6 Cool Things Siri Can Do

Do you actively utilize Siri on your iPhone, or do you mainly instruct her to be silent when she unintentionally activates? Lifehacker recently compiled a list of lesser-known tasks Siri can perform. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

  1. Coin Toss and Dice Roll: Ask Siri to flip a coin, and she’ll inform you if it landed on heads or tails. Additionally, she can roll dice.
  2. Solve Math Problems: Like easily calculating your tip by asking Siri something like, “What’s 20% of $63.80?” She’ll promptly advise you to add $12.76.
  3. Article Reading: With iOS 17 and an open webpage in Safari, Siri can read articles aloud.
  4. There are three Harry Potter spells you can start casting via Hey Siri right away, and they’re actually somewhat useful:
    • Lumos”: This spell turns on your iPhone flashlight.
    • Nox”: Pronounced “knocks,” this spell turns off your iPhone flashlight.
    • Accio”: This spell opens apps on your iPhone. Say “Accio [app name]” to launch your desired app—you’ll have to use Face ID or enter your passcode if you start from the lock screen.
  5. Access Apple Wallet: Quickly open your Apple Wallet without searching through your phone, making it handy for retrieving items like concert tickets or boarding passes.
  6. Translation Assistance: When traveling in foreign countries, ask Siri to “say this…” in the desired language, providing a helpful translation tool.

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