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by AP posted Apr 30 2013 8:16AM

<VIDEO> A group of 'rat hunters' hit the streets of Manhattan to help tackle the city's rodent problem with the help of their sharp-nosed dogs.
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Topics : Environment
by AP posted Apr 26 2013 9:54AM

<VIDEO> A college crew team found a giant floating head while rowing in the Hudson River. The big head's origins are a mystery.
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People : Found
by WXMI - Grand Rapids, MI posted Apr 26 2013 7:48AM

<VIDEO> : I have never tasted these. Are they that bad?
by AP posted Apr 24 2013 10:44AM

<VIDEO> You can learn a lot from a zombie. At least that's what a University of Michigan professor hopes her 31 graduate students took away from Tuesday's bizarre, albeit bloody, "zombie apocalypse."
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Location : Michigan
by Eye Opener posted Apr 24 2013 9:24AM

<VIDEO> This video of a cat, wearing a shark costume, riding a Roomba, chasing a duckling has gone viral. And we can understand why! Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of every girl's heart everywhere melting from cuteness.
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Topics : Human Interest
by CBS Chicago posted Apr 23 2013 8:21AM

<VIDEO> A Chicago area bus driver has been suspended after driving his vehicle through high flood waters. CBS 2's Mai Martinez reports.
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People : Mai Martinez
by AP posted Apr 23 2013 7:50AM

<VIDEO> If at first you don't succeed, wipe the slobber off and try again. Just ask 4-year-old pup Huckleberry, who was crowned Monday as this year's "Beautiful Bulldog." The contest is held ahead of the annual Drake Relays track and field meet
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People : Drake Relays
by Buzz 60 posted Apr 23 2013 7:48AM

A Vietnamese man was busted for allegedly having 53 illegal king cobras in his car. Police say he told them he was paid to move the snakes from one point to another. The snakes were treated and then released into a game preserve. Patrick Jones has more.
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People : Patrick Jones
by WPIX-New York City posted Apr 23 2013 7:45AM

TV anchor fired after dropping F-bomb on first day
by KTLA-Los Angeles posted Apr 22 2013 1:17PM

<VIDEO> One curious kitty seems to have found an unusual object of his affections. 
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Topics : Human Interest
by CBS posted Apr 17 2013 12:24PM

<VIDEO> Video from Canada shows 30 skiers joining hands to do a simultaneous backwards summersault in an attempt to set the world record. Gayle King reports.
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People : Gayle King
by WXMI-Grand Rapids, MI posted Apr 17 2013 10:07AM

<VIDEO> FOX 17 Morning News: Video from a TV station in Maine in 2010 shows how a washout happens.
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Location : Maine
by AP posted Apr 16 2013 10:45AM

<VIDEO> When the Reading Fightin Phils rebranded, they chose as their mascot the gangly, awkward ostrich. The AP's Lee Powell explains while trying to avoid the flightless bird's bite.
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People : Lee Powell
by AP posted Apr 15 2013 8:08AM
  DENVER (AP) - Thousands of people are expected to join an unofficial counterculture holiday celebrating marijuana in Colorado and Washington this coming weekend.
     And the events and crowds will likely test the limits of new laws permitting pot use by adults.
     More than 50,000 are expected to light up outdoors in Denver's Civic Center Park on April 20 to celebrate marijuana legalization. Thousands more are headed to Denver for the nation's first open-to-all Cannabis Cup, April 20-21.
     Marijuana activists consider April 20 a day to celebrate the drug and push for broader legalization.
     Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, and its sale without a doctor's recommendation isn't allowed yet in Colorado or Washington.
     Neither state allows open and public use of the drug. But authorities largely look the other way at public pot-smoking.
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Location : ColoradoDenverWashington
by AP posted Apr 15 2013 8:07AM
 IONIA, Mich. (AP) - A Michigan judge whose smartphone disrupted a hearing in his own courtroom has held himself in contempt and paid $25 for the infraction.
     The Sentinel-Standard of Ionia and report Judge Raymond Voet has a posted policy at Ionia County 64A District Court. It states that electronic devices causing a disturbance during court sessions will result in the owner being cited with contempt.
     On Friday afternoon, during a prosecutor's closing argument during a jury trial, Voet's new smartphone began to emit sounds requesting phone voice commands. Voet says he thinks he bumped the phone, and the embarrassment likely left his face red.
     During a break in the trial, Voet fined himself. He says if he can't live by the rules he enforces he has no business enforcing the rules.
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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : Ionia CountyMichigan
by Associated Press posted Apr 12 2013 7:47AM
 PUYALLUP, Wash. (AP) - Call it the case of the chain saw pot rip-off. Prosecutors charge a man in Washington state used a chain saw to cut his way into a medical marijuana dispensary. The News Tribune reports an employee at Power Plant Health ran out the back when he saw the chain saw blade coming through the door. The dispensary owner told police he recognized the thief on security video has a former client. Police say the man took about $2,600 worth of pot in the March 23 theft. 
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Washington
by Associated Press posted Apr 12 2013 7:45AM
  LINDEN, N.J. (AP) - Where's the beef? That's what authorities in central New Jersey want to know. Burger bandits ripped off 100-grand worth of hamburger patties. Police tell The Star-Ledger of Newark the crooks stole a refrigerated, 40-foot shipping container from the yard of BMG Logistics. The container was en route to the Netherlands, where the burgers were to be sent to Hilton Hotels outside the U.S.
by Associated Press posted Apr 12 2013 7:40AM
   HONOLULU (AP) - Officials are reminding the public that animals aren't allowed into courthouses after Honolulu security screeners had to turn away a defendant's pet duck. 
     Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Toni Schwartz says Michael Hubbard reluctantly revealed to guards that his pet was inside his bag when X-ray screeners noticed something was moving inside. 
     Schwartz says there was also another contraband item inside the bag: a bottle of beer. 
     Screeners told Hubbard that the duck and beer wouldn't be able to go with him into Circuit Court for his appointment Monday.  Hubbard left and then returned to ask the screeners to look after his belongings. He went inside, while his pet waited outside. 
     Hawaii News Now reports Hubbard has two felony assault cases pending. He couldn't be reached for comment Thursday. 
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Honolulu
by AP posted Apr 10 2013 7:38AM

<VIDEO> With a growing number of high profile arrests, including a man in a Cookie Monster costume who allegedly shoved a 2-year-old child, the Associated Press takes a look at the life of New York's famous street characters.
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : New York
People : Elmo Get
by WXMI - Grand Rapids, MI posted Apr 10 2013 7:34AM

<VIDEO> Not the place to fall asleep.
by Associated Press posted Apr 9 2013 7:03PM
 TUPELO, Miss. (AP) - Authorities say a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus elephant was hit by a bullet in a drive-by shooting in Tupelo, Miss.
     Circus spokeswoman Melinda Hartline says the elephant was not seriously hurt Tuesday. She says no other animals were harmed.
     The elephant, Carol, is part of a circus in town for a series of performances. The Asian elephant was in an outside area of the Tupelo BancorpSouth Arena. 
     Police Chief Tony Carleton says a vehicle drove past the arena about 2 a.m. and fired into the area. Police are investigating.
     People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says in a news release that it is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of those responsible. A $250 reward had already been offered.
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Location : MississippiTupelo
by KDAF- Dallas posted Apr 9 2013 10:27AM

<VIDEO> Here's a bizarre story A guy goes out and buys toy poodles, only to find out they're actually giant ferrets on steroids!
by AP posted Apr 9 2013 10:13AM

<VIDEO> Engineers in Washington State had to cut through a smokestack to bring it down on Monday. Metal rods inside the smokestack helped it survive a planned implosion.
by AP posted Apr 9 2013 9:07AM

<VIDEO> Tourists flock to the jagged coastline in La Jolla, California. So do lots of birds and with those birds comes lots of poop. Rather than gasping in amazement at the beautiful views, people are holding their noses from the stench.
by WPIX-New York City posted Apr 9 2013 8:53AM

<VIDEO> Thieves steal 5.5 tons of Nutella chocolate spread.
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by KDAF- Dallas posted Apr 9 2013 8:50AM

<VIDEO> Check this video out. It's a chubby wombat who's trying to kill his handler, but no one's taking it seriously 
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by WPIX-New York City posted Apr 9 2013 8:48AM

<VIDEO> Drunk driver arrested after calling police on himself
by Associated Press posted Apr 8 2013 4:46PM
 CLARENCE, N.Y. (AP) - A western New York man will get $1.6 million to settle a dispute stemming from flooding from a nearby development that left him inundated with frogs.
     The award settles a seven-year legal fight involving Paul Marinaccio, the town of Clarence and a developer.
     Marinaccio says runoff diverted onto his 40-acre property turned it into wetlands filled with frogs. He says the abundant amphibians forced him inside because a childhood incident left him with a crippling frog phobia.
     The Buffalo News ( reports that the dispute was resolved last month when the State Court of Appeals decided Marinaccio wasn't entitled to punitive damages.
     The developer's attorney says his client did only what the town told him to do.
     A drainage channel will be dug under a post-verdict agreement.
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by Associated Press posted Apr 5 2013 5:29PM
 DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) - An Iowa museum says an employee hid a presumed stolen African leopard tortoise in an elevator after finding the 18-pound reptile trapped behind paneling in her enclosure.
     The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium in Dubuque says the employee's bizarre move was a misguided attempt to prevent further embarrassment after officials announced Tuesday that they believed Cashew had been taken as a prank.
     Cashew was discovered in the elevator on Thursday and officials said they supposed the regretful thief had smuggled her back inside.
     President and CEO Jerry Enzler says Friday that an employee actually found Cashew some time earlier, wedged behind a wall panel. The employee then put her in the elevator to keep up the impression she had been stolen.
     Enzler says the employee will be reprimanded.
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Location : Iowa
People : Jerry Enzler
by CBS Los Angeles posted Apr 5 2013 10:08AM

<VIDEO> A 35-year-old man plans to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a group of Orange County female bounty hunters he claims severely injured him during a confrontation last month. CBS2's Brittney Hopper reports.
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Location : Orange County
People : Brittney Hopper
by WPIX-New York City posted Apr 4 2013 11:15AM

<VIDEO> Beer me! Man gets KO'd in boozy boating accident.
by AP posted Apr 4 2013 9:35AM

<VIDEO> Video has emerged from a Federal court case showing inmates in a New Orleans city jail using drugs, drinking beer and brandishing a gun. Mayor Mitch Landrieu says Sheriff Marlin Gusman bears ultimate responsibility for the city jails.
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by KCPQ-Seattle posted Apr 3 2013 11:17AM

<VIDEO>  Man fights off police, Taser on interstate.
by WPEC - West Palm, FL posted Apr 3 2013 11:04AM

<VIDEO> Drunken wire walker terrifies crowd before falling.
by Associated Press posted Apr 2 2013 7:10PM
 HONOLULU (AP) - People in Hawaii are donning sweaters and long-sleeve shirts as winds from the north send temperatures to record lows. 
     The temperature at Honolulu International Airport dropped to 61 degrees Tuesday, below the date's previous record of 62 degrees set in 2002. 
     The lowest temperature ever recorded in Honolulu is 52 degrees, marked on Jan. 20, 1969. 
     It's also cold on the Big Island, where thousands are gathering this week for the annual Merrie Monarch Festival celebrating hula and Hawaiian culture.   
     Temperatures dipped to 58 degrees at Hilo Airport on Tuesday, lower than the previous record of 60 degrees set in 1953. 
     Hilo hit an all-time-low of 53 degrees on Feb. 21, 1962. 
     National Weather Service forecaster Ian Morrison says temperatures will warm slightly as the usual east-northeast trade winds return. 
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Topics : Weather
Location : HawaiiHonolulu
by Associated Press posted Apr 2 2013 7:08PM
  MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) - Odds are you won't get a cab in New Hampshire's largest city after police sidelined all 18 licensed taxis for inspection failures or failing to show up for inspection.
     Seventeen cabs in Manchester were cited for mechanical violations. The 18th was sidelined for failing to show up.
     Police Lt. Maureen Tessier said Tuesday six of the 18 cabs had such severe defects including conditions that could compromise their brakes inspectors pulled their registrations and they had to be towed.
     Queen City Taxi has surrendered its operating permits to the city clerk's office. The taxi that wasn't inspected belongs to Manchester Taxi Dispatch. The companies haven't commented.
     Tessier says officials appreciate the inconvenience to those among the city's 110,000 residents who rely on taxis and will work with the companies to get the taxis back on the road.
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Location : ManchesterNew Hampshire
People : Maureen Tessier
by WPIX- New York posted Apr 2 2013 10:18AM

<VIDEO> Woman barely escapes oncoming subway train.
by AP posted Apr 2 2013 10:15AM

<VIDEO> Dozens of people protesting a decades-old state tax on dance venues swayed, kicked and twirled to the rhythm of music Monday in support of a repeal being considered by lawmakers in Washington state. 
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Location : Washington
by AP posted Apr 2 2013 10:14AM

<VIDEO> Hundreds of starving sea lion pups are washing up on California beaches from San Diego to Santa Barbara. The problems is overwhelming rescue centers and leaving scientists scrambling for answers.
by KTLA Los Angeles posted Apr 2 2013 8:16AM

<VIDEO> This bulldog's name is Fred and he's singing along with the late, great operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti. 
by AP posted Apr 2 2013 8:14AM

<VIDEO> Danish golfer Andreas Harto removes shoes and pants to hit a ball from the waters edge at the Trophee Hassan II European Tour event in Morocco on Sunday.
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People : Andreas Harto

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