Annual Christmas Tree Debate: Real OR Fake?

Over the weekend, my family and I and Brandon went to the Christmas tree farm to cut down our family Christmas tree as we do every year. Now this year Brandon, my boyfriend, went along for the ride and cut down the tree for us. I found out during this time he had never cut down a tree himself and in his household they usually have fake trees! Now I thought this was a crime as he never experienced a real tree- BUT  it did lead to the annual debate… real or fake tree?

Tiffany Kay

In my home growing up, we had both a real and a fake tree but I always preferred the real because of the fun of picking it out and cutting it down ourselves, the smell of pine throughout the house during the season is my favorite and finding little creatures inside the tree when you got it home is always a “fun” time. It’s not Christmas for me unless we have a real tree.

So what is it for you? Real or fake tree and why?

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