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Who's Your Daddy? An App Just for Dads-To-Be

by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 16 2014 11:10AM
Expectant Dads may be disappointed by the Apps out there for them, but then enters Who's Your Daddy.
It's dubbed as an App by guys for guys. Instead of being technical, the new baby's 16.4 centimeter size is compared to a beer bottle. There's also stuff on mood swings and using ginger ale for morning sickness. There's even a place to jot names and a list of key dates. There are also some reminders to buy your partner flowers and sleep now, before your sleep is scarce.
06/16/2014 11:11AM
Who's Your Daddy? An App Just for Dads-To-Be
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07/28/2014 12:58AM
Wheres the link?
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