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by Associated Press posted Jun 28 2013 7:18AM
   HERNDON, Va. (AP) - These crooks are anything but coy. Authorities in a Washington suburb are investigating the rip-off of hundreds of koi fish from a business park pond. Fairfax County, Virginia, police say about 400 of the colorful fish were scooped out of the pond. Authorities say fish were stolen on at least four occasions this month. Witnesses tell police two men claimed to have been maintenance workers checking on the fish and removing the unhealthy ones. The fish were taken out of the pond with nets and put in coolers. The witnesses called the cops after realizing something was fishy.
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by Associated Press posted Jun 28 2013 7:16AM
 HAZEL PARK, Mich. (AP) - Sleeping on the job gets one guy in a lot trouble. Police in Hazel Park, Michigan, report finding a crook catching some "Z's" in an elderly woman's garage. Authorities charge William Goad was taking a snooze near a wheelbarrow full of stuff he was trying to swipe. A neighbor of the victim called police early the other morning, after noticing the garage door was open. Police say it looks like Goad had also tried to steal the woman's car, because there was damage to the steering column and ignition. Goad was found asleep inside the car. The Daily Tribune of Royal Oak reports he now faces charges that include breaking and entering.
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Location : Michigan
by Associated Press posted Jun 27 2013 7:15AM
  SAN ANTONIO (AP) - A two-headed turtle has hatched at the San Antonio Zoo and officials have named her Thelma and Louise.
     The female Texas cooter arrived June 18 and will go on display Thursday at the zoo's Friedrich Aquarium.
     Zoo spokeswoman Debbie Rios-Vanskike (van SKYKE') said Wednesday that the two-headed turtle appears healthy and is able to swim and walk. She says experts at the zoo don't foresee any health issues for Thelma and Louise, named for the female duo in the 1991 Oscar-winning road movie of the same name.
     The San Antonio Zoo is no stranger to two-headed reptiles. The facility was home to a two-headed Texas rat snake named Janus from 1978 until the creature's death to 1995.
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : San AntonioTexas
by Associated Press posted Jun 26 2013 8:45AM
WEST HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - A Connecticut couple are letting customers at a Starbucks coffee shop choose the name of their baby.
     Twenty-five-year-old Jennifer James and 24-year-old Mark Dixon of West Haven tell the New Haven Register ( ) they have been struggling between two names for the boy they are expecting in September.  
     So they decided to put it to a vote.
     They've placed signs at the Starbucks on the New Haven Green, where they are regulars, asking people to vote for either the name Jackson or Logan.
     So far, they have received about 1,800 votes in the coffee cup serving as a ballot box, and say "Logan" is leading. But there is still time.
     The baby poll closes on Tuesday. The couple says they will post the winning name in the store.
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Location : ConnecticutWest Haven
by Associated Press posted Jun 26 2013 5:49AM
  BOULDER, Colo. (AP) - A day before Colorado marks Bike to Work Day, some commuters in Boulder got their feet wet heading to work by inner tube.
     The Daily Camera reports ( 19 people went tubing down Boulder Creek for Tube to Work Day on Tuesday. Many had on business clothes. 
     There were eight participants last year. The idea got started with two guys tubing down the creek in suits in 2008.
     This year, the city of Boulder set up a breakfast station for participants.
     Bike to Work Day organizers in the Denver area also are setting up stations Wednesday where commuters who give up their cars for a day to cycle to work can grab a free breakfast. 
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Location : BoulderColoradoDenver
by Associated Press posted Jun 26 2013 5:48AM
   RADFORD, Va. (AP) - Hundreds of Radford University graduates have received diplomas that had Virginia spelled incorrectly.
     The school acknowledged Tuesday that both undergraduate and graduate students who graduated in the fall of 2012 and spring of 2013 received the marred diplomas. More than 1,400 students received the erroneous diplomas.
     University spokesman Joe Carpenter says the error was caused when an employee retyped the narrative on the diploma after the software that produces them was upgraded in 2012. The third "I" was missing from "Virginia."
     Carpenter says corrected diplomas will be mailed to graduates as soon as possible. He says the school regrets the error.
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Topics : Education
Location : Virginia
People : Joe Carpenter
by Associated Press posted Jun 25 2013 5:55AM
 GREENBELT, Md. (AP) - It wouldn't be summer without flip-flops. But a Baltimore man won't be wearing his flip-flops to the beach anytime soon. Lorenzo Solomon has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, for smuggling coke in the solesof flip-flops. Prosecutors charged that Solomon and others on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent shipped the cocaine-laden flip-flops. Authorities say the sandals had up to kilogram of coke hidden in the soles.
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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : BaltimoreCaribbeanMaryland
People : Lorenzo Solomon
by Associated Press posted Jun 24 2013 6:26AM
 COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (AP) - For sale: One casket. But Dave Burgstrum's Craigslist online ad didn't mention there was a full skeleton inside. Police in Council Bluffs, Iowa, stepped in and seized the bones. Burgstrum says the coffin belonged to the now-defunct local chapter of the International Order of Odd Fellows. Burgstrum says the coffin was made in the 1900s and had been used in the group's rituals. Burgstrum wanted $12,000 for the coffin, so he could pay the property taxes on the Odd Fellows hall. A local paper (Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil) reports the bones have been turned over to the state medical examiner for possible identification. Burgstrum says authorities can keep the skeleton, he just wants to sell the coffin.
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Location : BluffsCouncil BluffsIowa
People : Dave Burgstrum
by Associated Press posted Jun 24 2013 5:22AM
 DANVILLE, Va. (AP) - Sales are up at a store that sells sex toys, bondage gear and lingerie since Pittsylvania County ordered it to close in May.
     Owner Trish Post tells the Danville Register & Bee that more people are coming to her store and shopping. She says they're showing their support by buying products.
     The county says the store in Mount Hermon, called Shh ... Intimacy on a New Level, is in violation of the county zoning ordinance. County code compliance director Odie Shelton is allowed the store to remain open while Post appeals his order to the Board of Zoning Appeals.
     A hearing on the appeal is set for Sept. 10 in Chatham.
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by Associated Press posted Jun 21 2013 5:24PM
 ARANSAS PASS, Texas (AP) - A South Texas police officer had to deal with some unexpected monkey business as he wrote a speeding ticket.
     A pet monkey bit Aransas (uh-RAN'-zuhs) Pass Officer Keith Moore on the hand in an attack captured on videotape. 
     KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi reported Thursday ( that Moore had a video camera on his glasses during the traffic stop. 
     Moore is seen handing the driver something to sign when a monkey leaps from the back seat, bares its teeth and bites the officer's right hand. 
     Moore says the monkey "came out of nowhere" during Wednesday's incident. The bite left a mark, but the 21-year-old officer was not hurt otherwise. 
     The trained monkey makes appearances at carnivals and other entertainment events. 
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : South TexasTexas
People : Keith MooreWriting
by Associated Press posted Jun 21 2013 5:20AM
  HOPATCONG, N.J. (AP) - The pot was fake -- but three New Jersey high students are still in real trouble. The students had mixed oregano and Italian spices to look like the illegal weed. They had planned to plant little baggies of the stuff all over their school (Hopatcong High School) on the last day of classes. The New Jersey Herald reports a worried parent got suspicious about Facebook postings and notified authorities. The paper reports the students were taken to police headquarters, where each turned over a shopping bag of the fake pot. The students have been suspended.
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Topics : Education
Location : HopatcongNew Jersey
by Associated Press posted Jun 21 2013 5:19AM
 BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) - Nine-year-old Colin Hurliman is headed to the White House, thanks to his turkey burgers. The Vermont youngster created a recipe he calls "Champ's Maple BBQ Turkey Burgers." Colin is one of 54 kids from across the country invited by first lady Michelle Obama. It's part of her "Let's Move!" initiative designed to promote fitness and healthy lunches. The kids' state dinner will be July 9.
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Location : Vermont
by Associated Press posted Jun 21 2013 5:11AM
  WILDWOOD, N.J. (AP) - An 11-year-old girl from Pennsylvania and a 12-year-old boy from Maryland are this year's national marbles champions.
     Emily Cavacini won the girls' championship Thursday at the National Marbles Tournament in Wildwood, N.J. Cooper Fisher won the boys' title. The four-day tournament featured 26 boys and 26 girls competing to knock marbles out of a circle.
     Emily is from Shaler, Pa., just north of Pittsburgh. She's been playing marbles for about four years. She's a fifth-grader at Shaler Elementary School and won the Allegheny County Marbles Tournament on June 1.
     Numerous other marbles champions have come from Allegheny County over the last 10 years.
     Cooper is from Middletown Valley, Md.
     Emily and Cooper say it's fun playing against their friends in the tournament, which is celebrating its 90th year.
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Topics : Sports
by WCVB - Boston posted Jun 19 2013 7:52AM

VIDEO - Fists and chairs were flying during a brawl in Brockton.

by Buzz 60 posted Jun 19 2013 7:41AM

VIDEO - A 63-year-old man from Fairbanks, Alaska was arrested and charged with a DUI for driving a motorized cart while allegedly drunk. Police say he took cookies and cake mix from a store, and was driving away in his cart when an employee stopped him. He allegedly had nearly 4-times the legal breath alcohol limit. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the details.

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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : Alaska
People : Patrick Jones
by KDAF- Dallas posted Jun 19 2013 7:26AM

VIDEO - You get to enjoy the finer things in life; these twin toddlers have the right idea using just rubber bands and a cabinet.

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Topics : Human Interest
by WGN - Chicago posted Jun 14 2013 8:08AM

VIDEO - A family in Oregon was shocked when their cat gave birth to a litter which included a kitten with two faces

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Topics : Human Interest
Location : Oregon
by KTLA-Los Angeles posted Jun 14 2013 7:55AM

VIDEO - A husband who accidentally sold his wife's wedding ring at a garage sale is hoping the person who bought will bring it back. Read more

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Topics : Business_Finance
by AP posted Jun 7 2013 9:32AM

VIDEO - Meet Megan Nichols, a precious 9 month-old girl. She's adorable, playful, and has already had 40 broken bones due to osteogenesis imperfecta, better known as brittle bone disease.

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Location : Colorado
by Associated Press posted Jun 6 2013 1:56PM
  CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago authorities are investigating after a human leg was discovered on a Lake Michigan beach on the city's South Side.
     Authorities tell the Chicago Sun-Times that the leg had been severed from the rest of the body the hip down.
     It was found by someone walking near rocks on Wednesday afternoon.
     An autopsy on the limb is expected Thursday.
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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : ChicagoMichigan
by AP posted Jun 6 2013 11:20AM

VIDEO - A sport-fisherman reeled in a 1,323 pound mako shark off Southern California, possibly setting a new world record.

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by NewsFix posted Jun 6 2013 10:21AM

VIDEO - Surveillance video from an apartment in Russia shows a pug having a close call with an elevator. 

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Topics : Human Interest
by Associated Press posted Jun 5 2013 6:28PM
 NEW YORK (AP) - A homeless man with a history of playing an evil version of the "Sesame Street" Elmo character has been charged in New York with trying to extort $2 million from the Girl Scouts organization.
     Dan Sandler pleaded not guilty Wednesday in state court in Manhattan.
     Sandler is accused of threatening to publicize false information about the Girl Scouts unless he got the money. Prosecutors say he sent harassing emails and photos to a Girl Scouts employee.
     Sandler was arrested last year in Times Square while wearing an Elmo costume and causing a scene that blocked traffic. He was accused of going on an anti-Semitic tirade. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.
     Authorities say he left New York and took his Elmo act to San Francisco, where he lived in a car.
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Topics : Law_Crime
Location : New YorkSan Francisco
People : Dan Sandler
by AP posted Jun 5 2013 11:09AM

VIDEO - There's a frenzy going on in New York City. One that can only be satisfied with a combination of two bakery treats: the croissant and the donut.

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Location : New York City
by WPIX-New York City posted Jun 5 2013 11:06AM

VIDEO  - Dominoes to use drones to deliver pizza

by AP posted Jun 5 2013 8:22AM

VIDEO  - New Zealand's oldest driver is still on the road, motoring around at the grand old age of 105. He received his first licence in 1925, aged 17-years-old after learning to drive in a French car that had a lever instead of a steering wheel.

by Associated Press posted Jun 4 2013 6:56PM
  PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - A Texas banker is upping the ante to $1 million for whoever solves a tricky problem that's been dogging mathematicians since the 1980s.
     The Providence, R.I.-based American Mathematical Society on Tuesday said $1 million will be awarded for the publication of a solution to the Beal Conjecture number theory problem.
     Dallas banker D. Andrew Beal first offered the Beal Prize in 1997 for $5,000. Over the years, the amount has grown.
     American Mathematical Society spokesman Michael Breen says a solution is more difficult than the one for a related problem, Fermat's Last Theorem, which didn't have a published solution for hundreds of years.
     Beal is a self-taught mathematician and says he wants to inspire young people to pursue math and science.
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Location : DallasProvidenceRhode IslandTexas
by AP posted Jun 4 2013 10:30AM

VIDEO - State troopers helped a Utah woman give birth to boy twins on a stretch of highway about 100 miles from Salt Lake City. Lynette Hales went into labor on Sunday morning and couldn't get to the hospital on time.

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Location : Salt Lake CityUtah
People : Lynette Hales
by CBS posted Jun 4 2013 8:22AM

VIDEO - A video of a failed ship launch has become an internet sensation. Norah O'Donnell reports.

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by Associated Press posted Jun 3 2013 6:14PM
  SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A famed dog that lost her snout and upper jaw saving two girls' lives is heading back to the Philippines after treatment at a California hospital.
     The dog - named Kabang - was released Monday from the University of California, Davis veterinary hospital.
     Kabang had her snout and upper jaw sheared off in December 2011 when she jumped in front of a motorcycle in the Philippines. Newspapers in the Philippines reported she saved the lives of her owner's daughter and niece, who were apparently in the path of the oncoming cycle. 
     UC Davis veterinary professor Frank Verstraete says doctors were able to heal her wounds and treat other ailments during her seven-month stay at the hospital, but unable to reconstruct her snout and jaw.
     Kabang will return to her owner in the Philippines.
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Location : CaliforniaSan Francisco
People : Frank Verstraete
by Associated Press posted Jun 3 2013 6:13PM
  PUNTA GORDA, Fla. (AP) - Four llamas are being evaluated at a southwest Florida veterinary hospital after being involved in a crash on Interstate 75.
     Charlotte County Fire-Rescue officials said a pickup truck carrying a trailer with four llamas crashed near Punta Gorda, shortly after 2:30 p.m. Monday. The truck crashed into a bridge over the Peace River and the trailer tipped onto its side.
     One of the llamas was injured.
     Photos taken by fire rescue officials show one of the llamas strapped on a stretcher, and another photo with two llamas in the trailer.
     Officials say three of the llamas appeared to be uninjured. Charlotte County Animal Control took the four llamas to a veterinary hospital for a checkup.
     The pickup driver suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital.
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by AP posted Jun 3 2013 7:19AM

VIDEO - Despite unrelenting rain around 600 zombies gathered in Prague on Saturday to participate in the city's sixth zombie walk through the Old Town. The annual event is part of similar walks organized in other cities around the world.

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Location : Old TownPrague
by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 1 2013 9:00AM
  SUMTERVILLE, Fla. (AP) - In many circumstances, a piglet without the use of its hind legs would be put down. But Chris P. Bacon's unusual condition has made him an international star and an inspiration to those with disabilities.
     When Chris was born in Florida, a woman brought him into Len Lucero's veterinary office, assuming the animal would be euthanized.
     But Lucero noticed how the little pig pulled himself along with his front legs. Lucero says he couldn't euthanize the pig and brought it home.
     Lucero built a wheelchair out of some of his son's toys so Chris could move around, then found a dog-sized harness and cart.
     Chris is now 22 pounds and inspires people around the world. His Facebook page and website recently helped him land a three-book publishing deal.
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Location : FloridaSumterville
People : Chris P. BaconLucero

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