Guess who’s back?

The Cicadas are back!  Experts say that the Cicadas are popping up out of the ground after unexpectedly hatching off-schedule.  They are being called “Brood X 2017 Stragglers“.

Read the complete article here.

The picture of the Cicada above is from one I took back in 2013 at my parents house in Massaponax.

I love Cicadas.  I think they are awesome.  They are harmless to humans so don’t be scared of them.  They don’t bite.

I remember when I was little finding a bunch of Cicadas with my dad.  We also found some skin once on a trip to Appomattox and freaked my mother and siblings out.  Clearly, I’m not afraid of bugs.

I hope to see some.  I know my chickens are hoping too.  haha  🙂

Click here for some Cicada mania fun facts.


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