Sprouts in my greenhouse!

Bonnie Miller:

Yesterday, I talked about my greenhouse.  Now let me show you what’s sprouting in there.

Here’s a close up on what I have going on.  These are sunflower sprouts.  Two so far.  I have several containers growing.  I love sunflowers.


Here’s a red potato sprout I have growing.  This little guy just popped in to say hello on Easter morning.  🙂



A new red potato sprout that popped up yesterday morning.  🙂


Yesterday, I decided to plant some avocado pits I have had for months.  I let them dry out and I peeled off the outer layer.


This is more of an experiment to see if they will grow into little trees.  I know they will never fruit but the little trees look cute.  One of the pits I split open while the others I didn’t cut.  I want to see if they will split on their own.


Yes, I have dinosaurs in my greenhouse because who doesn’t love dinos?

I have my starter plants….tomatoes and bell peppers.  I have a succulent, onion sprout, and many seedlings. (peas, cherry toms, squash, marigolds)



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