12 of the Pettiest Dating Red Flags On The Internet

Dating is difficult nowadays. It’s not just because as a society we have forgotten how to communicate sans screens or have the attention span of gnat but cancel culture contributes to dating difficulties as well. I believe people are so quick to judge others and cancel them that chances are not given when it comes to seeing what happens. Heck the phrase “red flags” is thrown around so often that I believe people go into a date looking for the red flags instead of the positive.

That being said, this does not mean there aren’t red flags to be aware of: cheating tendencies, emotional or physical abuse, lack of motivation, laziness, etc. However, has society gone too far when it comes to defining what actions are considered red flags? According to this list that Buzzfeed put together, it seems that anything can be a red flag nowadays.

A list of the PETTIEST dating red flags includes:  Having a mustache . . . being the youngest sibling . . . and if their ex isn’t good-looking. Here is the full list- do you agree these are red flags?

1.  “Their ideal home temperature is lower than 70 degrees.”

2.  “Anyone with just a plain mustache, without any other facial hair.”

3.  Someone said, “I got the ick from a man I was dating, because I watched him run to catch a coin that had fallen and started rolling away.”

4.  Someone said, “I don’t think I could date someone with a peanut allergy.  I love peanut butter.”

5.  “I don’t date anyone who’s new to my city.  I’m not interested in becoming someone’s personal tour guide.”

6.  “If their ex isn’t what I consider to be good-looking.”

7.  Someone said, “I seriously dated three guys named Dave.  A man named Dave would have to be an 11 out of 10 for me to go this route again.”

8.  “Bad music taste . . . because when they give me compliments, I’d think, ‘But your taste is terrible.'”

9.  “Socks with sandals are my pettiest, but most strictly enforced deal-breaker.”

10.  “I won’t date someone who likes reality TV . . . watching it on occasion because you’re multi-tasking is fine, but if you know everyone’s backstories and timelines, it’s a no for me.”

11.  “Being the youngest sibling.”

12.  “If they have a best friend of the opposite sex.”

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