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by Frank Hammon posted Aug 27 2014 12:08PM
And are you tired of the selfie? Get ready for the "thermie."
New technology will let you take a picture of the heat emanating from your body, using an infrared camera that attaches to the back of your iPhone 5 or 5s. Apple stores already started selling the $349 FLIR One.  
Warm things show up bright on the iPhone screen, and cold things are dark. There's a direct upload to Facebook for our fun, but it could also help with the job of electricians, plumbers and some other contractors. 
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by Frank Hammon posted Aug 18 2014 10:51AM
As far as corny Derek Jeter tributes go, this one will be tough to beat. A farm in central New Jersey carved an image of the retiring New York Yankees captain and a thank you message to him into its five-acre corn maze.
The VonThun Farm near Yankee Stadium display says "Thanks Captain Clutch" and has a baseball with Jeter's No. 2 on it. The farm's owner says the maze will be open from Sept. 20 through Halloween.
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by Frank Hammon posted Aug 14 2014 10:18AM
Are you a Fantasy football fan, but you're worried about the impact on your job? Some financial experts say go ahead and start making those picks.
Team management done at the office will cost a loss of about 13.4 billion dollars in worker productivity. But, the CEO of Challenger, Gray and Christmas says that's still less than one percent of the nations 1.5 trillion dollars in wages paid out during that same 15-week period. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Aug 13 2014 10:36AM

The topic of depression is back at the top of our minds after speculation that the late Robin Williams was affected by the disease. Now Johns Hopkins researchers say they have discovered a chemical alteration in a single human gene linked to stress that could lead to a simple blood test to see who it affects and person's risk of attempting suicide.
by Deirdre Blake posted Aug 8 2014 11:09AM

Sherrie Dolezal now knows CPR works -- on a lizard. She found her beloved pet bearded dragon Del Sol floating motionless.
So, she started chest compressions and forcing air into its mouth. The Oregon great-grandmother kept at it until Del started moving again. Veterinarian Mark Burgess tells the Statesman Journal Dolezal probably saved the lizard's life.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Aug 8 2014 11:08AM

A series of "selfies" taken by Indonesian monkeys has sparked a copyright argument between a British photographer and Wikipedia.
Photographer David Slater had asked for the portraits of crested black macaque monkeys taken in 2011 to be removed from the website, arguing that he owns the copyright to the images. Slater told the BBC that though the monkeys pressed the button, he had set the self-portraits up by framing them and setting the camera on a tripod. The Wikimedia Foundation is rejecting the request saying that monkeys can't have a copyright.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Aug 8 2014 11:07AM

It's usually someone jumping over the White House fence that causes Secret Service agents patrolling the grounds to scramble. Last night it was a toddler passing through slats in the gate that caught the eyes of the gun-toting officers though. A Secret Service spokesman joked that agents were going to wait until the toddler learned to talk to question him about the incident, but says he instead was given a "timeout" and was returned to his parents.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Aug 6 2014 9:20AM
Pittsburgh police say a drunken woman tried to drive away in an unmarked police car -- with two officers still inside.
According to a criminal complaint, 32-year-old Ria Buford got into the car at about 2:15 a.m. Saturday outside a nightclub that was hosting a party after a concert. Police say she sat in the driver's seat and told the two plainclothes officers in the back that she intended to drive the vehicle to where her own was parked. Police say Buford was arrested before she could drive anywhere. A man who intervened in her arrest was also charged.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Aug 6 2014 9:18AM
- Forget Fido -- here comes Fenway. Fenway is the top pet name in Boston. Other Red Sox-themed names making the list include: Teddy, for Hall of Famer Ted Williams and Wally, for the Red Sox mascot. The Patriots also make the list, Brady, which needs no explanation. The list from Wellness Natural Pet Foods in conjunction with "Rescue the Runway," a benefit for pet rescue charities endorsed by a Red Sox first baseman.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Aug 4 2014 1:53PM

There was a sweet surprise for some lucky folks on New York City beaches yesterday. Pez dispensers stuffed with $100 bills were in Brooklyn's Coney Island and Brighton Beach. The backers of the Hidden Cash movement filled three-dozen Pez dispensers with C-notes. One boy even found a Superman-shaped dispenser good for two roundtrip airline tickets to anywhere in the U.S. Clues for scavenger hunts were posted on Twitter. The Hidden Cash craze started in California. Backers Jason Buzzi and Yan Budman say it's a way to give back to the community.
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