12 Beer Can Life Hacks

Have you seen this? A guy by the name of “Redneck Dad” is going viral on Tik Tok right for his unique life hacks with… beer cans. That’s right, apparently beer cans are for more than just drinking beer out of, crunching on your forehead and then throwing in the trash!

Check this out, here’s a list of some of the hacks. If you want to check out the video- find it here.

1.  Don’t have any dryer sheets left?  Easy.  Just toss an empty beer can in the dryer.  It gets rid of all the static electricity, too.

2.  How about a beer can lantern?  Basically, you cut two wings in the can so there’s room inside for a candle.  The light bounces off the reflection on the sides, plus it’s shielded from the wind on the back.

3.  Using a can opener, remove the top of the beer can, and the edges should be smooth.  Now you have yourself a beautiful vase, or a toothbrush holder.

4.  Did you know you can break into a padlock with a beer can?  Redneck Dad made it look pretty easy too.  All you have to do is a cut a thin piece of can, so it can shimmy down into the padlock.  Then you turn it a bit, and the lock will pop open.

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