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by Associated Press posted Jul 2 2013 3:30PM
 VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) - Police have arrested a Canadian man and a woman and charged them as terrorist suspects for attempting to leave a suspicious package at British Columbia's provincial legislature on Canada Day. 
     Royal Canadian Mounted Police Asst. Com James Malitzia says John Stewart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody were arrested Monday. The pair has been charged with conspiracy, facilitating a terrorist activity and making an explosive device. 
     Malitzia spoke at a news conference Tuesday.
     Police said the plot was inspired by al-Qaida ideology, but called it a domestic threat without international connections. Police said the public was never at risk and the threat was detected early. 
by Associated Press posted Jul 2 2013 3:29PM
   KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - The Taliban are again making it clear that they have no intention of ending the violence in Afghanistan, even though they have indicated they are willing to talk peace. 
     Taliban attackers today set off a truck bomb outside a NATO supplier's compound, resulting in a gunbattle that left a dozen people dead.
     The attack was the latest Taliban strike on a high-profile target in the Afghan capital. 
     A provincial police chief says the initial blast killed two truck drivers waiting to enter the compound, along with the bomber. Four gunmen then did battle with security guards and an Afghan police special response team. Officials say the attackers were all killed along with one Afghan and four Nepalese security guards. The British government confirms that a U.K. national was among those killed in the attack. 
     A Taliban spokesman says the attack "has no link to the peace process," and that such attacks "will continue all over the country occupied by the foreigners."
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by Ora TV posted Jul 2 2013 8:23AM

VIDEO - BEHEADED: Catholic Priest Reportedly Decapitated by Syrian Jihadis (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

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