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by AP posted Apr 30 2013 8:24AM

<VIDEO> King Willem Alexander was crowned king of the Netherlands on Tuesday, after his mother, Queen Beatrix abdicated. She had been queen for 33 years. Willem-Alexander is the tiny country's first king since 1890. 
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by AP posted Apr 29 2013 6:43PM
 GENEVA (AP) - Egypt has walked out of a round of global nuclear talks, saying other nations are not acting quickly enough to establish the Middle East as a zone free of nuclear weapons.
     A statement from Egypt's foreign ministry says the nation ended its participation in two weeks of Geneva talks in protest, because it "can't wait forever" for the zone to be created.
     The foreign ministry's statement Monday explained that the walkout was meant to send a message to the world that it can longer accept what it considers to be a lack of seriousness toward the issue.
     Ahead of the talks to prevent the spread of nuclear arms, due to run through this week, the U.N. Security Council's five major powers had called for establishing a nuclear-free Middle East.
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Topics : PoliticsWar_Conflict
Location : GenevaMiddle East
by AP posted Apr 29 2013 6:42PM
  DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) - An attack today in Damascus is revealing the vulnerability of President Bashar Assad's regime. 
     The country's prime minister narrowly escaped an assassination attempt. According to state media, he was targeted in a bombing that killed as many as five other people. A government official said two people were killed and 11 were wounded. An activist group based in Britain put the death toll at five, including two bodyguards and a driver. 
     The bomber struck as the prime minister's convoy drove through a neighborhood that is home to embassies, government officials and business elites. 
     It's among a series of attacks targeting government officials in recent weeks. Last month, a suicide bombing at a mosque in Damascus killed a leading Sunni Muslim preacher and outspoken supporter of Assad. It followed a blast last July that killed four top regime officials, including Assad's brother-in-law and the defense minister, at the Syrian national security building in the capital. 
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Topics : PoliticsWar_Conflict
Location : Damascus
by AP posted Apr 29 2013 9:07AM

<VIDEO> An explosion in Prague, in the Czech Republic, injured up to 40 people on Monday. Others may be trapped. Police say it appears natural gas is to blame.
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Topics : Business_Finance
Location : Prague
by AP posted Apr 29 2013 9:02AM

<VIDEO> A possible gas explosion has blown the side of a 5-story residential building in France's Champagne country. At least two people have been killed and at least ten others injured.
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by AP posted Apr 26 2013 7:43AM

<VIDEO> The mother of the two Boson bombing suspects said on Thursday that her children were innocent and that she regrets moving her family to the U.S.
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Topics : Law_CrimeWar_Conflict
Location : Boston
by AP posted Apr 24 2013 10:50AM

Eight story building containing four clothing factories collapses in Bangladesh. Death foll rises. 

by AP posted Apr 24 2013 7:51AM

<VIDEO> Luxury car brands, including top of the range Bugatti and Rolls Royce, are proudly showing off their latest designs at the Shanghai Auto Show. Sellers are banking on the Chinese love of luxury to boost trade.
by AP posted Apr 23 2013 8:19AM

<VIDEO> A powerful car bomb was used to attack the French embassy in Tripoli, Libya on Tuesday. At least two French guards were injured.
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Topics : PoliticsWar_Conflict
by AP posted Apr 23 2013 7:54AM

<VIDEO> Concert-goers in northern Argentina were this week treated to a light show with a difference. A suspected meteor lit up the night sky early on Sunday in Salta, as the folk music band Los Tekis performed at an outdoor venue.
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Location : Northern Argentina
by AP posted Apr 22 2013 7:19AM

<VIDEO>The guided-missile destroyer USS Chung-Hoon arrived in the Vietnamese port of Danang for an annual visit on Sunday. Regular visits by US ships for annual collaboration with Vietnam confirm the US military presence in the South China Sea 
by AP posted Apr 22 2013 7:18AM

<VIDEO> The London Marathon got off to an uneventful start on a glorious sunny morning on Sunday, and racegoers were unconcerned about security despite the bomb attacks on the Boston Marathon six days ago.
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Location : London
by AP posted Apr 17 2013 9:55AM

<VIDEO> World leaders and dignitaries from 170 countries are attending the funeral of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on Wednesday. The affair in London culminates in a service at St. Paul's Cathedral.
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Location : London
by NewsFix posted Apr 17 2013 9:41AM

<VIDEO> North Korea threatens a surprise sledgehammer blow if South Korea continues to disrespect Li'l Kim and the Beastly Boyz.
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by AP posted Apr 16 2013 6:52AM

<VIDEO> Supporters of Henrique Capriles flooded the streets in protest against the newly proclaimed president Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.
by AP posted Apr 16 2013 5:21AM

<VIDEO> Residents in Pyongyang are celebrating a major national holiday, the birthday of their first leader Kim Il Sung. There's no sense of panic in the North Korean capital, despite tensions on the peninsula and the North's recent threats of war.
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Location : Pyongyang
People : Kim IlKim Il Sung
by AP posted Apr 15 2013 8:12AM
 KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - Afghan officials say a roadside bomb has killed at least seven members of a family travelling in a trailer towed by a tractor in southern Afghanistan.
     The Interior Ministry said in a statement that the vehicle hit the bomb on a road in the Mali Zai region of Zabul province just after daybreak on Monday.  It said four other people were wounded by the blast, which the ministry blamed on the Taliban.
     A spokesman for the provincial governor, Shareef Nasari, says the death toll could be as high as eight. He says all the dead are members of the same family.
     Violence has been increasing around Afghanistan in recent weeks as fighting escalates in the spring. The harsh Afghan winter often puts a damper on fighting.
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People : Shareef Nasari
by AP posted Apr 15 2013 8:11AM
  BERLIN (AP) - Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman says there's nothing to a media report that the German leader is thinking of stepping down before she reaches age 61 in 2015.
     Current polls indicate Merkel is likely to return as chancellor after September elections, and retiring in 2015 would mean not serving a full four-year term.
     The top-selling and influential Bild newspaper posed the question Monday of whether Merkel may be considering retirement then, quoting from an analysis done by one of their reporters in his new book.
     But Merkel's spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters that she was not considering such a move.
     He says "it is self-evident that the chancellor is running in the elections for a full legislative period." 
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Location : Berlin
by Associated Press posted Apr 12 2013 7:44AM
   SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his South Korean counterpart say North Korea will gain nothing by threatening tests of its missile or nuclear programs.
     Kerry says the U.S. and its Asian ally won't accept the North as a nuclear power. And he says its rhetoric is "unacceptable."
     Kerry is making his first-ever visit to Seoul amid strong suspicion that North Korea may soon test a mid-range missile.
     South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se called Pyongyang's threats a "grave provocation" to the entire international community.
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Topics : Politics
Location : PyongyangSeoul
by Associated Press posted Apr 11 2013 4:48PM
  WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama says now is the time for North Korea to end its belligerence. He says the United States will take, in his words, "all necessary steps" to protect its people.
     But Obama also says that no one wants to see a conflict on the Korean Peninsula.
     North Korea ratcheted up its threats against the U.S. after the U.N. Security Council levied new economic sanctions on the isolated nation. The penalties were in response to a February rocket launch. 
     Obama spoke alongside U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (bahn kee-moon) after the two met in the Oval Office.
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Topics : Politics
Location : Washington
by Associated Press posted Apr 11 2013 5:12AM
  SHANGHAI (AP) - China is showing a greater openness in its response to a new strain of bird flu that has sickened a few dozen people and killed nine. 
     In the outbreak's epicenter, the Shanghai city government has posted updates on its Twitter-like microblog. Signs are posted in apartment compounds warning residents to watch out for the symptoms of the virus. Hospitals usher patients with high fevers into separate treatment sections.
     It's a far cry from a decade ago when Chinese officials silenced reporting a deadly pneumonia known as SARS killed dozens in the south.
     The growing openness is winning kudos from international health experts. It reflects lessons learned from SARS and the demands of a more prosperous and educated citizenry for information and its use of social media to get it.
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Location : Shanghai
by Associated Press posted Apr 9 2013 7:04PM
  TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - A regional governor says at least 37 people have been killed and hundreds more are hurt after an earthquake struck a lightly-populated area of southern Iran. 
     The area is home to the country's first nuclear plant, but officials say it wasn't damaged, and there was no release of radioactivity.
     The quake, with a magnitude of 6.1, struck in late afternoon, Iranian time, and was centered about 60 miles southeast of the Persian Gulf town (Bushehr) that is home to the nuclear plant. 
     The U.N.'s watchdog agency says it's been informed by Iran that there was no damage to the plant and no radioactive release. The statement from the International Atomic Energy Agency indicates that it's satisfied there is little danger.
     A governor in the region that was hardest hit says the quake cut off water and electricity to many residents.
     One person who lives in the area says people ran out into the streets out of fear when the quake struck. Dozens of aftershocks have been reported by Iran's official news agency. 
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by AP posted Apr 9 2013 10:21AM

<VIDEO> North Korea has closed a factory that it operates jointly with South Korea, and pulled out more than 50,000 workers. South Korea is urging the north to reopen the facility
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Topics : EnvironmentPolitics
by AP posted Apr 9 2013 10:16AM

<VIDEO> Secretary of State John Kerry met Israel's President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem on Monday as part of a bid to breathe new life into dormant Middle East peace talks, with both insisting peace was achievable.
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Topics : PoliticsWar_Conflict
Location : JerusalemMiddle East
by Associated Press posted Apr 8 2013 4:43PM
 LONDON (AP) - The first volume of Margaret Thatcher's authorized biography will be published immediately after her funeral. 
     Allen Lane, which is part of Penguin Books, said Monday that "Not for Turning" by Charles Moore was commissioned in 1997 on the understanding that it would not be published during the former British prime minister's lifetime. 
     Thatcher died from a stroke Monday morning at age 87. Her funeral is expected to be held at some point next week. 
     Moore was given full access to Thatcher's private papers and interviewed her extensively. The publisher said that Thatcher also supported requests for interviews with others, including those who worked most closely with her and her family.
     Permission was also granted to former and existing civil servants to speak freely about the Thatcher years.
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Topics : Human Interest
Location : London
by Associated Press posted Apr 8 2013 4:42PM
  JERUSALEM (AP) - Secretary of State John Kerry could be spending a lot of time shuttling back and forth between Washington and the Middle East in the months ahead.
     Kerry's on his third trip to Jerusalem in the last two weeks today, looking to get Israeli and Palestinian leaders to agree to a new and ambitious peace process. It involves reviving parts of a plan embraced by the Arab world a decade ago -- a plan that would have provided Israel with recognition throughout the Arab world, in exchange for a pullout of territory conquered in 1967.
     Kerry is committing himself to an effort that could continue for months. He met today with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior Israeli and Palestinian officials. Yesterday, he sat down for one-on-one talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
     The secretary of state told reporters that he's convinced that the mistrust that has built up between the Israelis and Arabs can be broken down.
     His foremost goal is to restart direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks that have hardly taken place at all over the last four and a half years. 
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Topics : PoliticsWar_Conflict
by AP posted Apr 8 2013 10:49AM

<VIDEO> A disability action group in Rio de Janeiro is helping get people out of their wheelchairs and into the waves. Complete with adapted chairs, trained instructors and miles of coastline AdaptSurf is on a mission to help everyone to learn to surf. 
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Topics : Social Issues
Location : Rio De Janeiro
by AP posted Apr 5 2013 9:55AM

<VIDEO> Six world powers have sat down at the negotiating table with Iran for talks they hope will make progress in curbing Tehran's nuclear progress.
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Topics : Politics
Location : Tehran
by AP posted Apr 5 2013 9:47AM

<VIDEO> Parts of southern and central Mexico have been rattled by a 5.4-magnitude earthquake, but there were no immediate reports of damages or injuries. The quake was felt slightly in Mexico City late Thursday.
by AP posted Apr 5 2013 9:43AM

<VIDEO> A building collapsed as it was being constructed illegally in a Mumbai, India, suburb, killing at least 27 people, police said Friday. The collapse injured 54 others and rescuers are searching for more casualties in the debris.
by Associated Press posted Apr 4 2013 7:07PM
 SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - Hackers have apparently broken into at least two of North Korea's government-run online sites. 
     The Twitter and Flickr accounts stopped sending out the usual content, such as photos of leader Kim Jong Un meeting with military officers. Instead, a picture posted today on the Flicker site shows Kim's face with a pig-like snout. A drawing of Mickey Mouse is on his chest. A caption accuses Kim of threatening world peace and "wasting money while his people starve to death."
     Another posting says "We are Anonymous" in white letters against a black background. Anonymous is the name of a hacker activist group.
     Tweets on the North's Twitter account said "Hacked," followed by a link to North Korea-related websites. 
     North Korea's Twitter account has more than 13,000 followers. The North uses social media to praise its system and leaders. 
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Topics : Politics
Location : Seoul
People : Kim JongKim Jong Un
by Associated Press posted Apr 4 2013 7:04PM
 KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - NATO says an American F-16 fighter jet has crashed in eastern Afghanistan, killing the U.S. pilot. 
     NATO said in a statement Thursday that the cause of Wednesday's crash is still being investigated, but initial reporting indicates that there was "no insurgent activity in the area" when the plane went down.
     The U.S.-led military coalition did not disclose where the plane crashed. 
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Location : Eastern AfghanistanKabul
by Associated Press posted Apr 4 2013 7:03PM
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - Port strikes are blocking exports of copper, fruit and wood pulp in Chile.
     The stoppage in the world's top copper producing nation began in the northern port of Angamos more than two weeks ago, when workers began demanding a 30-minute lunch break. 
     Dock workers in other ports have joined in strikes, causing losses for the mining, timber and fruit industries in export-dependent Chile. 
     Mining Minister Hernan de Solminihac says Thursday the ports affected are used to transport 60 percent of all copper shipments.
     State-owned mining company Codelco says it has lost more than $500 million since the strike began
     Thousands of workers have also been left idle as fruit exporters are threatening to suspend the harvest.
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Location : Santiago
by AP posted Apr 4 2013 11:20AM

<VIDEO> North Korea's military warned on Thursday that it has been authorized to attack the US using "smaller, lighter and diversified" nuclear weapons. It was the North's latest war cry against America in recent weeks.
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Topics : PoliticsWar_Conflict
by AP posted Apr 4 2013 11:05AM

<VIDEO> The US Army's 23rd Chemical Battalion demonstrated its skills during a drill in South Korea. 250 US soldiers from the battalion are now being deployed to South Korea. The battalion was moved from South Korea to the US in 2004.
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by AP posted Apr 4 2013 11:04AM

<VIDEO> Italian border police intercepted a ton of gold bullion worth 7.5 million dollars at Ponte Chiasso on the border with Switzerland on Easter Sunday. Video silent from source
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Topics : Human Interest
by AP posted Apr 4 2013 9:30AM

<VIDEO> For the second day, North Korean border authorities have denied entry to South Koreans who manage jointly run factories in the North Korean city of Kaesong.
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Topics : Politics
Location : Kaesong
by Associated Press posted Apr 3 2013 8:13PM
  WASHINGTON (AP) - A U.S. research institute says North Korea has already begun construction at a shuttered plutonium reactor that it is vowing to restart and it could be back in operation sooner than expected.
     Pyongyang announced its plans Tuesday, the latest in an almost daily string of threats toward the U.S. and South Korea that have ensued since it faced international censure over its nuclear and missile tests. 
     The U.S.-Korea Institute has analyzed recent commercial satellite imagery of the Nyongbyon (nee-YOUNG-bee-yuhn) nuclear facility, where the reactor was shut down in 2007.
     A cooling tower for the reactor was destroyed in 2008. The institute says rebuilding the tower would take six months, but a March 27 photo shows building work may have started for an alternative cooling system that could take just weeks.
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Topics : Environment
Location : PyongyangWashington
by AP posted Apr 3 2013 11:39AM

<VIDEO> A passenger bus plunged from a 30-foot-high viaduct in central Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday, killing at least seven people and closing the major thoroughfare where it landed.
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Location : Rio De Janeiro
by AP posted Apr 3 2013 11:38AM

<VIDEO> Samoa Airline plans to start pricing tickets according to the weight of passengers and their bags. The airline first implemented the policy for certain routes last year and now plans on doing it for its new route to American Samoa.
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Topics : Business_Finance
by AP posted Apr 3 2013 11:02AM

<VIDEO> Secretary of State John Kerry says North Korea's bellicose rhetoric is 'unacceptable'. Kerry vowed to defend both the U.S. and South Korea following a meeting with that nation's foreign minister in Washington.
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Topics : Politics
Location : Washington
People : John Kerry
by AP posted Apr 2 2013 11:18AM

<VIDEO> British police released surveillance video of an explosion at a gas station that ripped apart a cash machine allowing thieves to make off with the money inside.
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Topics : Law_Crime
by AP posted Apr 2 2013 11:13AM

<VIDEO> Unknown gunmen launched coordinated attacks on several Iraqi newspaper headquarters, injuring some employees and damaging furniture, newspaper employees said. They say this is the first time newspapers have been targeted this way.
by AP posted Apr 2 2013 10:10AM

<VIDEO> A fire engulfed a mosque housing orphans in Myanmar's largest city Tuesday morning, killing at least 13 children in the blaze that police blamed on an electrical short.
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Topics : Law_CrimeWar_Conflict
by Associated Press posted Apr 1 2013 5:40PM
 NEW YORK (AP) - A magnitude-6.0 undersea earthquake hit off eastern Japan, the U.S. Geological Survey reported Monday. No tsunami alert was issued.
     There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries from the quake, which the USGS said happened at 4:53 a.m. Tuesday local time (1853 GMT Monday).
     The USGS said the quake hit some 107 kilometers (66 miles) east of Miyako, Japan, and some 327 kilometers (526 miles) northeast of Tokyo.
     Japan's Meteorological Agency and the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency issued no tsunami warnings or alerts.
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Location : Eastern JapanMiyakoNew YorkTokyo
by Associated Press posted Apr 1 2013 5:39PM
   VATICAN CITY (AP) - The Vatican says Pope Francis has paid a visit to the tomb of Peter, the church's first pontiff, who is buried beneath St. Peter's Basilica.
     It says Francis became the first pontiff to visit the necropolis since excavations were done at the ancient site decades ago. The Vatican says the 45-minute visit was private, but officials later released a video of it.
     According to a statement, Francis walked down the entire main street of the ancient city of the dead. The streets of the necropolis are similar to those of ancient Rome -- but they are flanked by tombs instead of by shops and apartments. Pagans as well as early Christians were buried there. 
     It was a sharp departure from how popes in past years have often spent the day after Easter. Those pontiffs would head to Castel Gandolfo in the Alban Hills, a short drive from Rome. But that retreat is currently occupied by Pope Benedict.
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Topics : Religion_Belief
Location : RomeVatican City
by AP posted Apr 1 2013 10:57AM

<VIDEO> Searchers were continuing to look for miners buried when a landslide swept through a gold mine in an extensively cleared area of Tibet, but authorities said chances were slim any survivors would be found. Some 83 workers were buried.
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by AP posted Apr 1 2013 7:39AM

<VIDEO> A bus traveling on a mountain road in eastern Mexico collided with a truck in thick fog and plunged over a cliff, killing 12 people and injuring 14.

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