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by AP posted Mar 29 2013 10:28AM

<VIDEO> Police say a pair of eyeballs found in a medical box in a Kansas City gas station's trash bin aren't human. 
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Location : Missouri
by AP posted Mar 28 2013 10:57AM

Police in Redding, Calif. are trying to identify a suspect in the attempted robbery of a market. Surveillance video shows a disoriented man, dressed in printed lounge pants and stockings covering his face, throwing a rock at the store's door.
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Location : California
by AP posted Mar 28 2013 9:55AM

<VIDEO> An underwater camera lost by a Georgia woman during a diving trip in Hawaii, five years ago, has been found washed ashore in Taiwan. 
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Location : GeorgiaHawaii
by AP posted Mar 28 2013 9:48AM

<VIDEO> An Ohio fire captain is recovering at a hospital after he was hit and thrown 20 to 30 feet by a vehicle that lost control on a slick roadway. 
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Location : Ohio
by AP posted Mar 28 2013 9:44AM

<VIDEO> At the New York Auto Show, Honda unveils a built-in vacuum cleaner in its updated Odyssey minivan. The vacuum cleaner does not need an outlet for recharging and can work for up to eight minutes when the motor's not running.
by Buzz60 posted Mar 28 2013 9:32AM

<VIDEO> The Lehigh Valley IronPigs are installing urinal video game systems in the men's rooms at their stadium, Coca-Cola Park. The systems were designed by Captive Media and feature a skiing game where the player controls turns by moving their stream. Patrick Jones thinks it will fit in with a trend of Minor League Baseball teams creating a carnival-like atmosphere, drawing fans for reasons beyond the game itself.
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People : Patrick Jones
by WPIX- New York posted Mar 28 2013 9:28AM

<VIDEO> Take a look at this incredible video coming out of China -- where a massive sinkhole swallows a 25-year-old man in seconds.
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by KDAF-Dallas posted Mar 28 2013 9:25AM

<VIDEO> Guys, this is the Sheepshead fish and yes they have human teeth! Like us humans, they have a unique combination of teeth so that they can enjoy a wide-ranging, omnivorous diet. But unlike us, they have three rows of molars in the upper jaw and two rows of teeth on the bottom. Kinda creepy!
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by AP posted Mar 27 2013 9:59AM

<VIDEO> A hiker who was trapped on Mount Rubidoux in Southern California was rescued Tuesday after an alert dog led his owner to the severely dehydrated man.
by WPTV- West Palm, FL posted Mar 27 2013 9:35AM

<VIDEO> The shark is not conjoined twins but a single shark with two heads.
by WPTV- West Palm, FL posted Mar 27 2013 9:33AM

<VIDEO> A Florida woman accused of trying to kill her husband got hysterical in court Monday.
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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : Florida
by Forbes posted Mar 26 2013 10:18AM

<VIDEO> The meme of the moment is not impressed with the capitalist tools at Forbes.
by KDAF-Dallas posted Mar 26 2013 9:58AM

<VIDEO> A photographer trying to snap the "money shot" gets way too close to a group of crocodiles in Rio Tarcoles, Costa Rica. It doesn't make it any better that his friends are throwing meat at the crocodiles. When the friends realize that the crocodiles are inching closer and eyeing the photographer, they scream at him to leave. But the photographer doesn't budge... and he gets the biggest scare of his life! Nearly inches away, a crocodile lunges at him with his gaping mouth!
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Location : Rio Tarcoles
by WXMI-Grand Rapids, MI posted Mar 25 2013 10:01AM

<VIDEO> This car is obviously not where it is supposed to be
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by WXMI-Grand Rapids, MI posted Mar 25 2013 9:59AM

<VIDEO> We are watching a cat take a dog on a leash into a building and up the stairs to their home. Can a dog do that?
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Topics : Human Interest
by AP posted Mar 22 2013 11:06AM

<VIDEO> A New York City family is selling their house and leaving the city because they refuse to part with their pet pig. Danielle Forgione has started a petition to make pig ownership legal in New York City.
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Location : New York City
by One Minute News posted Mar 21 2013 11:22AM

<VIDEO> At last, joining the goat meme is the animal at the top of the Internet Animal Kingdom: the cat. Without further ado, here's a video of a cat making goat sounds. 
by AP posted Mar 21 2013 11:03AM

<VIDEO> A public safety officer checking a suspicious car parked behind a southwestern Michigan motel early Tuesday was more than a little surprised when a deer climbed out of the trunk, stumbled onto the road and bolted into nearby woods.
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by KDAF-Dallas posted Mar 21 2013 10:01AM

<VIDEO> Pacino the puppy is learning how to play catch, but obviously needs some more practice!
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Topics : Sports
by NewsFix posted Mar 21 2013 9:56AM

<VIDEO> This is a video that's worth the watch, seriously. A statue street performer, in Australia, encounters a heckler. He keeps his cool for a minute, but when the heckler gives the Human Statue a wet-willy, he got a stone-cold fist to the face! 
by AP posted Mar 21 2013 8:24AM

<VIDEO> In Tampa, the State Attorney's Office released video Wednesday that shows 41-year-old Stephanie Wilkerson using her foot to push an 8-year-old girl off the bus last September. Wilkerson was charged with aggravated child abuse.
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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : Tampa
by Associated Press posted Mar 20 2013 5:26PM
 CHANTILLY, Va. (AP) - Hiding a weapon inside a walking cane - it's one of the oldest tricks in the James Bond playbook, and it's apparently more common than you think.
     Screeners at Dulles International Airport stopped a woman Monday after an X-ray of a cane she was carrying revealed a concealed sword.
     The Transportation Security Administration said the woman had no idea that her walking stick was also a weapon.
     TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein says it's not uncommon for people to unwittingly carry canes that conceal weapons. The agency sent out an advisory Wednesday suggesting passengers with canes try to unscrew the top before heading out to the airport, just in case.
     In Monday's incident, the woman was allowed to board her flight - without the cane - and did not face charges.
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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : Virginia
People : Lisa Farbstein
by KTLA Los Angeles posted Mar 20 2013 10:30AM

<VIDEO> iPad-Playing Penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific
by WPIX- New York posted Mar 20 2013 10:28AM

<VIDEO> Hawks cheerleader has to be carted off after scary fall.
by AP posted Mar 20 2013 10:13AM

<VIDEO> Some barbers are now handy with clippers and a blood pressure cuff. Hypertension runs high among African-Americans, and barbers and beauticians in black communities can now help treat their clients' hair and health.
by AP posted Mar 20 2013 4:45AM

<VIDEO> Ukrainian parliament was briefly suspended after a brawl erupted between lawmakers. It happened after a politician delivered a speech in Russian which angered members of the nationalist Svoboda party. 
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by AP posted Mar 19 2013 10:39AM

Tacoma the Siberian tiger is the ripe old age of 13 and his golden years have been painful. The big cat has debilitating arthritis and walks with a bad limp. But, his caretakers gave the cat a groundbreaking surgery to relieve the aches.
by AP posted Mar 19 2013 9:36AM

<VIDEO> An Iowa man who was pulled over for speeding as he rushed his pregnant wife to the hospital said he was determined to keep going despite the traffic stop. The police officer helped deliver the baby, then escorted the family to the hospital.
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Location : Iowa
by KDAF-Dallas posted Mar 18 2013 10:28AM

<VIDEO> A video of one Kilgore cop's embarrassing moment has blown up on the internet - and you'll never guess where the video came from.
by KSWB-San Diego posted Mar 18 2013 10:26AM

<VIDEO> A man who lost his iPad on a plane still gets funny pictures sent to him from the person who now has it.
by Associated Press posted Mar 15 2013 7:23AM
 NORFOLK, Va. (AP) - Tidewater Community College has announced a pilot program that will allow some students to earn an associate degree in business administration without buying any textbooks.
     College officials and industry leaders said Thursday that the initiative is the first of its kind for an accredited institution in this country. Colleges are increasingly using free materials online, but this will be the first degree program that will allow students to rely on them completely.
     Tidewater Vice President Daniel DeMarte says the goal is to save students money. He says if the pilot program goes well, more courses may be offered without textbooks.
     The Virginian-Pilot reports ( that business administration students will be given the choice of using textbooks or the online materials. The latter could cut their education expenses by a third.
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Topics : Education
Location : Virginia
People : Daniel DeMarte
by AP posted Mar 13 2013 11:06AM
     ROME (AP) - After raising eyebrows by going to North Korea, former U.S. basketball star Dennis Rodman is continuing his bizarre global tour by visiting Rome - purportedly to help Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson become the first black pope.
     But Rodman didn't seem too sure who he was supposed to be promoting when asked about it Wednesday. "From Africa right?" Rodman asked, wearing a hat and T-shirt promoting the Irish betting firm that organized his trip.
     Rodman said he was sure the next pope would be black and that he would like to meet him in Africa on his self-styled mission to promote world peace.
     Even Rodman's plans to enter St. Peter's Square in a custom-built "pope-mobile" were uncertain Wednesday: The vehicle had been delayed by snow in northern Italy.
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Location : Northern ItalyRome
by KCPQ-Seattle posted Mar 13 2013 9:21AM

<VIDEO> Seal Pup Slip n' Slide (surfboard remote camera) 
by WPIX- New York posted Mar 13 2013 8:15AM

<VIDEO> It can only be described as a cruel joke, a few guys challenge their friend to jump in what they all thought was a puddle in a "Family Dollar" parking lot. But the teen should've done some preliminary research. Watch the video to find out what happens... 
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by Eye Opener posted Mar 12 2013 10:51AM

Remember the guy who fooled workers as fast food drive thrus by pretending a ghost was driving his car? He's back! And this time he's scaring people again by having a really creepy Chucky doll driving the car! Eek! 
by KIRO-Seattle posted Mar 12 2013 8:24AM

<VIDEO> A mother in Centralia is accused of letting her 22-month-old son inhale marijuana from a bong.
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by AP posted Mar 12 2013 8:20AM

<VIDEO> An alligator in Phoenix is learning to walk and swim with its new prosthetic tail. The Phoenix Herpetological Society says the CORE institute and researchers at Midwestern University worked together to develop the fake tail.
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Topics : Education
Location : Phoenix
by WPEC-West Palm, FL posted Mar 12 2013 8:12AM

<VIDEO> Mayor arrested for DUI wishes 'hot cop' had arrested him.
by WPIX- New York posted Mar 11 2013 7:23AM

<VIDEO> New Jersey building explosion

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Location : New Jersey
by Eye Opener posted Mar 8 2013 8:15AM

<VIDEO> Dyson vacuums claim to do a lot of things, but we're pretty sure this wasn't what they had in mind. First this guy sets his patio on fire, then he uses a Dyson to try and put it out. Does it work? Watch and see! Oh, and don't try this at home! 
by AP posted Mar 8 2013 8:09AM

<VIDEO> Organizers of a Grand Rapids laughter festival say they've set a new Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people wearing false mustaches and say 1,544 people did so Thursday evening.
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Grand Rapids
by AP posted Mar 8 2013 8:07AM

<VIDEO> As Peeps celebrate their 60th anniversary, Pennsylvania-based Just Born Inc. expects to churn out more than 1 billion marshmallow chicks and bunnies this Easter season, a record. 
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Pennsylvania
by AP posted Mar 8 2013 7:50AM

<VIDEO> Several South Florida beaches have reopened after the migration of thousands of sharks led to precautionary When sharks are spotted near shore, lifeguards close beaches for at least a half-hour.
by WPIX- New York posted Mar 8 2013 7:45AM

Idiot on a roof lucky to be alive.

by WGN - Chicago posted Mar 7 2013 11:22AM

<VIDEO> WGN anchor loses it while reading a voice over related to a "caboose pistol."
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by WGNO-New Orleans posted Mar 7 2013 11:15AM

<VIDEO> Check out this little three year old rocking out to Korn's "Falling Away From Me." This viral video has had almost 800-thousand hits on YouTube.
by AP posted Mar 7 2013 11:09AM
<VIDEO> Some students as a high school in Novinger, Missouri participated in a fundraiser that required them to play basketball while riding donkeys. Event officials say the Tuesday night fundraiser was a success.
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Topics : Education
Location : MissouriNovinger
by WPIX- New York posted Mar 6 2013 10:18AM

<VIDEO> A crook tried to rob a Dunkin Donuts by climbing through the drivethrue window, but the employee stopped him using the only weapon at his disposal: hot coffee.
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Topics : Labor
by AP posted Mar 6 2013 10:10AM

<VIDEO> Many dogs and humans share the same problem: They're overweight. So why not work out together? That's the strategy at the K9 Fit Club, a new business in Illinois that promises healthy rewards for dogs and their owners.
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Location : Illinois
by WPIX- New York posted Mar 5 2013 10:47AM

<VIDEO> Man professes love to 'drunk tank' toilet
by AP posted Mar 5 2013 10:23AM

<VIDEO> A man dressed as the comic book superhero Batman was filmed handing over a wanted man at a British police station. The suspect is now in custody, and the identity of the caped crusader remains a mystery, of course. 

by NewsFix posted Mar 5 2013 9:27AM

<VIDEO> A cyclist in a race in Virginia got a little closer to nature than he probably wanted.
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Location : Virginia
by AP posted Mar 4 2013 7:41AM

<VIDEO> Hundreds of high schoolers in New York State danced for more than 24 hours over the weekend. They raised money for a combination of people needing medical care, car accident survivors and others who need a helping hand.
by Associated Press posted Mar 1 2013 4:20PM
  HAVANA (AP) - Tobacco: It's what's for dinner.
     A team of Croatian chefs whipped up a pungent meal Thursday, infusing the flavor of the tobacco leaf synonymous with Cuba into baked stone bass filets, bread and butter, a rich demi-glace sauce, even ice cream.
     The result was a tangy heat that one taster likened to ancho chili powder, and a powerful finish with all the nicotine kick of a chubby Montecristo cigar.
     "Wow, buzz city!" said Gary Heathcott, a public relations worker from Little Rock, Arkansas, who also writes for Smoke magazine. "The first buzz I ever received from biting into fish."
     Grgur Baksic, owner and executive chef of the Gastronomadi dinner club in Zagreb, led the demonstration before a standing-room-only crowd of aficionados at a Havana convention center as part of Cuba's 15th annual Cigar Festival.
     It's a six-day bash that brings together hundreds of cigar sophisticates from around the world, and culminates Saturday night with a gala and auction of humidors worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
     A dozen cameras following their every move, Baksic and two other chefs carefully wrapped the bass filets in tobacco and banana leaves, with a sprinkling of garlic and honey to draw out the smoky flavor.
     As the mild white fish baked for about a half hour, they demonstrated how stirring tobacco sauces into butter can create a sharp spread for bread and crackers, and used a torch to dry out liquid-infused tobacco salt that can be employed in just about any dish.
     "It's like how you can put chili on a sweet or a sour, you can put honey on a fish and on a fruit and on a meat," Baksic said. "Something that is good is always good. You cannot make a mistake."
     Baksic said Thursday's demonstration was the result of two years of trial and error. He said they unsuccessfully tried American, European and African tobacco varieties before settling on Cuban tobacco, which he called the finest in the world. The chefs warned tasters not to eat the leaves themselves, which would be hard on the stomach.
     Why tobacco?
     "Why rosemary? Why chili? It's about variety," Baksic said. "We are a little bit crazy. Our company are gastro-explorers, so we are always looking for what ... is not normal for other people."
     Some at the demonstration found the ice cream overwhelming. What started out as a smooth, milky sweetness soon set throats on fire.
     "I think they (nonsmokers) might find it a bit strong, and also they might actually get high," said James Suckling, an American food, wine and cigar critic living in Hong Kong. "So probably in small doses they might find it amusing."
     Suckling, like other cigar aficionados sitting on a 16-member tasting panel, gave the meal good reviews, however.
     "At first I didn't really get much flavor and I thought it wasn't up to much," he said. "But then I started tasting the fish ... and it has a very spicy, almost intense black-pepper taste. And then you get the nicotine and it's like you've been chewing tobacco."
     Heathcott put it more succinctly: "It grabs you by the throat."
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Location : ArkansasHavanaLittle RockZagreb
by KTLA posted Mar 1 2013 8:16AM

FAA to probe 'Harlem Shake' on a plane.
by AP posted Mar 1 2013 8:14AM

<VIDEO> A group of Michigan are dining on Muskrat, which they consider a local delicacy. The Alogonquin Club of Detroit and Windsor holds a muskrat dinner once a year.
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Location : DetroitMichiganWindsor
by Associated Press posted Mar 1 2013 4:25AM
 COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) - The latest craze to sweep the Internet is bringing college students the wrong kind of attention - from the Federal Aviation Administration. 
     During a flight from Colorado Springs to San Diego, a group of students started the Harlem Shake, a dance to a song of the same name.
     In the suddenly popular YouTube videos, one person starts dancing, then the video cuts to a large group of people dancing, many in costume.
     Matt Zelin, a sophomore, told the Colorado College newspaper, The Catalyst ( ), he asked a flight attendant for permission beforehand.
     FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer said Thursday they're looking at what phase the flight was in during the dance in the aisles.
     Frontier Airlines says the seatbelt sign was off and safety measures were followed.
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