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Dispatches from the polls: Conway Elementary and Dixon-Smith Middle in Stafford County

By Scott Shenk

According to several interviews late in the morning at a pair of Falmouth-area polling sites, Republicans had the edge in the statewide elections. Locally, it seemed like Robert Belman had the edge over M.G. "Meg" Bohmke and Valerie Setzer for the Falmouth District Board of Supervisors seat.

While most people interviewed went for the Republican tickets in the statewide elections, one voter at Dixon-Smith went against the grain in the governor’s race, casting his vote for Independent Robert Sarvis.

Phil Nichols, who works in technology for Stafford County schools, said he usually votes Republican, but he just couldn't go with either of the major parties in this election.

The 41-year-old didn’t have a lot of information on Sarvis, but said he voted the way he did to avoid "putting a criminal or someone I see as a fascist into office." He considers Terry McAuliffe to be the criminal and Ken Cuccinelli the fascist.

"I used to be a Republican, but I just can't get behind people telling people how to live," he said. "And I can't vote for a liberal; I just can't give away my freedoms."

On the local front, Nichols voted for Belman for supervisor and Mark Kitta for the School Board.

Melissa Cooke, also voting at Dixon-Smith Middle School, said she sided with Belman.

"I liked the interview he gave," she said, "and he seemed to be reasonable and I liked his opinions and stances."

As far as the statewide campaigns, Cooke voted "pretty much all Democrats. They all have politics I agree with."

Sarah Parton, a 51-year-old teacher at Fauquier High School, and her son, Justin Parton, 25, each voted the Republican ticket.

She didn't like McAuliffe's fiscal ideas.

"I'm a teacher and I didn't like what was coming down the pike with McAuliffe," she said. "Where's he getting his tax money from?"

At Conway, Maureen O'Neill said she primarily voted Republican. As far as the local races, she voted for Bohmke.

"I actually just like how Meg Bohmke has been involved in the schools. And I like that she's fiscally conservative. And I feel like she cares about our children and getting the services that they need within the schools," she said. "I think she'll carry that over to the county, as well, and make sure we're not paying for services we don't need. I think she'll represent the needs of the people in the county."


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