Are These “Christmas Traditions” Overrated?

The holidays are all fun and games when you are a kid but when you become an adult- they are sometimes more stress than they are worth. But the Christmas traditions, in my opinion, make up for it— or at least SOME of them.

A website recently suggested various “Christmas traditions”and then asked people whether they’re really still into those or if it’s a holiday tradition they secretly despise. Thousands of people weighed in and here are the results!

The Top 10 most overrated holiday traditions are as follows:

1.  Secret Santa – I can’t stand this tradition- just give me a gift I will actually like.


2.  Snow – Used to love it, now can definitely do without it.


3.  All presents MUST be opened on Christmas Day.  No exceptions.  This is a weird one and just depends on your traditions.


4.  Christmas music.


5.  Christmas movies.


6.  Christmas carols.  Eh, I could take or leave this one.


7.  Christmas decorations. NOT OVERRATED! Everyone needs Christmas cheer!


8.  Hosting Christmas parties.  These can be fun just a lot of work.


9.  “I’m offended if someone says they don’t like Christmas.”


10.  Ugly Christmas sweaters.  100% agree with this! Why are we spending so much money on something considered “ugly”?

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