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What are Your New Year's Resolutions? We've Got Tips

by Deirdre Blake posted Jan 1 2014 11:29AM
What are your New Year's resolutions? If you want to get healthy this year, it doesn't always take major life changes to make a big difference. Many small changes can help and make you feel less structured. 
Switch to black coffee and buy a water bottle. The Hydracoach intelligent is one of many smart water bottles that keep you on track and really think for you. It calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks how much you drink each day, paces you and even motivates you to hit your goals.  
Also start walking or do push ups every morning; commit to avoiding processed food and if you have to do fast food, shoot for a couple dollar menu items.
This is a good time to look at your savings statement. Most people who have money in 401k plans did well this year. The stock market's had its strongest annual gain since the late 90's. But it opens us up for being cautious this year. Analysts a Forbes think the Federal Reserve's money stimulus is a big influence on investors with riskier investments, but the program could end early this year. 
When it comes to your current job, set one or two big goals for this year and create plans to meet them at work to make yourself more productive and indispensable. Commit to stop taking criticism personally. Start a "kudos" file to help at review time. Turn off your complaining and job ending gossip. And most importantly, commit to taking a REAL vacation, at least a week, to recharge your batteries.
And 2014 might lead you to a job search. If so, it's a good idea to update your LinkedIn profile, your resume and commit more to more business networking. 

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01/01/2014 11:30AM
What are Your New Year's Resolutions? We've Got Tips
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