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What Do You Know About Finding a Travel Agent?

by Deirdre Blake posted May 27 2014 8:12AM
Are you planning a cruise, a safari or another trip? If you're planning to get help from a travel agent, know who you're dealing with.
Mike King with Travel Leaders in Fredericksburg tells us a license isn't required in virginia. Just like the man down the street that does a good job working on cars from his garage, a travel agent that work's from their basement might not have the latest training or be on the cutting edge of the industry. So, make sure you deal with a reputable and established company that has bonding insurance to protect your money. What you will pay depends on what you're doing and where and when you're going. If you're booking a trip last minute, expect to be billed the full amount. For trips like tour groups or cruises a while out, a deposit is usually requested and then you can make payments as you go.
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05/27/2014 8:13AM
What Do You Know About Finding a Travel Agent?
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