, get money from the state and then go on national tv doing anything risky.
The man who played a dancing hamster in Kia car commercials learned the hard way. The California Department of Insurance says Leroy Barnes got $51,000 in disability, but was spotted as the hamster and as a backup dancer for Madonna and Chris Brown. He's been charged with disability fraud.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 4 2014 10:45AM
Three guys in Amsterdam say they were just clowing around, but a judge thinks it was a whole lot more dangerous.
One man dressed up like a clown and hid in the bushes and the other two filmed the prank. When a girl on a bicycle came up, the clown jumped out and chased her and then some unsuspecting cyclists, with an axe. It was posted on YouTube, but was taken down. They thought it was funny, but the judge gave them all 40 hours of community service.  
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Location : Amsterdam
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 2 2014 10:53AM
Women, trivia buffs and nerds alike have something to celebrate today. It's Jeopardy champ Julia Collins who landed her 20th straight win on Friday. That day, she was already the most winning woman in the show's history, that might she became the person with the second most consecuqutive wins, after legend Ken Jennings' 74. The 31 year old from Illinois has amassed $428,000 and shoots for win 21, tonight at 7:30. 
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Location : Illinois
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 2 2014 10:51AM
How's your breath today? Sometimes even if we brush, allergies or even what happens in our mouth overnight can make halitosis worse.
You might be surprised to hear that 30 percent of the population suffers from it. Brush and floss twice a day and don't miss your tongue and always stay hydrated with lots of water. And chew on this...lemon or orange rind, cloves, and even fennel seeds to stay fresh. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 2 2014 10:49AM
You've probably heard of face lifts for the sake of vanity, but a new procedure takes it a step further.
Some surgeons are getting cash from women, especially the newly engaged, who want a hand lift to make the pic of with their ring on socialmedia look more youthful. It involves a needle full of collagen being injected and supposedly lasts about 9 months. Of course, you could also just use one of the filter features on Instagram or other sites. 

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