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What Do All Those Organic Food Labels Mean Anyway?

by Deirdre Blake posted May 5 2014 7:26AM
Do you go to the store or the famrmer's market and wonder whether you should buy organic or not and get confused by what all the food labels mean? You're not alone, but here are some tips. "100 percent organic" means it's made with all organically produced ingredients. Just "Organic" means at least 95 percent of what's in it is all natural. "Made with Organic," it's 70 percent all natural. 
How about the difference in ground chuck or ground round and grade-A select when you buy red meat or chicken? Add in the organic labels too, it's a mess. Here's the deal..."free-range" means they were raised inside with room to move around; "cage-free," that's the same deal; "natural" means there are no artifical ingredients; "grass fed" is what is says and the "humane" label might make you feel better, but that not regulated by the USDA. 
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05/05/2014 7:25AM
What Do All Those Organic Food Labels Mean Anyway?
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