The good news: I got a new phone! The bad news: I’ll never learn how to use it.

So my phone was 4 years old and about ready to crap out.  I got a new phone yesterday and now have to go through the headache of signing into each individual app., customizing ringtones, wi-fi password, figuring out how to sync with my car………Is it hard for everyone or just me?  On a bright side all the appliances in my house are now LG. My phone, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and microwave. # Life’s Good!



Do you ever match your co-worker? What are you wearing? The most over hyped place I’ve ever been is BLANK. Yes, it’s an amazing moonbow! Happy Father’s Day from Steve and Jessica! What item from your childhood would your mom pick as a museum piece? Steve and Jessica hanging with the stars.