Bid now on a few of our favorite things for St. Jude!

Hey it’s Steve and Jessica with few of our favorite things up for grabs for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Bid now on all of the items.  Steve is sporting the Less Brice autographed Jagermeister guitar and I’m about ready to put my head down on this comfortable tempurpedic pillow. All of the  items are on our website.  Thank you so much for helping us raise money for St. Jude and tune in Thursday and Friday for our radiothon.


Happy Earth Day! Summit Recycling of Fred. wants to help you recycle. Have you ever ruined the SURPRISE! What happened? Our “Survey Says” ribs are the #1 food to avoid on a date. “I can’t believe I still have my first BLANK from when I moved out on my own.” Tax day is a reason to take advantage of freebies! We’ve fired up the “Tax Tracker 3000.” Get, pay or haven’t done them?