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Steve Waters
It's hard to believe I'm back where it all started! I grew up in Northern Virginia and began my broadcast career at WFLS more than 14 years ago.

Jessica Cash
Yes, I really am a farmer’s daughter.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Paynesville, Minnesota.  I have had an opportunity to live and explore some great cities, thanks to radio.


What's your favorite place to pick a pumpkin?

by Jessica Cash posted Oct 4 2013 7:20AM
 There are so many places in the area to celebrate the beauty of fall. What's your families favorite spot to pick a pumpkin?
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10/04/2013 7:20AM
What's your favorite place to pick a pumpkin?
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10/04/2013 10:49AM
My family and I love to go to the Westmoreland Berry Farm to pick pumpkins! It's such a beautiful drive and a wonderful experience once we're there. The staff is so kind and the kids have a great time every year!
10/04/2013 12:26PM
Pumpkin Picking
I absolutely love going to the Westmoreland Berry Farm with my family for pumpkin picking. It's always such a great time and we love the free hayrides! One of our favorite fall traditions!
10/04/2013 4:00PM
Westmoreland Berry Farm
Ditto! If you want to enjoy a really fun memory with your family and get some great pictures, go to the Westmoreland Berry Farm. It's got beautiful views and really has an awesome fall atmosphere.
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