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What You Need to Know About Flea and Tick Season

by Deirdre Blake posted May 8 2014 7:16AM

Flea and tick season is about here, so make sure your pets are protected with frontline, trifexis or another repellant. 
They can be a nuissance if you've gotta treat your house, but worse for your cat or dog. Permatreat Pest Control in Fredericksburg tells us they can carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease and cause anemia; dermatitis and transfer tapeworms. They can also jump off the animals and live in your house, biting you and re-infesting them fast. Wash their beds often and empty the vacuum bag. Give dogs a bath after walks or outside playtime and check them often for the bugs or black spotty flea dirt.
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05/08/2014 7:15AM
What You Need to Know About Flea and Tick Season
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