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by Associated Press posted May 31 2013 3:22PM
  VALLEJO, Calif. (AP) - A Northern California man is facing vandalism charges after authorities say he painted a crosswalk on a street, allegedly telling officials it was needed.
     Fifty-two-year-old Anthony Cardenas was arrested Thursday morning in Vallejo and booked into Solano County Jail on suspicion of felony vandalism. Solano County Sheriff's Lt. Brad DeWall says workers spotted Cardenas committing the vandalism at a city intersection.
     The intersection already has three crosswalks. 
     DeWall says Cardenas also painted lines through those.
     State transportation workers painted over Cardenas' alleged crosswalk later in the day. A police cadet had been posted at the intersection until then to keep pedestrians from using it.
     Cardenas remained behind bars Friday on $15,000 bail. Dewall says he did not have an attorney.
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by Associated Press posted May 31 2013 3:18PM
  SUMTERVILLE, Fla. (AP) - In many circumstances, a piglet without the use of its hind legs would be put down. But Chris P. Bacon's unusual condition has made him an international star and an inspiration to those with disabilities.
     When Chris was born in Florida, a woman brought him into Len Lucero's veterinary office, assuming the animal would be euthanized.
     But Lucero noticed how the little pig pulled himself along with his front legs. Lucero says he couldn't euthanize the pig and brought it home.
     Lucero built a wheelchair out of some of his son's toys so Chris could move around, then found a dog-sized harness and cart.
     Chris is now 22 pounds and inspires people around the world. His Facebook page and website recently helped him land a three-book publishing deal.
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Location : FloridaSumterville
People : Chris P. BaconLucero
by AP posted May 31 2013 10:48AM

     OCALA, Fla. (AP) - Two longtime friends ended up in jail in central Florida thanks to a "bucket list" that included stealing from a store.
     Police say 36-year-old Andrea Mobley and 38-year-old Jennifer Morrow face petty theft charges after stealing bathing suits and beef jerky during a trip to Wal-Mart on Wednesday.
     A loss prevention officer told police Mobley was eating beef jerky in the store and Morrow concealed items inside her purse. They were detained after taking the items from the store without paying.
     The Ocala Star-Banner reports the women told police they hadn't seen each other in years and stealing from a retail store was on the "bucket list."
     Mobley told the newspaper they were just "two stupid women" doing something they'd never done before. She added she's ashamed.

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Location : Central FloridaFlorida
by WPMT- Harrisburg posted May 31 2013 9:22AM

VIDEO - Prancercize - the hot new thing?

by AP posted May 31 2013 7:55AM

VIDEO - Penguins of African origin welcomed the arrival of around 50 African leaders to Japan with a costumed parade in Yokohama on Friday.

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Topics : Human Interest
by Buzz 60 posted May 31 2013 7:44AM

VIDEO  - The NCAA often makes news for weird or crazy violations of its rules and regulations, but this has to top the list as the most ridiculous. Recently an unnamed female golfer at a West Coast Conference school was fined $20 for washing her car with university water. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the details.

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Location : West Coast
People : Patrick Jones
by Associated Press posted May 30 2013 5:43PM
 ROANOKE, Va. (AP) - A Virginia family has its aliens back.
     Robert and Dian Bolling of Roanoke unveiled a new pair of plastic yard decorations on Wednesday. The bright green figurines replace ones that were abducted from the family's front yard in April. 
     The replacements were provided without charge by Norfolk manufacturer General Foam Plastics. 
     The Roanoke Times ( reports one of the newspaper's readers who had driven by the Bollings' home every day did an online search for possible replacements. She found a set that looked like the missing ones and contacted the company, which found a pair of green aliens tucked away in a warehouse.
     The reader obtained the Bollings' address from the newspaper and passed it along to the company, which shipped out the aliens to the surprise of the family.
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Location : Virginia
by KCPQ - Seattle posted May 30 2013 11:18AM

VIDEO- A reporter was about to go live on a story about a missing man, when the missing man walks out from the woods behind him.

by AP posted May 30 2013 7:44AM

VIDEO - First it was a bike, then a motorcycle. Now, a Hungarian man has created a car made almost entirely out of wood.

by CBS- New York posted May 29 2013 11:21AM

VIDEO - Officers arrest couple after driving with girl in cage on back of pick-up truck.

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by WTKR - Norfolk posted May 29 2013 10:56AM

VIDEO- Car crashes through yard, lands on narrow pier

by AP posted May 29 2013 10:49AM

VIDEO - A Russian extreme sports star has marked the 60th anniversary of the conquest of Mount Everest by performing a record-breaking BASE jump from the world's highest peak.

by AP posted May 27 2013 8:05AM

VIDEO - People who love music spent part of the Memorial Day weekend in Homstead National Monuent in Nebraska for America's Monumental Fiddling Championship. The contest had different categories based on experience, and a total of $1,300 in prize money was handed out.

by WPIX-New York City posted May 24 2013 8:14AM

VIDEO - One NJ restaurant used rubbing alcohol with caramel coloring in their cocktails, sparking a statewide investigation of restaurants' liquor quality.

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by Buzz 60 posted May 24 2013 8:11AM

VIDEO - A flyer was posted to Reddit by a user who claims his or her son came home from preschool with the notice that states 'Super Hero play' is no longer allowed, after kids' overactive imaginations caused injuries. The supposed flyer from an unnamed school also bans wrestling and monster games. Gillian Pensavalle has the rest.

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by AP posted May 23 2013 9:49AM

VIDEO - Dozens of students and three school bus drivers were injured on Wednesday, when four school buses had a chain-reaction collision. Most of the injuries were minor.

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by AP posted May 23 2013 9:45AM

VIDEO - A Philadelphia bike courier shows how he and his cat, MJ, see eye to eye when it comes to delivering packages in the city

by WGN - Chicago posted May 23 2013 9:19AM

VIDEO - Five accdients? No problem! Check out the is viral video

by WXMI - Grand Rapids, MI posted May 21 2013 9:33AM

VIDEO - FOX 17 Morning News Video Shot: Foxes are not unusual on some golf courses. But watch this one play.

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by AP posted May 21 2013 9:11AM

VIDEO - Two suspects arrested for breaking into a car in Central California accidentally called 911 on a cellphone. A dispatcher listening to the 35-minute conversation, directed police to their location.

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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : Central California
by AP posted May 21 2013 7:17AM

VIDEO - A weekend event in Wisconsin was all about pugs. Hundreds of pugs and their owners dressed in costumes, took part in competitions and just enjoyed the pug life.

by KCPQ - Seattle posted May 20 2013 12:23PM

 Russian dash cam catches car 20 feet in the air.

by Buzz 60 posted May 17 2013 10:16AM

VIDEO - Philadelphia Eagles' offensive lineman Evan Mathis posted a photo on Instagram of himself appearing to pee on an IRS building, then later tweeted something suggesting he's not going to apologize. Some are applauding the football player's joke in the wake of news there were political reasons behind some IRS audits. Patrick Jones has the rest.

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by Associated Press posted May 16 2013 6:43PM
 SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) - Prince George's County Police have arrested a man they say shot someone, took off his clothes and climbed into a fire truck. Officers say the man was high on PCP.
     Police received a report of a car accident about 6 p.m. Wednesday in Silver Spring. Upon arrival, officers found a man in the back seat of a car suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. He was taken to a hospital in critical condition.
     Police say a suspect ran to the Calverton Shopping Center. Officers say he took off his clothes and climbed onto a fire truck.
     Authorities say when the man came down, an officer shocked him a stun device and took him into custody.
     Twenty-four -year-old Mohamed Sulaiman Bah of Silver Spring has been charged with attempted murder. 
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Location : Maryland
by AP posted May 16 2013 10:35AM
     KENNEWICK, Wash. (AP) - A Washington woman whose car was stolen from her apartment complex saw the stolen SUV hours later - in the drive-thru of the McDonald's restaurant where she works.
     The Tri-City Herald reports Virginia Maiden called police Tuesday after seeing her SUV in the drive-thru.
     Officers arrested the driver, a 22-year-old Kennewick woman, at the restaurant.
     Police found clothes in the car that had been stolen from department stores.
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Location : Washington
People : Virginia Maiden
by AP posted May 16 2013 10:27AM

VIDEO - Officials say a 14-month-old girl was hospitalized after a stroller fell onto elevated train tracks in Philadelphia. Surveillance video shows a woman on the platform with the girl in a stroller, which slowly rolled toward the track and fell over.

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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia
by AP posted May 16 2013 10:13AM

VIDEO - A bus driver in western Pennsylvania had a surprise passenger. Video shows the deer crashing through the windshield of a public bus Tuesday evening. Authorities say the driver opened the door and the deer got off.

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by AP posted May 16 2013 10:08AM

VIDEO - Scientists at the University of Illinois developed a miniature lens that "sees" like a bee. The panoramic view mimics Mother Nature's optical system for some insects.

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Location : Illinois
by CBS - San Francisco posted May 15 2013 10:05AM

VIDEO - Boa constrictor ends up In Napa teen's bedroom.

by AP posted May 15 2013 9:39AM

VIDEO - Scott and Robin Spivey had a sinking feeling that something was wrong with their home when cracks began snaking across their walls in March. Within two weeks their property dropped 10 feet below the street.

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Location : California
by Buzz 60 posted May 15 2013 9:19AM

VIDEO - The New York Post reports some wealthy moms are allegedly paying handicapped tour guides to escort their children through Disney World to avoid the long lines. The Post cites one unnamed mom as saying she hired a guide from Dream Tours Florida to accompany her family through the park in a motorized scooter with a handicapped sign. Patrick Jones has more.

by AP posted May 15 2013 9:16AM

VIDEO - Workers are demolishing what's perhaps the best known symbol of Superstorm Sandy's devastation along the New Jersey shoreline

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Location : New Jersey
by AP posted May 14 2013 10:38AM

VIDEO - An orphaned polar bear cub that arrived at the Alaska Zoo two months ago will soon depart for a new adventure: meeting another young cub at the Buffalo Zoo.

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Location : Buffalo
by Eye Opener posted May 14 2013 10:31AM

VIDEO - In this next viral video, you'll see a curious little kitty who absolutely freaks out over a lizard.

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by AP posted May 13 2013 7:41AM

Amateur video captures a wave of ice blanketing backyards and threatening houses in the Mille Lacs Lake area of Minnesota.

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Location : Minnesota
by KCPQ - Seattle posted May 10 2013 7:51AM

Student goes on classroom rant admonishing teacher 

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by WPIX-New York City posted May 10 2013 7:48AM

<VIDEO> Girlfriend dumps drink on kiss cam-dissing boyfriend

by Associated Press posted May 9 2013 5:24PM
PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (AP) - Authorities say a Florida man ran from the law and into an alligator's jaws.
     The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office says 20-year-old Bryan Zuniga was pulled over for failing to maintain a single lane Thursday at about 2:50 a.m.
     Deputies say Zuniga stopped the vehicle and jumped out of the passenger door. He then broke through a vinyl fence and escaped.
     The Tampa Bay area man was found at a local hospital a few hours later. He told deputies he had been attacked by an alligator near a water treatment plant. He was being treated for multiple puncture wounds to the face, arm and armpit area.
     He has been charged with fleeing police, driving with a suspended or revoked license and resisting an officer without violence.
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Location : Florida
People : Bryan Zuniga
by AP posted May 9 2013 8:12AM

<VIDEO> A group of NY mothers has decided to toss the diapers and potty train their babies. 'Elimination communication' is gaining popularity, but pediatricians say not so fast.

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by WPIX-New York City posted May 9 2013 7:56AM

<VIDEO> Man clings on to speeding car after fender bender

by Associated Press posted May 7 2013 4:52PM
 POTOMAC, Md. (AP) - Police in Montgomery County are looking for three people who they say tried to remove an ATM machine from a Potomac bank using a backhoe.
     Police say the thieves tried to remove the machine from the Bank of America in the 10000 block of Falls Road around 2 a.m. Tuesday. They believe the thieves tried to wrap a steel chain around the ATM and remove it using a stolen backhoe. Surveillance camera video shows three suspects attempting to remove the machine from an outer wall and put it onto the bed of a pickup truck.
     The group fled before police arrived. No money was stolen, but the ATM was damaged. The suspects were wearing dark clothing, masks and white gloves.
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by KTLA-Los Angeles posted May 7 2013 10:44AM

<VIDEO> Water rained down on a Sunland neighborhood after a car crashed into a fire hydrant Monday. 

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by CBS New York posted May 7 2013 10:39AM

<VIDEO>Escaped prisoner leads cops on chase around Manhattan. 

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Topics : Law_Crime
by WPIX-New York City posted May 6 2013 10:39AM

<VIDEO> Florida teenager survives shark attack; calls the experience "pretty cool"

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Location : Florida
by NewsFix posted May 2 2013 7:46AM

<VIDEO> A trip through a drive-thru Branson, Missouri zoo turned into a wild ride after a camel tried to snack on a toddler's head. 
by KTLA-Los Angeles posted May 1 2013 11:05AM

<VIDEO> Wild High Speed Pursuit in South L.A. Puts Motorists in Danger 
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Location : L.a.

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