And The Best TV Dad Is….

The “Hollywood Reporter” compiled a list of notable TV dads, focusing on their parenting styles without ranking them or labeling them as the “best” or “worst.” Thanks to the internet, that’s been fixed as you’ll see below. Now it’s your turn, who do you think is the best TV dad?

  1. Best: Danny Tanner, “Full House”
  2. Worst: Tony Soprano, “The Sopranos”
  3. Best: Phil Dunphy, Jay Pritchett, Cam Tucker, and Mitchell Pritchett, “Modern Family”
  4. Worst: Al Bundy, “Married… With Children” (Ironically played by Ed O’Neill, who also plays “best” dad Jay Pritchett.)
  5. Best: Mike Brady, “The Brady Bunch” (Obviously.)
  6. Worst: Peter Griffin, “Family Guy”
  7. Best: Michael Bluth, “Arrested Development”
  8. Worst: George Bluth Sr., “Arrested Development”
  9. Best: Jack Pearson, “This Is Us”
  10. Worst: Frank Gallagher, “Shameless”

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