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by Associated Press posted Jul 11 2013 4:46PM
 WOODBRIDGE, Va. (AP) - A Woodbridge man fleeing from a bail bondsman was struck by a car after running into traffic on Interstate 95, concluding a wild chase in which a police dog was bitten by a groundhog.
     Prince William County Police said a bail bondsman tried to take 22-year-old Reginald Davis into custody Wednesday evening at a Woodbridge motel.
     Police say Davis rammed the bondsman's car before fleeing on foot and hiding beneath an overpass.
     A police dog unit joined the search, during which a groundhog bit the search dog, Titan. An officer shot the groundhog, which is being tested for rabies.
     Police say Titan continued the search and found Davis, who ran onto I-95 and was struck by a car before being arrested.
     Davis was taken to the hospital as a precaution.
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People : Reginald Davis
by Buzz 60 posted Jul 10 2013 9:26AM

VIDEO - A Pittsburgh artist created a Barbie doll using an average woman's measurements and a 3-D printer, to show what the famous doll would look like if she had areal woman's proportions.

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by CBS Miami posted Jul 10 2013 9:25AM

VIDEO - Alligator Attacks Teen Swimming In Park

by Eye Opener posted Jul 9 2013 10:31AM

VIDEO - When it comes to first pitches at baseball games, they're usually evidence as to why the person throwing the ball wasn't a player in the pros, but this first pitch makes us want to give this girl a contract! It's the most amazing first pitch ever! 

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by WGN - Chicago posted Jul 4 2013 11:28AM

VIDEO - In 2010, WGN's Pat Tomasulo took to the streets to get revenge on people who jump in on liveshots. They wanted to be on TV-- so we put them on TV.

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People : Pat Tomasulo
by Associated Press posted Jul 2 2013 3:33PM
   NEW YORK (AP) - Oops. That email message wasn't intended for all. Officials say a contract security supervisor at New York's Kennedy International Airport accidentally emailed a photo of his private parts to his bosses. He's been fired. Among those who got the up-close-and-personal image of Gerard Robson were executives of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. That's the agency that runs the airport. Robson apologized, via email. But it was too late.
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by KCPQ - Seattle posted Jul 2 2013 8:11AM



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