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37 Weeks Down And Just 15 More To Go…

Where’s my WFLS walkers….Karlina, Mary, Tammy, Kristen, Angel, Molly, Erin, Lisa, Tracey, Sonya, Therese, Barbara, Stephanie, Terrie, Sandra, Cindy, Ronda, Robyn, Rachel, Lita, Ellen, Dee, Sharon, Kim, Amanda, Betsy, and Tammy!!!!

Keep up the great walking everyone.

We are all doing this together to inspire and support one another.  Sometimes you need a rest day and that’s okay too.  Take them when you need them.


Here’s what my past week looked like:

Wednesday, 9/9- 20 min- 0.7 miles

Thursday, 9/10- 20 min- 0.7 miles

Friday, 9/11- 20 min- 0.7 miles

Saturday, 9/12- Rest

Sunday, 9/13- 15 min- 1/2 mile

Monday, 9/14- 15 min- 1/2 mile

Tuesday, 9/15- 20 min- 0.7 miles


*Please contact your doctor before starting an exercise program.

Email me how you are doing at [email protected] or let’s be friends on Facebook and Instagram.

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