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man Charged with Sexual Assault, Arrested As he Was About to Flee U.S.

by William Kennedy posted Apr 21 2014 4:05PM
Stafford, Va.    The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office is reporting the arrest of Hamad Mastour Alsuwat, age 20, currently of Stafford County on Sunday, April 20, 2014.  Alsuwat is charged with 1 Count Object Sexual Penetration.
On Saturday, April 19, 2014 Stafford Deputy Thomas Grasso responded to an address in Stafford County for a possible domestic disturbance.  While investigating the domestic disturbance Deputy Grasso learned that Hamad Alsuwat, a foreign exchange student residing at the residence, had sexually assaulted a 17- year-old female resident.  Alsuwat was not on scene when Deputy Grasso first arrived.
Detective Tim Covington initiated an investigation and when learning that Alsuwat was a foreign exchange student, contacted the Department of Homeland Security in the chance that Alsuwat was a flight risk.  Members of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested Hamad Alsuwat as he was preparing to board a flight out of Washington Dulles International Airport bound for Saudi Arabia on Sunday, April 20.
Due to the sensitive nature of this ongoing investigation no additional information will be available at this time.
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04/21/2014 4:05PM
man Charged with Sexual Assault, Arrested As he Was About to Flee U.S.
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04/22/2014 4:58AM
Well done
Hamad is a good man . There is something you don't know all and it's gonna hurt you, their Mom paid 5k for the Lawyer to let him take care for Hamad , I wanna explain who's Mom! 1/ Hamad was as a child for her , that Mom who lives with in VA , he helped her all the time and they were as a family 2/ Hamad called the police about someone of their family came to him and asked him to leave his family or he's gonna kill him and was with him a gun . He put the gun on Hamad head ( In Saudi Arabia we don't have like this and Hamad was scared ) 3/ that guy used a drugs and he's crazy ( The Mom of the family told Hamad to be carful ) he heat Hamad because a lot of things you don't have to know 3/ Hamad Mom was sick and he want to see her before she ** because he didn't see her for a while 4/ the police take the guy who wanna kills Hamad and he says that he put the gun because he had sex with my sister ( his sister can't walk ( she's sick and Hamad was kind with her ;( .. She said that he had sex with me ;( because she was with her brother and she was scared of her brother too 5/ Hamad booked to Saudi Arabia and he wasn't knew that the police want him 6/ their Mom and Dad helped Hamad and fond for him a lawyer to help , they paid 5k . I would thank them for that 7/ I'm near of them all and that's fact it's not drama like news .... To Hamad Mom , your son Oppressed be proud of him Now you should be a shame of yourself because you see in your black side .
04/22/2014 12:06PM
what's ur name
Really dude ... so this isn't the first time hhes been accused of something like this. how low of an individual do u have to be.
04/24/2014 12:42AM
I have met Hamad and I'm not surprised at all with what he has been charged with. It's all really disgusting and I hope he never sees freedom again.
04/24/2014 11:25AM
people are ignorant
She was like his mom??? She was caught preforming a sex act on him in her shed???? Anyone supporting the freak has got to be just as sick. Like his mom. That's gross!!! Is that what he did with his own mom? Is that how he got so screwed up in the head.
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