Am I Behind On My Wedding Planning Already?

Okay, so I got engaged 2 months ago and have been enjoying the engagement bliss. Celebrating love with my partner and also at the same time moving into a new home together. So we have been pretty busy. Although, we haven’t planned a lot for our wedding we do know that it will be in October of 2025- so plenty of time before I really need to start planning much, right? Maybe wrong….

About two weeks ago, a friend of mine got engaged and a week later she had stopped by my house stressed already about wedding planning. I couldn’t figure out why because she is planning her wedding for 2026 and has so much time. She informed me that she had been told by the end of the first month engaged you should have a lot of the wedding planning finished. Like venue picked and booked, colors done, dresses done and so on. I think that’s rushing it a little bit but I am no expert and now it has me wondering.

Am I already behind on wedding planning? Should I start to panic? We don’t have a venue picked but do have a general location. We have our colors picked but not the exact dresses for bridesmaids. We have an exact date but that’s about it. We just started focusing on an engagement party and haven’t even looked into engagement pictures yet. I thought I had time but now I am starting to panic. Help!

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