Last evening, I went out to lock my chickens up for bed.  I couldn’t find Buttercup.  I checked the nesting boxes and there she was all puffed up.  And making noises like she was a dinosaur.  Turn up your volume to hear what a broody chicken sounds like.  haha  Sounds like a dinosaur right?  A broody chicken means the chicken wants to sit on eggs and let the babies hatch.  Basically she wants to be a Mother.  And no you don’t have to have a rooster for this to happen.  It’s just natural.

I checked on the girls this morning before leaving for work.  Sure enough Buttercup was still sitting in the nesting box.  Uh-oh.

If she’s in the nesting box it’s going to cause some coop wars.  She’s in the box all the girls want to lay their eggs in.  haha

I might have to get some fertile eggs from a friend this weekend for Buttercup to sit on.  It will take about 21 days before the eggs hatch.

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